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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good evening, Raj.

RAJ: Good evening, Paul. You are aware of having felt nervous or tense with an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach all day today. You have not made the distinction between you as Fourth-dimensional Man, and you as three-dimensional conglomeration of thoughts, concepts, physical reactions, emotional reactions, et cetera. You are going to have to be very alert now, because more often than not, the mythical structure called “ego” is going to be in the process of dissolving. Much like HAL, the computer in the film, “2001”, there will be subtle, insistent, plaintive pleas. There will be an even seemingly human capacity to imply that it is capable of truly fearing its own demise.

You must realize that ego is a fraud from the beginning, and you must learn to properly identify your Self as Being, Itself, and not as “ego.“

So that there is no confusion, whatsoever, about this process, it had better be clear to you that you will have to listen to, and even seemingly experience, whatever charade is attempted by this false sense of individuality as it gives up the ghost. You will have to remain unmoved and steadfast in the proper identification of your Being.

Ego is what Jesus referred to as “the devil,” being a liar and the father of it. It is imperative that you understand that there is no other evil. The only sin there is is the misidentification of one’s Self as “ego” rather than Being, as Conscious Being.

You have been concerned in the last few days that you are not making the connection between what I have been discussing with you and your daily experience. The simple fact is that you have been trying to relate infinite ideas to finite beliefs. There is no connection. There is no connection between Mind and Its manifestation. They are one.

It is only from the standpoint of ego—of finite, three-dimensional misperception—that there can seem to be a “connection.” Since ego separates itself from what it sees, it divides things into subject and object, “in here” and “out there,” me and thee, and all the rest of the dualism. This prompts the attempt to manipulate all of these disconnected aspects, so that they will harmonize in such a way as to not destroy the basic illusion of the existence of “ego.” Thus, from the three-dimensional standpoint, it seems obvious that the misidentification of Identity called “ego” must become, do, initiate, manipulate, and achieve.

One cannot bring these endeavors into that Place where Self is properly identified and experienced as Conscious Being or Fourth-dimensional Man, since the basic illusion of separateness has no existence there.

It is apparently new territory for you, Paul, although you could say it is your “native land.” Nevertheless, as the shift is made from the finite to the infinite view, you are going to have to be a stranger in a strange land, a babe in a new world. Although there will be no aspect of danger involved, it will be necessary to patiently explore, sense, perceive, and understand how to be, rather than do.

You see, Paul, whether you have misidentified your Self as “ego,” or whether you have correctly identified yourSelf as Fourth-dimensional Man, your Being has effortlessly been being Itself totally, perfectly, and successfully by being rather than “doing.” Anything ego has thought it has done was pure nonsense.

You are afraid that if you let go and stop “doing,” everything will fall apart. This is because you are still caught in the belief that what you have “done” in the past has succeeded in getting you where you are. This is foolishness, and you are beginning to see this. You haven’t gotten anywhere, because Infinity has no place to go. Nevertheless, Infinity—your Being—has unfolded Itself in spite of what you thought you were “doing,” and where you thought you were getting to.

An early teacher of Christian Science said, “Be, and by being heal the sick.“1 Being is the only thing that makes anything happen, and It makes it happen by being the “Happening.” From the standpoint of Being, everything is already done.

You must beware of the withdrawal symptoms, since the “ego habit” is going to demand another “fix”—and another, and another, and another. It will do so with less and less strength, but it will do so, nevertheless. I am forewarning you of this, so that you may understand the method of its operation, and will not take it seriously.

Your opportunity for activity is as infinite as your Being. You do not need to concern yourself about the ability of your Being to fulfill Itself completely as that which will be recognizable to you as the meeting of your every need—unless, of course, you wish to indulge in the misidentification of your Self as “ego.” Such misidentification will not affect the Reality of your Being in any way, but, as you know, it will seem to engage your conscious awareness in an ongoing blindness to the Reality and an uphill climb which is really downhill all the way.

This conversation is, perhaps, one of the most important ones we’ve had. I would suggest that you make an extra copy which you can keep separate from the rest and refer to a number of times each day. You may not seem to feel particularly comfortable and at ease objectively or three-dimensionally speaking. Therefore, it will be well for you to be able to easily remind yourself that ego is an “android” and, therefore not even capable of dying. it had no life to begin with. Although it will seem to present itself as the downfall and destruction of your individuality, such will not be the case.

Again, this is a conversation of serious import. It should receive the attention due it, no matter what other demands present themselves.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I accept your instructions completely. Thank you, and good night.

RAJ: Good night, Paul.

  1. Bicknell Young, C.S.B. 

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