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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good evening, Raj.

RAJ: Good evening, Paul. I want you to remember what we have been talking about the past few days, because it is extremely important. It constitutes the crux of your experientially crossing over the change line. We spoke of this some time back. You are truly beginning to experience the Fourth- and third-dimensional frames of reference existing side by side. You are able to observe yourself, and actually experience what seems to you to be yourself, being depressed. At the same time, you are able to experience your Self as being totally clear, at peace, in harmony with your Being, and not emotionally vexed in any way.

I would like you to refer back to the conversations we had regarding the apparent simultaneous experience of both dimensions. Observe how it correlates to your actual experience at this time. You will find it very beneficial.

I will warn you that where you have been able to remain clear as ego puts up its struggle, to be very alert not to be sucked in during the next few days.

PAUL: Very well, Raj. I will be alert.

RAJ: Paul, in spite of what Mrs. Eddy says about manipulation, meaning laying on of hands, and in spite of the fact that the end result will be that you will not use your hands for healing, I want you to follow your inner, intuitive leadings for the present. You will learn invaluable lessons. You will be led, from an experiential standpoint, to the understanding of true healing and its methods, as Mrs. Eddy was.

Since you are presently at the point of experiencing the change line, you are finding that the dynamics apparently are greater and somewhat confusing, unsettling, and disorienting. Do not get caught up in any of those points. Allow them. Adjustment is very rapid once the shift has been made, and things will become spontaneously clear to you.

Before we discuss some of the things which are beginning to jell in your thought, I want you to allow them to unfold so that you may be clearer on what you want to know.

I know that you do not yet trust your Self completely, but by the same token, your Self-trust is greatly increased over what it was when we began our conversations. At that point, you were not even consciously aware of the experience of your Self—of your True Identity—as opposed to your concept and experience of yourself as three-dimensional man.

Right now ego is confused—you are not, even though what seems most forcible in your thought at the moment is the feeling of confusion.

PAUL: [Tape recorder went haywire.]

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