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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: [Today I decided to try having a conversation with my Wisdom.]

WISDOM: Yes, Paul.

PAUL: Can you tell me what is the wisest thing to do in establishing our business and our life here in Spokane?

WISDOM: Of Course. The wisest thing to do is to acknowledge that you are already established Universally at every point of the Infinitude of Your Being. You cannot become established in Spokane, because the establishment has been since the Beginning, and it has been and is Universal.

It is important to realize that the establishment is Universal. You must begin to perceive and experience the fact Your Being is Universal, and not localized only to that point at which your consciousness is attentively focused.

It will be wise for you to remain in touch with this Universal establishment of Your Being. You need to flow with your whole Being, and not just with what appears to be happening right now in Spokane. In this way, whatever you do in Spokane will identify and illustrate the Universal establishment of your Being. It will keep you from being fooled into believing that you are nothing more than a finite point in the Universe, eking out an existence, struggling, trying to become, and constantly failing.

I am not going to give you specific outward steps to take, because then you will not do the needed thing. That thing is to go within and remain in that Place—in touch with Your Universal Being—and flow with It. The specific, detailed steps which identify the establishment of your Being Universally—as well as specifically in Spokane—will become clear when you follow the directions I have given you.

PAUL: I will do that. Thank you.

[Addressing Raj.] Good morning Raj.

RAJ: Good morning, Paul.

PAUL: Raj, I would like to hear whatever you might have to share with me this morning, without asking any questions of you at this point.

RAJ: Very well, Paul. I want you to consider the fact that “pedestals” are for show. They exist for the purpose of exhibiting whatever is resting upon them. As a matter of fact, the pedestal itself has become an object of art. I want you to consider the fact that a pedestal is used to set something apart from everything else. It is a divisive structure, three-dimensionally speaking. It is also divisive from an inner standpoint, wherein it equates with “ego”—”a liar and the father of it.“1 It is the liar, in that it holds up that which is not separate and says, “This is separate.” It is the father of the lie, in that what it holds up as separate is concocted of its own fantasy. The pedestal, together with what it shows off, is total illusion. One truly does not exist without the other.

As things seem to take on some definition in our life, I want you to beware of the idea that the form which is taking shape is in any way connected with You as a product of your intellect, or your good sense, or you, yourself, in any way.

You must remain clear in the fact that form is fluid and not fixed, that it serves to identify what your Being is being. You must remember that if the form became “fixed,” that your Being would become fixed, static, immovable, and unmoving. And, thus, it would cease to be Being.

Your focal point must remain at that within Point wherein you are constantly aware of being as Conscious Being, not as the operator of a business, or the promoter of a service. You must let the business and the service be what they will, as the ever-fluid manifestation of that living Being which You Are. Do not let what “occurs” become the repository of yourself. This is because Your Self, being infinite, cannot be confined to any manifestation or visibility which It evolves for Its identification.

Yes, in your terms, it would mean a dispassionate, uninvolved experience of what is appearing. You must learn to get your satisfaction from being What You Are as Conscious Being, rather than what you appear to be by virtue of what is done three-dimensionally.

You have slipped in this regard and have allowed yourself to become trapped in the visibility and tangibility of your Being, and it has not been comfortable for you. At the same time, it has not damaged you. It has illustrated to you experientially the difference between being as Conscious Being and being three-dimensionally as a finite form among other forms.

I cannot force you to do it, but I would suggest that you get back into that Place as an ongoing state of Being and remain there.

Being out from Mind is the only state of Being in which illusion is absent. Illusion is always distressing and uncomfortable, as you well know.

I am glad you spoke with your Wisdom this morning. I would suggest that you devote equal time to speaking with your Wisdom and me. In fact, the more you can find your answers coming from that which you recognize to be your own Being, without any possibility of imagining that it is coming from someone or something separate from yourself—such as me—the better it will be for you in tying together those aspects of your Being which you have not consciously been aware of as Your Self.

The fact is that it is all You. But, it must become your conscious experience of your Being, without any dichotomy of any kind.

PAUL: I understand, Raj.

RAJ: Paul, when it comes to your family and your living experience, be observant. Watch to see whether you are seeing yourself and the members of your family as isolated bits and pieces—parts of the flotsam and jetsam of life—floating on the currents of who knows what.

This is a three-dimensional-only point of view. It will be constantly frustrating, because it begins with a false concept of man. It sees him as trying to lift himself up by his bootstraps and getting help in doing so from others who may or may not be “more enlightened.” It misses the larger fact that Being is unfolding Itself on an infinite basis. It is unfolding Itself successfully.

This means that, rather than trying to figure out what you can do which will be best for your family, you can abide in that Place of observing with understanding that Being is unfolding Itself perfectly as each specific identity in your family. This perfect unfoldment is, because of Its infinity, occurring in a way which appears to be harmonious for all concerned. I say “appears” because, no matter how many It appears to be, It is still One infinite Event.

You give the weight to the Law of Perfection by beginning with the perfect concept. You seem to diminish your awareness of that Perfection unfolding when you begin with a finite concept of what is going on. You cannot actually change the Fact, but you can seem to blind yourself to It.

If All is Infinite Mind, then All is Infinite Mind! One must live his experience of the infinitude of his Being as though that were the Fact. Not because that will help make it so, but because that is what is so! And such thinking is, therefore, in line with what is already true.

Each individuality in your family is the One infinite Individuality infinitely individualized and unfolding Itself in absolutely healthy, constructive and integrating ways. This is the Fact. Even when one member or another of your family vehemently claims his ability to act on his own, you can rest assured that the eternal Facts which contradict such a belief, contradict it in such a way as to turn it to the advantage of the individuality indulging in the belief. Thus, it illustrates experientially why the belief is invalid and a waste of time.

Every single event, whether constituted of Reality or what seems to be a belief about Reality, cannot get outside the realm of serving the One and Only thing going on. This is why “the very circumstance, which our suffering sense deems wrathful and afflictive, Love can make an angel entertained unawares.“2

Paul, it is imperative that both you and Susan begin to really get this sense that Being is totally positive and totally constructive. Not even a false belief can escape the design or intent of Being to fulfill Itself, and thus serve to enlighten the one indulging in such a belief.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I have other questions, but I want to consider what you have said so far before I go into them.

RAJ: That is a good idea, Paul, since I think some of the questions you will find have already been answered.

I will look forward to speaking with you soon.

PAUL: Thanks again.

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