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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good evening, Raj

RAJ: Good evening, Paul.

PAUL: I have a number of specific questions for you tonight.

RAJ: That’s just fine, Paul. Go ahead.

PAUL: What relation does Substance, as you’ve described it, have with substance as I experience it every day?

RAJ: Paul, when you ask that question, you are seeing Substance gathered together in clumps, so to speak—objects—which imply that Substance is absent in the spaces between those objects. In other words, you are thinking of Substance three-dimensionally. In fact, Substance is Fourth-dimensional or non-dimensional. It constitutes every aspect of conscious experience as Conscious Being.

You must remember that none of what you see, hear, taste, smell, or feel is going on external to the conscious experience of it, even though that is the way it appears. All of it is Consciousness. All of it is Mind’s Self-experience.

As I have explained Substance to you, it has only this connection in relation to substance as you experience it every day: It constitutes the Actual conscious experience of every single idea included in the conscious experience of Being as Conscious Being. This Reality of conscious experience is what is objectified as the three-dimensional universe, but none of it is happening in the objectification.

When you are observing the three-dimensional universe, and you are interpreting it as existing and functioning on its own, then substance, as you are seeing it, has absolutely nothing to do with Substance as It Is.

The flaw in your interpretation—the distortion of this partial or finite view—causes what is seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled to seem to be capable of sickness, decay, and death. These are dysfunctions which the Actuality of what you see, hear, taste, smell, and feel is totally incapable of.

The shift we have been discussing for the past few months involves a shift of the point of awareness from an objective placement to a subjective placement, wherein each and every Actual idea of Mind is experienced and recognized as being absolutely mental.

PAUL: This would mean, then, that man is incorporeal?

RAJ: This would mean that the conscious experience of Being is not existent someplace in an objective, three-dimensional universe.

It means that the Universe of Mind is peopled with infinite ideas which are perfectly tangible to Consciousness. Therefore, they are not bodiless in the sense of having no visible, tangible outline, form, or colour. It means that everything is identified and identifiable, minus the finite sensation of space and time, minus the sense of separation between subject and object, which is unavoidable in the three-dimensional frame of reference. It is also minus the sense of the beholder being located somewhere in that which is beheld.

Man is as incorporated as God, and yet “all is infinite Mind and Its infinite manifestation.” Mind is never minus Its manifestation.

Now, when I said that Substance is Energy, I did not mean that It was energy in the sense that your scientists measure and call electrical or atomic energy. It is Energy in the sense that It is Light. Even so, It is not Light in the sense of It being that energy which emanates from your sun. In terms of the manner in which It is experienced Fourth-dimensionally, it is very similar. It radiates, glows, or fluoresces, yet these are very poor words to describe it.

Light, as it is experienced objectively, is seen only as it reflects off of an object. At night, when you look out into the objective universe and there is nothing in the sky to reflect light, the sky appears to be black, except where light is either reflected or generated as planets and stars.

Fourth-dimensionally speaking, the Substance which is Light is illumined, apparently, from within. It is not a reflected light. The apparent space between specific manifestations of Mind will not be found to be dark, because the Fourth-dimensional equivalent of what appears to be empty space in the three-dimensional frame of reference, is filled with the omnipresent Substance of Being. Therefore, you will find that even “empty space” is filled with that living Illumination of the Universal Substance which is Light.

Further, it must be understood that this Substance which is Light is Love, living Love. You have experienced this already in illumination, and so I know you understand what I am saying.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I am going to change the subject now. I want to understand in what way God gave man dominion over all the earth.

RAJ: Paul, that statement was made within the illusion of three-dimensional existence. In the first place, there is no man separate from God for God to give anything to. Secondly, it is only from within the finite frame of reference that there can seem to be an “earth” separate from “man” for man to have dominion over. Any apparent success that the human concept (ego) has of being able to exercise dominion over an earth “out there” only succeeds in further deepening the illusion that life is going on objectively.

Fourth-dimensionally speaking, the observer and the observed are One, although they are experienced in infinite variation of qualities, outline, form, and colour—which go beyond anything you have conceived up to this point.

PAUL: Will you clarify for me how it is that Jesus appeared to have dominion in raising the dead, healing the sick, et cetera? Will you further explain how I am to understand his statement that “He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also, and greater than these shall he do”?1 If I were to do them, it would certainly appear that I was exercising dominion over the objective world, conditions, and circumstances.

This question is of importance to me. Since before I began speaking with you, and right straight through to this point, it certainly appears that there is no exercise of dominion in my experience at all. . . and no healing.

RAJ: It is because the time has come to stop manipulating the finite view to improve it according to finite concepts. This does not constitute waking up out of the dream or waking up out of the distortions of the partial view. If you succeed in improving the partial view—in “healing it”—you will find no necessity to involve yourself in the labors necessary to Awaken.

You have been nagged in the back of your mind with the Biblical statement that a time will come when “no sign shall be given.“2 You have felt that your experience is indicating that this is the case for you now, and this is an intuitive perception of the fact. Any sign given three-dimensionally will serve to hold you in the partial view, rather than move you out of it.

To answer your unspoken thought here, I am not responsible for your being in this position. Nor could I be, if I wanted to. I am simply telling you where you are by virtue of your own unfolding Being, and to that extent, at least, you are not in the dark. I have nothing to do with it one way or the other. I cannot hold you to it or relive you of it, put you in it, or get you out of it.

Being as Conscious Being, and not as three-dimensional man, is the shift which you are experiencing at this time. It cannot be altered in any way, just as the three-dimensional, objective delivery of a baby, once begun, is not a matter of choice in any way.

At the apparent “birth” of Christopher, the practitioner related that “Love is the Art of giving.” It will be well for you to remember this in your own regard in that you will have to give in to this Awakening and flow with it.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul. Good afternoon.

  1. John 14:12. 

  2. Mark 8:12. 

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