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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, we are trying to understand why this illusion of ongoing interference, lack, and blockage of free-flowing expression and experience of good is appearing in our lives. We are trying to understand the cause of it, so that we can handle the right thing to correct the situation. Can you shed any light on it?

You say there is no evil presence, force, or power. Yet there certainly appears to be the effect of something opposed to or different from God, Good, Harmony, et cetera.

RAJ: Paul, you are being confused by the process of three-dimensional thinking. It will always suggest some finite cause. It will always suggest that the reason for events comes from either finite objective causes or finite mental causes.

PAUL: Okay, so far.

RAJ: You are at a point where you need to see that there is only One Cause, only One Action, only One Life, Mind, Being, Consciousness. This does not mean that everything you seem to experience is included in that One Mind, Being, Consciousness, but it means that the step that needs to be taken here is to not deal with specific little “causes.” It means that it is time to have no other gods but God.

I don’t care what anybody else seems to have to be doing at the present moment, or whether they are seeming to have to learn this, or be faced with what you are being faced with.

YOU HAVE GOT TO HANDLE THIS AS THOUGH YOU ARE THE ONLY ONE! AND YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE TO HANDLE THIS AS THOUGH THERE IS ONLY ONE PRESENCE AND POWER! The time is past to handle anything from the standpoint of “handling” this or that or the other “thing,“—whether it be thought, belief, object, or circumstance.

PAUL: I’m seeing a pink chrysanthemum. Is that part of your communication?

RAJ: The pink chrysanthemum stands as the radiant beauty of Itself as though there is no other thing going on. The image, as you see it, symbolizes the absolute disregard for the supposed existence of any other thing, purpose, or concept outside of Its purpose of radiating Its fullness, Its beauty—the fact that it is a glorious pink chrysanthemum.

Being is that way. It radiates Itself, and there is no other than It.

It is the “consideration” of beliefs, the manipulations of objects “out there,” the orienting of “position” and “power” which ties us into the three-dimensional frame of reference. Religion works in this realm. Economics works in this realm. Indeed, all of life is “worked” from this realm.

It is time to move out of this realm, and there is no way to do it half-way. There is no way to keep a little bit of the finite view to “work with” and yet move into the Fourth-dimensional experience of Being (Your Being). Being is not finite (dimensional) in the very heavy, burdensome, sweat-producing way that three-dimensional things and thoughts are.

Paul and Susan, you are both making the transition very smoothly, no matter how it seems to you. It is because this transition is being made that you find yourselves not able to communicate well with those bound by their three-dimensional-only thinking. Do not be surprised at it, and do not be offended by it.

The necessity here, and the only choice you have, is to move forward—or rather, I should say stand still—as Being, as you are both intuitively doing quite well. Do not look for substantiation of the correctness of your position from the finite frame of reference.

You can count on this: Conceptually speaking, or objectively speaking, you are seeing the appearance of things not working right.

Now, let’s clarify that by dropping the last word. You are seeing the appearance of things not working. What is happening here is that you are objectively seeing the fact that things do not work the way you thought they worked when you were seeing three-dimensionally.

What you can count on is: Everything that appears not to be working is working right now, right where you are, unchanged in any way from the Actuality of its working. This is an illusion caused by the shifting of the frame of reference from the finite to the infinite view. The illusion will not continue indefinitely.

It is a “reverse landmark” or waymark which, because it is reversed, usually stops one from moving forward in the direction of Infinity until he has the kind of guidance, encouragement, and development which provides him with the proper perception of its significance. It is simply to be observed. It is not to be dealt with.

The Kingdom of Heaven is apparently guarded by “demons,” “evils,” “devils,” because that is the only way ego can see the impersonal existence of Being. It is very EVIL because it means the demise of ego. Ego is the only baggage that cannot go through the eye of the needle. Since it can’t go through, it applies fearful images around the eye to ensure that one will not proceed through it.

You may think what has been happening is rugged, but hindsight will show you that you are coming through almost unscathed. This is because of the strength of your perceptions of what’s Real, and your conviction in its Reality.

No one can do this for you. That’s why you seem to be alone in this—without communication, without understanding of what’s happening to you, et cetera.

You have wondered what is going on. Well, this is what is going on. You will find that you have not been separated from anything but the sense of separation. It was still lingering when you began this journey through the eye.

I can say, “Be patient, everything will be alright,” but that will not help you unless you believe it. No one can truly convince you of the Reality of Your Being. It’s already the Fact of You, and you are having to live this “time” out from that Fact.

In the process, beware of conceptualizing in any way what is happening. Beware of using old “standards” of reasoning and actions. They may not apply, since most standards have finite bases.

I assure you, for whatever it’s worth, that you are “weathering the storm” well. You are, figuratively speaking, like a plane landing on instruments, having very low visibility. You are following an inner flight path with no objective evidence to support you. It’s up to you whether you choose to continue the landing or postpone it for a better time—but I’ll clue you in to the fact that there won’t be a better time. There is no “clear,” three-dimensional visibility through which to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

I hope this answers your question. I Know it is the answer.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: You’re welcome, Paul.

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