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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good afternoon, Raj.

RAJ: Good afternoon, Paul. I want to begin today with a dissertation on the value of…

PAUL: [Nothing heard.]

Raj, I am not able to hear the next word. Before I delay any longer, I want to express my desire to be of service in any way I can in serving the fulfillment of God’s Purpose in my world, rather than simply asking, “What am I supposed to be doing?”

I want to ask the question, “What can I do, what shall I do that will be most fulfilling in the service of the divine Purpose of Being?” I am asking that question of my Self. If you feel like commenting on that, I would enjoy hearing what you have to say. Whether you do or not, my request is of my Being that I be shown what to do to best support the divine Will at this time and place.

RAJ: That is a wise approach. it is only as you are fulfilling the Purpose of your Being that true progress can be made—not by attempting to fulfill the intellectually-developed ideas and concepts which you have come up with.

As you have realized, the theme is “Thy Will be done,” I am not going to answer the question for you. But, as you have already planned, I want you to let your desire be known from that Place where you are experiencing your Being as Conscious Being, just as you did when you fist contacted me. Patiently await the clarification which will answer your question. Trust that it will unfold itself to you just as clearly as I have communicated with you.

Remember that the whole Universe is the fulfillment of God’s purpose. Therefore, do not limit yourself in any way by conceptualizing what might be the fulfillment of God’s Purpose. In other words, be totally open. Thus, you will not delay your perception of the answer by the presence of preexisting concepts.

As long as you are in need of the answer to this question, I would suggest that you meditate at least three times a day. Once having arrived at that Place, let your request be known. Continue to do this until you get the answer.

You can rest assured that the answer is close at hand, since the need is extremely definite. Therefore, do not in any way attempt to justify the idea that the answer will take a long time in coming. Remember also, that one’s experience of time is relative to the intensity with which a desire is felt. Remember, too, that although it only took two weeks for us to make contact in the beginning, those two weeks seemed to be quite extensive and protracted. It was as though there were a delay. Look back, you can see that two weeks was not long at all.

Drop the concept of time as you request and desire the answer to your need. Stay fixed on the desire. Do it gently. Do not push it. Do not be overly intense. On the other hand, be genuine, sincere, and consistent. Realize that it is your very own Being to which the desire is being expressed, knowing as you do, that every answer and every demand arises out of your very own Being. As I have said before, trust Your Self. Lean on It. Depend on It.

It should be clear to you by now that any attempt to manipulate arises out of the limited three-dimensional frame of reference. Therefore, do not contemplate or express this desire when you know you are not in that Place. It will be a total waste of time and energy.

You certainly should be aware that the need arises out of your Being, because the fulfillment of that desire is at hand to be consciously perceived and lived, rather than unconsciously lived as separate and apart from the totality of your Being. You are getting the picture, I see.

Be alert to the fact, Paul, that sloppy questions beget sloppy answers. Learn to be more precise in your requests and your desires. An ambiguous question begets an ambiguous answer. If you want to know something, be sure to ask a question that begets a specific answer.

As you are aware, James said, “Ye ask and receive not because ye ask amiss.“1 If you are not getting an answer to the need, it is because the question does not address itself to that specific answer. You will find that when you have the right question, you will spontaneously and effortlessly know the answer. You can depend upon it.

You certainly know that, because you exist, you have purpose or intent—there is a design to your Being. You should also know that every single event which is unfolding in and as your conscious experience of being is in perfect harmony with that design. They are all part of the intent of your Being to fulfill Itself specifically and flawlessly, both individually and Universally, since all of you is always unfolding all of Itself with total success.

Paul, you are on the right track. You are very fortunate that your concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, goal or purpose, are not coming to fruition because, when they do, they continue to support the false sense of ego, thus keeping hidden your true Identity. You see, it was your desire to no longer have what you think is right, and what you ought to be able to do, that opened the Door of your Being to allow your Identity as Fourth-dimensional Man to begin to flow through as your conscious experience of Being.

As long as we hold dear our concepts of righteousness, education, and highly-developed ability to reason, our conscious experience of Being is so full of the “noise” of our ego that we cannot hear the “still, small voice” of our true Identity—the still, small voice of God, as it is called. This is why we are cautioned to “Be still, and know that I am God.“2 You are really beginning to see this point, and are really beginning to feel that it is a valid point—valid enough to trust yourself to completely.

This truly is your task from this moment forward. As I said before, any attempt to avoid the fulfillment of your Being will result in discomfort far greater than you can imagine. It will be far greater than you care to experience, because you have graduated into the Fourth-dimensional frame of reference. Although you may attempt to ignore it at times, you cannot succeed in moving backwards. Growth only moves in one direction, and it moves inexorably and irreversibly.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I will get back with you later.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul. Good-bye.

  1. James 4:3. 

  2. Psalms 46:10. 

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