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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good morning, Raj.

RAJ: Good morning, Paul. I see your tape recorder is on the blink.

PAUL: Yes.

RAJ: Let’s talk a little this morning about mechanisms. “Mechanism” implies an orderly arrangement of moving parts which work in harmony with each other in order to fulfill a purpose or function. it is usually physical, although there are mathematical functions which are not.

“Mechanism” is something that functions automatically, unthinkingly, and repetitively. The function of the whole mechanism is dependent upon the proper functioning of the parts. Thus, the “parts” constitute the governing aspect of the whole—that is, if we are looking at the function as a mechanism.

You are learning that the One constitutes the Many, the Function constitutes the Mechanism. And, you are finding that when the emphasis is shifted from the particular to the Universal, then the particular—the mechanism, the Many—is seen in its true perspective. Nothing is dependent upon anything else. “Form follows function,” and not vice versa.

This is an important thing to understand at this point, because it will help in relating what we are talking about to your daily activities. You cannot afford to approach your day as being mechanical in any way. You cannot afford to narrow your awareness down to a particular set of activities and see them as parts of a combination which, if adhered to, will result in a profitable, productive day.

If “form follows function,” then it is imperative that your attention be on the function and not the form. What is the Function which you see as the unfolding of daily activities? It is the unfolding of Your Being, identifying and fulfilling Itself as Itself. Activity, money and profit are all aspects of that identification. Money—income—is not the end goal of it all.

Every aspect of your day identifies your Being, and not any one is more important or less important than another. Work does not generate income. Being generates work and income and leisure and growth. Yet, not any one of these things exist for their own independent purpose or identity. They identify Being, and Being is the Alpha and Omega—that which is and is identifying Itself completely and successfully.

It is the flow of Being which is the Function. It is identified by the forms which constitute your daily activities. Your need is to identify yourself as Being and not as form.

Form does not supply Being with anything, whereas Being supplies Itself with all form. It is the initial misidentification of form as function that fouls everything up. Our limited viewpoint, taking itself as the center and circumference, is the flaw.

You see, not any one activity in itself, or even in conjunction with other activities, has any meaning or purpose. The only purpose any of them has is to identify the Function which they identify. In fact, the intent or purpose of “identification” does not spring from the form. Rather, it has its source in the Function.

Being identifies Itself as Itself. The identification fulfills that purpose, but we get things backward when we think the “identification” is fulfilling a purpose it has.

Remember that every activity, and every apparent result of that activity in your daily affairs, does not constitute a cause and effect at all. More properly, it is the apparent activities and their apparent results that constitute the “effect” or “form” that follows the Function that is You, Your Being.

I want you to consider this as you go through your day today. Then sit back as you do what you have to do. Observe everything from this standpoint. Then I would like to speak to you later this evening, unless you have something in the meantime.

PAUL: Thank you Raj, I will speak with you later.

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