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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good afternoon, Raj.

RAJ: Good afternoon, Paul.

PAUL: Well, it’s been a long time since we’ve had a recorded conversation, and you’re well aware of what has occurred in the meantime.

I would like to listen to whatever you might have to say today, and afterwards I might have a few questions.

RAJ: Very well, Paul.

Today we need to deeply consider the orderliness of things—the orderliness of Life in Its infinite manifestations. We need to remember that all of Life, infinitely speaking, is unfolding Itself at every moment, and not just an isolated part of that infinity. It is essential for you to realize that your thinking processes do not in any way have any effect, whatsoever, on this infinitely detailed, yet harmonious unfolding of Being. This does not mean you have nothing to do with it, but it simply means that you have no three-dimensional control over it.

You must come to the realization that it is your Being which is unfolding Itself infinitely on the basis of Its Nature as Intelligence, as Life, and as Mind. Therefore, It is—before you think a single thought about it—unfolding Itself (your Self) with all the precision, Intelligence, and Principle which constitutes Itself.

It is this infinite unfolding of your Self that you must learn to bring your thought in line with. You cannot use your thoughts to bring your Being into line with them. This is a part of the letting go which is necessary for you in order for you to experience the unfolding of your Being as complete Harmony.

Until you are willing to let go of this concept—that you must in some way be able to control your environment and your life experience with your thought—you will seem to suffer from the unfoldment of your Being.

You see, Paul, the flaw in the Power of Positive Thinking lies in the fact that it assumes that, if one does not engage in positive thinking, the Universe will not unfold Itself in a positive manner. So, this theory and practice creates a fundamental distrust of the Universe Itself, of Being Itself. This, of course, puts one at odds with his Self, with his Being, since any distrust in the basic Nature of the Universe is a basic distrust in one’s own Nature and Being. This is basically why you are having trouble letting go and simply being.

The world literally is not going on “out there” at all, but within You, as your Being. More correctly, your Being is unfolding Itself and is seen and experienced by Itself (your Self) as conscious experience. As I have said before, the difficulty you are having is because you flip-flop back and forth, in and out.

It has been a habit of yours to attempt to live your universe from the standpoint of your conscious thought, rather than from the point of your subjective Being. This is why I continue to say that, as you are willing to be in and to be that Place where you experience your Being as Conscious Being, then you will find that your Being is the Answer which has already answered Itself by being Its own fullness and completeness with total success. You must be willing to stay at that point, no matter what activity you may appear to be involved in, and to not attempt to exercise any control, whatsoever, over what your Being is being.

I recognize fully from my own experience that this is not an easy step to make, because it is not a head trip. Rather, it is a matter of being willing to be—without conscious thought processes being used for any purpose other than relating or describing what your Being is being.

Fundamental to your being able to let go is going to be your willingness to trust what you already theoretically know. That the entire Nature of your Being is absolutely and totally constructive—that It is actually fulfilling Itself at this very moment in all Its completeness with absolute perfection.

If you are able to trust that Fact, even though it may require some imagination, rather than some believing, you will find it easier to let go of any vestige of control that you think you ought to be able to exercise. As soon as you are able to do this, you will find the picture change, as we have talked about before. In effect, you will be seeing from the Center of your Being, rather than from the surface of your concepts.

Seeing out from Being is that perfect Awareness which Mind experiences of its own infinite Self-expression. All that actually happens is that the illusion, or misunderstanding, caused by conceptual thinking simply evaporates. One is left with a clear view of the Actuality of one’s own Being and the Harmony of it as one’s own experience.

As you can see, Paul, in spite of the fact that we have not had regular communications over the last two weeks, there has, nevertheless, been a continued improvement or facility in your fluency at relating our conversations. This should be encouraging to you, in that it is evidence that there has been no loss of your ability to communicate.

Further, even though you have been highly distressed at times during these past two weeks, it has in no way retarded the work that we are doing together. This also should allow you to relax somewhat, because it is evidence—you might say “objective evidence”—of the fact that there is something real occurring here. It is not simply a figment of your imagination. You will know soon enough for an actual fact, that these communications are not fictitious, but that must wait in order for fulfillment of purpose to be accomplished.

Things are progressing well in regard to Maitreya’s announcement. Although you are still curious to have me share with you a date for that announcement, and although you have some idea when it might occur, I will continue at this time to refrain from giving you that information. I will say that things are progressing very well. The event will occur as planned, and it is relatively imminent.

In spite of your feeling that your preoccupation with the circumstances you are faced with in your daily life has gotten in the way of our work together, it has not. Let me also affirm to you that it is not necessary for you to advise me nightly that you have given me full authority to exercise my control within my power to aid you in your Awakening. I know that is your desire. Until you retract that authority from me, I will continue to work on your behalf, as will Almee and the others. I appreciate the trust which you have displayed. This has occurred even in the midst of very serious doubts on your part, and right in the face of great discouragement which you have experienced over the past few weeks.

Rest assured that things are moving forward as they should. You are not failing in any area, and this includes every aspect of your daily experience at the present time.

Both you and Susan continue as you have been in listening for the direction in which you need to move. I do not want you to throw the responsibility for figuring everything out in my lap. You must continue to be aware that you are yourself, and I am myself. I am doing what I need to do, and you must do what you need to do. Do not give away any responsibility to another at all.

As I have said before, I cannot help you with things that will deprive you of your own growth. I am here to help, nevertheless.

PAUL: You have indicated that it is not appropriate for us to consider moving to California, and that we should stay in the state of Washington, although it does not matter where.

RAJ: That is correct.

PAUL: Susan senses that the west coast of the state of Washington is an unstable mass which will be subject, in the next few years, to earthquakes and greater volcanic eruption. This is something I am not sensing, but I am not discounting what she is becoming aware of.

Because of this, I am wondering if it would be wise for us not to act upon anything that might unfold in terms of staying on the west coast of Washington.

RAJ: Here is a perfect example of the thought processes you must be willing to let go of. In other words, if your Being unfolds the necessity of living in or moving to a particular area on the west coast of the state of Washington, then you must act upon that unfolding of your Being—regardless of Susan’s “knowledge” of the unsettled land mass.

Since Being is unfolding Itself with absolute Intelligence and Principle, then It will not unfold as your conscious experience of Being in any way which is destructive or detrimental to your continued experience of Being. Therefore, you may trust that if you are led to be located in an area on the west coast of the state of Washington, it will not involve any destructive element, whatsoever, for you.

Certainly, if you had known in advance that Mt. St. Helens would erupt, you would have felt that it would be wiser to stay in the city of Spokane. However, not knowing any of this, you moved to Seattle. You did not receive any more than a very, very light film of dust, while Spokane was inundated.

Now, the simple fact is that if your Being, through the obvious, as I mentioned yesterday, leads you to make a move to someplace on the west coast of the state of Washington, then by all means you had best follow Its leadings. After all, it is going to be what will be, no matter what you think—as you are currently finding out. Once there, you must continue to be led by the “obvious.” If at a later point you are led to move elsewhere, then you would be wise to do so.

The point is to always remain currently obedient to what your Being is unfolding. If possible, do it unthinkingly, willingly, and with a confidence in the absolutely cohesive manner in which It is unfolding Itself—with no sense of It being actually destructive in any way, shape, or form.

It is true that the west coast of the state of Washington is an unstable land mass. This simply means that it has a flexibility which is extremely constructive in terms of the natural release of energy. In fact, its flexibility is what will mean the difference between great destruction and the more subtle release of energy.

Energy which is released in an extremely stable land mass results in great violence and great shifting of plates. It is what has resulted in what you recognize as great mounting chains which, when they were formed, were cataclysmic in terms of released energy and violent shifts of land. I promise you that you would not want to be on an extremely stable land mass, if that were to be the point of the release of great amounts of energy.

I would suggest that you not become bound to concepts which are formed spontaneously as a result of insight such as Susan is aware of. Remember, it is simply information. It is not there to tell you what action to take. The only thing which you can afford to listen to with any confidence, is what your Being is obviously unfolding to you at any given moment. Then continue to be listening at that Place wherein your Being unfolds Itself as your conscious experience.

As I said to you on the way back from Spokane, the necessity here is for you to learn to flow. The only thing for you to flow with is your Being as It unfolds Itself universally and specifically. As I said earlier, you will be more willing and able to do this as you begin to trust the absolutely constructive, loving, perfect, principled, and cohesive manner in which your Being unfolds Itself. Its very Nature is infinite Intelligence, Mind, Consciousness, Life, Principle, et cetera.

This is the demand of the moment, no matter what steps come to you to take physically or objectively. Just remember that no matter what objective steps you take, be sure they are being done from a subjective standpoint wherein you are being at and as that Place where your Being is flowing through and as your conscious experience of Being. This is, you might say, the big secret.

I will discontinue our conversation at this point and will look forward to speaking with you again, unless you have any other questions.

PAUL: No Raj, I don’t at the moment.

RAJ: Very well, then, until I speak with you again I will say goodbye for now.

PAUL: Good-bye, Raj. Thank you very much.

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