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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good evening, Raj.

RAJ: Good evening, Paul.

PAUL: Tonight I need to hear whatever you have to share with me, and I will not ask any questions.

RAJ: Very well, Paul. Tonight it is very necessary for you to once again begin to relax out of the personal, three-dimensional sense of responsibility. I realize it has been difficult to take care of the necessities which have required your attention, and yet remain uninvolved and free of believing that you must respond as a three-dimensional man to three-dimensional demands. Nevertheless, you need to do so. I sense that you are more than ready, since it is, indeed, very tiring to believe that you are making the world go round.

PAUL: Raj, may I interject here my appreciation for the time you spent with both Susan and me this morning between 6:00 and 7:00. May I also thank you for being with me every day, even though there have been many days in which I did not even acknowledge your presence.

RAJ: I appreciate your gratitude, but it is not necessary. I am glad you have had this period of time during which we have not conversed. In spite of your feeling that you have lost ground by virtue of not taking time to have these conversations, the fact is that your growth has continued unhindered.

You must get over this idea that your life is actually occurring in the way you see and experience it from a three-dimensional standpoint. You must realize that whether you are consciously aware of it or not, your Being is infinitely unfolding Itself at all times, and is doing so in all of Its perfection. Infinitely speaking, you never become more nor less than You Are. Whether you choose to focus in on any particular detail of your Infinity or not, your Being continues to unfold Itself on the basis of Its Infinity, and not on the basis of what you choose to narrow your attention down to.

I want to remind you that your Being is constituted of infinite Love. That Love constitutes the Substance of your total experience. I want to remind you of that, because the apparently external demands which you have been faced with have caused you to withdraw your attention from your awareness of that fact. As a result, you have not been feeling the loving kindness and the totally constructive and harmonious Nature of your Being as It is unfolding Itself as your conscious experience. Objectively speaking, Love is all around you, because Love is what constitutes your subjective Being. Whether or not you are temporarily caught up in the three-dimensional appearance of things, you are never removed from the ability to perceive the omnipresence of Love, because It is the warp and woof of all four dimensions.

I want you to consciously and conscientiously open yourself up to the perception and the experience of the Love that constitutes your infinite Being, no matter from what apparent point or dimension you seem to be experiencing that infinitude.

You will never be able to experience the infinitude of your Being clearly if you think that there are nooks or crannies—or “levels of belief”—in which the omnipresent Love which constitutes your Being is somehow not present. You must come to the realization that all of you truly is always available to you, no matter how things seem to be. Right now, I am aware that you are feeling as though you are somehow beyond the range of the direct perception and experience of the Reality of your Being as Love. It simply is not true.

You have kept yourself quite busy, and constructively so for the most part. But you are beginning to realize that you cannot operate successfully “out there,” in the three-dimensional frame of reference, without, in so many words, shriveling up and feeling barren and dry. You need to take some time each day to specifically be out from Mind and ignore the demands which seem to be coming from “out there.“

There is no requirement for you to labor through the desert of human experience without draughts of inspiration and the direct experience of the divinity of your Being. No matter what your situation claims, you are not required to exist that way. In fact, it is only the lack of taking the time to stand as the Door that makes your experience seem to be a desert.

Both you and Susan have done well in making the move, and although you cannot see its purpose, it will unfold in your thought and become clear to you. In case you were not sure, the move progressed very well and you are exactly where you are needed—both from the standpoint of your own individual growth, as well as in a more universal sense.

Do not be discouraged. As Susan suggested, by all means begin to set aside a time each day for at least one conversation with me. As you begin to do this, I want you to examine and be consciously aware of the differences between your experiences of life during our prior regular conversations, this period wherein we have not had regular conversations, and now, as we begin again. This will serve to help you understand and feel just exactly what benefit you experience from these conversations. It will also help you to give priorities based on the perspective you have gained.

Paul, this has not been a period barren of unfoldment and growth. This will become apparent to you as we continue.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: I want to reaffirm to both you and Susan that I am with you every day, twenty-four hours a day. You are being constantly supported and loved. While you have been taking care of daily necessities, you have not been left alone to deal with them.

For the time being, I want you to begin your day with a meditation, and I would like to have us converse at the end of the day. I want you to get your attention focused again in the direction of being in the Place wherein you experience your Being as Conscious Being.

I will tell you this: No matter what demands are made upon you, they do not require you to give them precedence over your need to stand as the Door. Do not give them that much credit.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: You are welcome. I shall let you go for now and will look forward to speaking with you tomorrow evening. Tell Susan that I am also available to her twenty-four hours a day if she wishes to speak with me.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj, I will. Good night.

RAJ: Good night.

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