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In itself, the publication of a book is the result of a tremendous group effort, but when the book arises out of real life, as this one has, the contributors span a lifetime.

The list of those who’s direct or indirect guidance most significantly contributed to my spiritual growth and the journey described herein must begin with my parents, and especially my mother. Her keen mind and clear spiritual sense of the Scriptures, together with the metaphysical principles of Christian Science, were matched only by her ability to render them lovingly practical and relevant to daily life. She nurtured my love for Truth.

Another for whom I shall be eternally grateful is Vera Searles, a Christian Science practitioner, who helped me grasp the fact that Truth is universal, a living Presence, and that it is not contained in a book, organization, philosophy, or religion. For forty years she goaded and triggered my spiritual perception of Truth as an inner, immediate experience of Reality.

I thank God for my wife, who has had to live with me through the period of transition which this book chronicles. The presence of what is perceived to be divine in intent is unsettling. The separation of the chaff from the wheat is a threshing process, and we constantly lived on the edge of transformation. Susan never lost sight of the underlying Value of what was happening, even though at times I did.

I thank my children, Julie, Wendy, and Christopher, for their trust and their willingness to flow without complaining as my life took new direction.

For the hours and hours of camaraderie, support, and friendship provided by Dr. John Roberts and Herb Robinson—a psychologist and a minister, respectively—when I worried that I was losing my mind and that Raj was a hallucination, I extend my love and appreciation.

Last, but not least, I wish to thank Raj. He has helped to bring into experiential focus the Truth I had been learning about, and more than anything else has revealed the meaning of Love.

To the entire staff of Kairos, who have undertaken the publishing of this book, and especially Dr. Kenneth and Sally Eyre, I extend my thanks. It has been a major undertaking.

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