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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj?

RAJ: Yes, Paul.

PAUL: Are you a separate individuality from me?

RAJ: Separateness is a three-dimensional concept, Paul.

PAUL: Would I be misunderstanding Reality if I were to let you speak through me as me and relinquish my present sense of identification?

RAJ: I understand what you are trying to get at, Paul. As a matter of fact, when I am speaking to you, it is your Being which is speaking to you. That is, unless I am relating some aspect of my experience, as in my work dealing with the return of Maitreya.

You don’t believe that, I see.

PAUL: I guess I don’t want to believe it.

RAJ: Well, Paul, I would suggest that you test it out and see for yourself.

PAUL: Do you mean that right now, this very instant, I am speaking with my Being? It is my Being revealing Itself to me as my conscious experience of being, and not “Raj” at all?

RAJ: That is correct, Paul. Don’t misunderstand. I am not a figment of your imagination, as I have told you before. I am here, but I am here as the Door. I am here to facilitate what you did not think you could do, because you did not conceive it as an existing possibility. In a way, it was like getting to your Self through the back door, unobtrusively, without upsetting or exciting the three-dimensional self-thought-processes.

PAUL: Let me ask this, Raj: If I choose to, or want to, or need to think it is you, will I be able to? Or am I now required to let loose of that concept?

RAJ: You may. But you can already see somewhat that you will delude yourself to some degree regarding your own Integrity, and this will weaken you, or seem to. It will not be a weakness as great as three-dimensional-only thinking, but you need to move on. You need to come into the Power of your Being as your Being!

Don’t rattle our brains about this. As long as you need to see your Self as “me,” I will be here. Even after you don’t need to see your Self as me, I will be here. Our relationship will apparently change—but it will remain.

PAUL: Okay, Raj. Let me let this sink in.

RAJ: That’s fine, Paul.

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