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PAUL: I don’t know how much time we’ll have before the family returns, but in the meantime, I would like to hear anything you might have to say at the present time.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. You have had some interesting unfoldments today which are bringing you fresh energy and the actual experience of the omnipresence of your Being. This is a great improvement over yesterday.

It is very important to realize that Identity is something far different from ego. Identity is what exists before ego can seem to be formed. Yet, once ego develops, Identity becomes practically invisible. This is because ego supplies one with a “high,” a thrill, an excitement which Identity does not.

Ego behaves exactly like a drug. As one gets used to it, it requires a bigger “fix” in order to get the thrill. It also engages one in a quest which had no foundation to begin with. Each additional “fix” requires the further development of a personality and an intellectual originality which can then become identified in a “thrilling” way, so that a higher “high” can be achieved.

Since ego has no basis in Actuality, this superstructure of “fixes” has not the strength to support itself. Therefore, the so-called ego is met with interminable collapses of one sort or another. Its “importance,” its “skill,” its “ability” are fabulous in nature—substanceless, incapable of providing a sustained high.

On the other hand, Identity, when It is perceived to be the expression of the Universal, omnipresent divine Mind or Intelligence, is capable of expressing Itself on a sustained basis—so sustained that the word “eternal” is the only word that describes It. It is so substantial by virtue of Its Nature as Intelligence, that It is called Omnipotent.

There is only one infinite Life/Principle, one infinite Identity, infinitely expressed and seen as all that exists. It is what constitutes the center and circumference of Being—Your Self as you experience It, Susan’s Self as she experiences It, and my Self as I experience It. Its omnipotence or strength is constituted of Its absolute omnipresent Integrity, which is Its Intelligent Nature. it is not thrilling or exciting when contemplated from an egotistical standpoint. But It is satisfying in ways that are so meaningful that they cannot compare to the “thrills” of the ego. It also has this benefit: The satisfaction is eternal and unchanging.

As one makes the shift from the three-dimensional frame of reference to the being of Fourth-dimensional Man, it seems as though one must give up his individuality and allow something which he does not recognize as himself to take over and speak through him. But, the fact is that that which is speaking through him is his original and unchanging Identity. It is on the false sense of individuality called “personality” which is being given up.

Paul, now that you have become aware of this, you have also realized that the false sense of individuality must give itself up on purpose. In addition, you are now beginning to understand why few people actually do it. It is like getting off a drug, kicking a habit. You now have some idea of the task which is before you.

You are also aware that when the perception of the Reality of your Being is clear enough, it is easier to give up the false sense of individuality for the true experience of Identity. You can, indeed, anticipate a divine adventure, even though it will involve some labor.

Do not expect this to occur overnight, Paul. As a matter of fact, this process began the first night we began our conversations. Be patient and stick with it, and be ready to put your shoulder to the wheel.

I would like for you to type this up and consider it before we speak again.

PAUL: Very well, Raj. I will. And thank you.

RAJ: You’re welcome, Paul. I will talk to you later.

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