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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I have had a difficult day today.

RAJ: I know you have. It would not have been necessary for you to have had a difficult day if you had been willing to remain with the ideas which we have discussed in the last few days, since it would have been clear to you that everything is functioning in perfect order and harmony, and is totally and completely constructive. I reminded you of the necessity of staying with this Fact and cultivating It.

PAUL: I know you did, but it is difficult when there is no evidence of ongoing income-generating employment. Our needs certainly are being met, but they are being met because we are selling things that we own, and not because gainful employment has been found. Sooner or later we will run out of things to sell.

RAJ: Paul, “sooner or later” doesn’t matter. You cannot deal in the future at the present time. Therefore, you should not govern your feelings on the basis of a future that you imagine may be.

The reason you find yourself feeling challenged is because you are not yet totally secure with the ideas which your Being is unfolding to Itself, and which appears to be a conversation between yourself and myself. The result, inevitably, will be a strengthening of your standpoint through experience—that is, as long as you continue to remain in contact with your experience of your Self as Conscious Being.

I reiterate: Do not be discouraged. you are not lost, and you should not indulge in the imagination that you can somehow get outside the infinitude of your own Being and become isolated from your God.

As you already know, you have two tasks before you. One is the conscious relinquishment of your sense of ego in preference to your Identity. The second is to get into that Place where you’re experiencing your Being as Fourth-dimensional Man, and be conscious of your desire in the form of a specific question. This is to be done at least three times a day. Do not let your objective experience keep you from fulfilling those tasks. Do not let yourself become discouraged, as you almost did tonight, to the point where you would be willing to retire for the night without fulfilling those two objectives.

Trust in your Self is the key here, and steadfastness is the method by which your success will be assured. Do not allow the anxiety or impatience of those around you to cause you to feel that you must push things along more rapidly. This will keep you bound in the three-dimensional frame of reference—a frame of reference from which nothing can be initiated.

We are going to “hang in here” on these points until the answer to your reemployment becomes clear. In the meantime, I want you to remain as calm and clear as you can. Anxiety is a reaction not to be used as a basis for manipulation of things as they appear three-dimensionally.

I want you to stop now, do your meditation, and contemplate your request for specific direction before you go to bed this night.

PAUL: I will, Raj. Thank you very much.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul. Good night.

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