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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: You heard the telephone conversation, Raj?1

RAJ: Yes, I did, and you handled it very well. It was calculated to arouse your personal indignation. The fact that you find yourself shaking inwardly and outwardly is an indication of the ego viewpoint, rather than the Identity standpoint. But, under the circumstances, you remained relatively clear of getting into the three-dimensional, reactive frame of reference, which he hoped you would utilize.

PAUL: Alright. We are faced with the necessity of being able to pay for our income tax returns and also handle this situation with Household Finance Corporation. At the same time, we have these other bills due. Fortunately, the creditors are working with me on them.

RAJ: Paul, do not let your Universe become broken up into bits and pieces, each acting on its own, each attempting to fulfill its own ends. This is exactly what I was talking about this morning. Do not believe any form, organization, or manifestation when it seems to declare that it can demand or cause something, irritate you, et cetera.

Not only should you not identify yourself as form, you need to be sure that you don’t allow any form to convince you that it has a purpose and can successfully act independent from the Whole. It is a trick of ego to suck you into believing that you, among these other forms, are a form to be battered about, manipulated, coerced—and that you must defend yourself against them. It is utterly false. Do not buy it for a second.

Stay with the Fact that your Being is totally present. THAT’S FACT. Your Being is totally functioning. THAT’S FACT. Your Being is being totally successful in fully identifying Itself. THAT’S FACT. You are not a small part of the totality of God’s Universe. THAT’S FACT. And you are not part of God’s Universe, because God is the only Identity you have. Therefore, your Being is infinite and cannot be contained. Do not let yourself be coerced into accepting the pea-sized concept of Identity called three-dimensional man.

You must stay with the Infinity of your Being, together with Its Omnipresence and Omnipotence. You are all of It. It is all of You. God is the only thing going on. it is the Happening. Do not buy the hypnotic suggestions being put forth by “ego.“

Fortunately for you, ego is not presenting itself in a constructive manner. It is relatively easy for you to see that succumbing to its suggestions would not be constructive for you.

I urge you to remain steadfast during these last days of the attempt of “ego” to convince you that it is you, and that everything must be worked out on its basis. I have warned you, so that you will not be taken in, that it is likely to use every dirty trick it knows. “HAL” is very busy now, whining and cooing and remonstrating against its demise. Do not be moved!

PAUL: I hear you, but it’s not easy.

RAJ: Do not indulge in the mistaken belief that it is going to be anything less than hard work, Paul. Accept that right now! Do not look at this “stage” of your growth as being peaches and cream. Do not indulge in self-pity or indignation at it not being easier since you “know the Truth” and are “having these conversations with me.“

Realize right now that indignation and self-pity are ego, ego, ego right down the line. You’ve got to not give a damn about whether it’s easy, hard, pleasant, unpleasant, quick or slow. These are all three-dimensional, “ego-bound” concepts. Even if they seem to parade as your feelings or thinking, do not “connect” up with them.

I reiterate, Paul: Plan on it being hard work! Fight the fight! Follow through to the end wherein “ego’s” claims become the nonsense that they are, just as when HAL began reciting nursery rhymes and singing children’s songs.

Do not misunderstand. I am not saying there is a real fight. I’m not saying there is a real antagonist. I am saying that if you don’t behave as though there were one—if you don’t tend to follow through “come hell or high water”—then you will be lazy and slipshod in your approach. One way or another, ego will insinuate itself into and as your self-awareness, because it is a habit through long years of apparent Self-ignorance.

Let’s handle that thought right now—that it’s not this hard for others. First of all, that’s ego whining! It’s not You. Secondly, this idea of “others” is another ploy of ego. Only ego divides things into me and thee. Ego, ego, ego!} Watch out for it!

Realize right now that ego is ego is ego. Consciously or purposely putting it down will evoke the same whining, pleading, pitiful “show,” no matter who is putting it down. I told you, Paul, it’s a liar! lies, lies, lies!

It is imperative that you be alone with your own Being—absolutely alone! Don’t compare (that’s ego!). Don’t try to find affirmation or agreement with your stance from “out there” (that’s ego!). Don’t—and I say this especially—don’t let any feeling of pride enter the picture because of what you might have to do, and the fact that you are willing to do it (that’s ego!).

This is a dirty fight! Fight it dirty! I say this because you will have a tendency to be “polite,” “civilized,” “courteous” if you can. Once again, you will be abiding by a set of concepts which drip with “ego.“

Only if you are willing to be alone with your own Being will you be alone with the Reality of “things.” It is the undistorted awareness of the Reality of “things” which will constitute the resolution of the conflict that seems to be going on “out there.“

If you try to work it out from the standpoint of the Many, as though It were separate from You, you will be operating within “ego’s” bailiwick.

You must remain steadfastly and abidingly with the Fact that your Being is One and that that One is You. That One, being Omnipresent, is Omnipotently Omniactive as every last little detail of Its Infinitude—including every bill collector, every dollar owed, every process server, and every dollar paid. It is fulfilling Itself perfectly in identifying Its completeness with absolute success. It is, Paul! No matter what the three-dimensional insinuation is.

You see, it’s the whole dream we’re talking about waking up from! And you can do it. You are able.

That’s not a pep talk, Paul. It’s fact! The reason you are able is that you are not experientially aware of being consciously aware as Conscious Being. You are doing it right now. At the same time you are aware of ego doing its simultaneous little jig and operating as though it is you—as though it is your conscious experience of being, also. This is why you are able to wake up rather than just lop off another branch of the tree of “mortality”—three-dimensional thinking.

Read this over. Contemplate it. And then get back with me.

PAUL: I will, Raj. Thank you.

  1. An extremely insulting call was received from one of my creditors. 

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