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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good evening, Raj.

RAJ: Good evening, Paul. It seems to you as though you have had a strenuous and purposeless day today. However, these are the idiotic ravings of ignorance, which would fool you into believing the exact opposite of what is unfolding in and as your experience as purposeful, dynamic, fulfilling and intelligent manifestations of your Being.

As I have said before, you must learn to recognize that your Being is unfolding Itself at all times in perfect harmony with Its Nature. You must begin to accept this as the Fact, rather than what your imagination can come up with based upon what it sees, hears, tastes, smells, and feels. The Absolute Facts of your Being have never for an instant ceased operating, and never will. Therefore, anything other than this Fact is pure fiction, and you should not waste one moment on it.

The only reason you don’t see it is because you are looking through your preconceptions about what is right for you. Then, when your Being unfolds Itself in a direction in which you are not consciously looking, it seems as though unfoldment has ceased altogether.

PAUL: Continue, Raj. I have no questions at this point.

RAJ: Thank you. I am pleased to tell you that you are, indeed, near the end of the apparent dilemma which has been confronting you for some time now regarding your finances and your purpose or goal.1

As you are already well aware, the schooling situation has been remedied, even though there are minor adjustments still to be made on the part of the children. They will make these adjustments with relative smoothness.

Wendy will find it somewhat more rugged as she learns to relax back into the natural state of her Being, and learns that everything that counts comes through her, not from outside her Self. Her Value can only come from within herself as she is willing to stand as the Door, allowing the Universal Value of her Being to flow easily, with no self-criticism or shyness because of Its originality.

This process will not be overwhelming to her, but it will demand of her what will seem to be strenuous effort. You can let her know, however, that it will be worth every labor that may be involved. Paul and Susan, you can rest assured that the move has been most constructive for all three of the children, just as you will find it will be for yourselves.

Paul, there is an element of distrust and cynicism which has grown in your thought. This is due both to the experiences which have occurred over the last few months, as well as to your inability to relate what we have been discussing to your daily experience.

Whenever you find yourself ready to express doubt and cynicism, I want you to recognize that you are doing so. Replace the specific doubt or cynicism with its specific opposite, and dwell with that opposite meaning as the fact until you are free of the negative imposition.

You are never bound to agree with your thoughts, but you are constantly required to agree with your Being.

As I said yesterday, your Being is unfolding Itself infinitely in all Its perfection. This is the Fact which underlies everything that Is, as well as everything that seems to be. Do not get hung up on what seems to be the case. Your Being is capable of manifesting Itself as your conscious experience of being, and has never stopped doing so. It is this ongoing eternal, abiding Fact which needs to become an integral part of your conscious experience. Cultivate It and you will not be sorry.

PAUL: I would like to try to have two conversations with you each day for the time being—one in the morning and one in the evening, if you have no objection.

RAJ: I have no objection, whatsoever. That is fine with me.

PAUL: I feel as though I am getting back on the right track, and certainly appreciate the continuousness of your availability. It is much appreciated.

Good night, Raj.

RAJ: Thank you, and good night. I will look forward to speaking with you in the morning.

  1. The $5000 I had asked my Supply for came as an unsolicited forgiveness of a $3000 debt on a piece of office equipment, and various smaller amounts of cash amounting to $2000, which were above and beyond my “normal” channels of income. 

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