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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Okay, Raj, I’m alone…

RAJ: Although you caught it, I want to amplify on it. “Alone” is a three-dimensional concept implying that there’s everyone else, and then there’s “me.” This is ego. You’ve got to be alert. Notice that your body is having physical sensations that you recognize as feeling disheartened, worried, or fearful. Notice that it has an intent; it is not just a feeling. It is there to motivate you to “do” something objective. Notice that in observing it, the I that is You that is observing is clear, unmoved, and at peace.

To be alone with one’s Being is to be totally Present, Universally Present, without one iota projected “out there.” It is to have no other Mind but God. Notice that Its intent is not directed at you. Notice that It does not try to coerce you. Notice that you are not aware of a separate selfhood upon which It can act.

Don’t try to reason it out or figure it out. Just notice It.

At the present moment, you are not completely free of the inclination to believe that you are what ego says, and that you are in a pickle. On the other hand, you are not buying the story, either. Just notice.

You have never had to go all the way before, so this is new territory for you. But, as long as you don’t relinquish any of the territory you have gained so far, you will find yourself moving forward. You will not lose any ground.

Okay, Let’s get back to your opening statement.

PAUL: I feel really shaky.

RAJ: No, Paul, it is not You. Ego is feeling really shaky right now. That’s a positive indicator!

PAUL: I feel as though I’m really going out on a limb here by maintaining the position which you outlined this morning and previously.

RAJ: Why?

PAUL: Because it appears that I might lose something.

RAJ: There it is! Ego. If nothing can get outside the infinitude of your Being, then how can You lose anything? Paul, you must be very strict. If you can’t lose anything, then you haven’t lost anything. All of You is still present and functioning, and all of You will continue to be present and functioning.

PAUL: Okay. I know that all of me has to be present and functioning…

RAJ: Don’t add that “but.” Stay with the simple Fact you have just stated. The “but” is the hooker! “All is infinite Mind and Its infinite manifestation.“1 There aren’t any “buts” about it! Being is “neither behind the point of perfection nor advancing towards it. It is at that point and must be understand therefrom.“2 It will never be understood from the standpoint of the three-dimensional frame of awareness (ego). You must stop looking for clues, helpful hints, or reassurances objectively. Being doesn’t need them, and “ego” only needs them in order to hook you.

Remember, as you “do battle,” that there is no battle going on at all. It is a process by which you are becoming less slipshod in your self-identification. It seems as though it is an attempt to influence you in the direction of misidentification, but you are at a point where the thrust truly cannot reach you because you are hidden in the Secret Place of the Most High. You have experienced It.

Leave the “split experience” of Reality/unreality alone, as illustrated in the tares and the wheat parable.3 Let them appear to exist side by side. Let them appear to cause different consciousnesses. As long as there are two, you are not caught—deluded—into the three-dimensional-only frame of reference. This dual experience of consciousness is an affirmation or proof of your having crossed the change line. You are not in three-dimensional territory, although you can still see it and feel it. Take my word for it.

Now, turn your back on the old territory and begin to look into the depths of your Being as Fourth-dimensional Man. As I said, once you cross the change line, clarification spontaneously begins to occur, and occur more rapidly. This is inevitable.

Paul, your first call for conversation with me set into motion irreversible unfoldments, because you were ready. As I have said before, you will lose nothing in the process. I know that my stating that has helped you move right through some of the tougher times. Do not worry. I know whereof I speak.

PAUL: Okay, Raj.

RAJ: I know you feel like you need help, but no one can help you at this point. There is no other One but You, and you had better be sure that you have no other “ones” before You, You Self, God. Your entire Being, in all Its infinitude, is harmonizing with You, loving You, and supporting You because of the Integrity of your Being. No one but You can relinquish consciously your hold on the false sense of self—the misidentification which feels it can’t do it.

At this point I want to terminate the conversation. I will be instantly available if you need to talk, but I want you to be consciously and quietly alone with your own Being and the Reality of things. This is your baby!

PAUL: Alright, Raj. Thank you.

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