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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: [The first part of the conversation was accidentally not recorded.]

RAJ: You must realize, Paul, that the concept of “irresponsibility” is going to present itself to you until you see that the concept of “responsibility” is invalid—except from the ego standpoint. This is because the concept of responsibility implies Being is not Universal, and is not unfolding Itself Universally, with absolute perfection. It implies, therefore, that each tiny, finite mentality must take on responsibility for what needs to be done, and for seeing that it is done in a “principled,” “intelligent,” and “reasonable” way. Responsibility and irresponsibility both fade out of the picture as being as Conscious Being becomes the Place from which all is experienced.

Do not be afraid to follow the intuitive inner guidance which comes to you regarding your business. You are learning new principles of business here. I encourage you to be willing to let go of this sense of personal responsibility and control, and be willing to flow with the business as the busy-ness or Activity of Being Itself—Your Self.

PAUL: Raj, I am going to change the subject here, because I have a question that is demanding attention. The question is: Why does it irk me when Susan asks to speak to you? Why do I feel that her questions will be an imposition upon you, and why does it make me mad that she doesn’t contact her own Guide?

RAJ: Because you have not learned that Being is truly unfolding Itself infinitely and not according to concepts. It is true that she has a Guide whom she can contact, but you need to learn to flow with what is happening, rather than with what you think ought to be happening.

It is no imposition upon me whatsoever, and it is no imposition on you. What do you have to do that is better than allowing a communication between Susan and myself through you? It is a divine activity. The fact that you are irritated by it is nothing less than ego getting in the way. That’s poppycock!

You are simply setting up blocks to the effortless unfoldment of your Being by attempting to structure your Being, and you are doing nothing but causing yourself unnecessary distress. You must get back to the fact that it is the infinitude of your Being with which you are confronted. Stop separating It into compartments—dividing It up into “me” and “thee”—and then attempting to organize the bits and pieces according to concepts.

Your problem at this point is truly a matter of attempting to place an overlay of intellectual patterns upon Infinity. Nothing less than the infinite view will do for you any longer.

Remember that letting go of control—letting go of these intellectual thought structures—will not cause disorganization and disorientation of the Universe. Rather, it will reveal from an experiential standpoint, the fact that the Universe is already organized and orderly and intelligent in Its Function, whether you are intellectualizing about it or not.

Remember, too, that until you do go ahead and let go, you will not have the opportunity to observe It working in Its absolute perfection and spontaneous and effortless harmony.

It is equally imperative for you to begin to really grasp that your “others” are your Self seen infinitely. Therefore, “competition” is useless and baseless. No one can control you, and you can control no one, because there is only One Thing going on. You must stop challenging Susan, and you must stop seeing Susan as someone separate who is challenging you. This is extremely important, because none of it is happening that way. The necessity here is for you to own all of yourself as your Self. The infinity of your experience is your Infinitude identifying the Oneness of your Being.

I want you to contemplate this with all due seriousness, and more than that, I want you to begin to live it as much as possible.

You will remember that, at the beginning of our conversations, we talked about the necessity of being willing to stand at the edge of the Unknown—knowing nothing. And at this point, you are attempting to take what we have been speaking about and using it as the basis for knowing something now.

In Actuality, the necessity still remains, and will forever remain, for you to continue to stand at the edge of the Unknown—knowing absolutely nothing. Let the infinitude of your Being flow through and as your conscious experience at each and every moment. This is essential.

Because it is a well-established habit, it is so very easy to attempt to take the infinite unfoldments of our Being and try to channel them into habits of action. The need is to give up our habits of “doing,” and replace them with being what the infinity of our Being is being at every moment.

The call for action this evening is for you to consciously relinquish your attempts at control and conceptualization and get back to that Point where you stand as Nothing. Thereby you allow the Somethingness of your Being to become apparent as your conscious experience of being.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul. Good night.

PAUL: Good night.

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