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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good morning, Raj.

RAJ: Good morning, Paul. I am glad to hear from you this morning. I know yesterday was a rugged day for you, as it also was for Susan.1

PAUL: I do not understand why it was necessary. However, I do not want to dwell on that level or in those feelings.

RAJ: It will be well if you don’t, Paul. You see, you have not been flowing with What Is. Instead, you have become increasingly aggressive in your attempt to make things fit within your present concepts, even though those concepts are moral, righteous, and upright. You are assuming that if you let go of this control, what will happen will not be moral, just, and upright.

Paul, there is only one thing going on. That one thing is the Life Principle Itself, which constitutes Your Being. It is not necessary for you, as a person, to duplicate what your Being is already being. I know you are having difficulty relating that to your experience, since it appears that everyone is demanding that you, as a mortal, respond to and fulfill these demands.

The fact remains that as you let go in those other areas, just as you are doing right now while talking with me, the fullness will flow and be recognized by you—the fullness of your Being, that is.

It is not your prerogative to decide how someone else’s fulfillment will apparently manifest itself. Your responsibility is entirely to being in that Place where your Being may fulfill Itself without Paul, person, duplicating or manipulating or meddling in the picture.

You don’t have control, and have never had control as a person—as a thinking mind—whereas your Being has always had complete Control in Its Self-expression. It will forever continue to do so.

Nothing has ever happened as a result of your thought. You must get used to the idea that your thinking mind is there to give words to the unfolding meanings which your Being is manifesting as Its infinite identification. It is not something which can be used to cause that infinite manifestation of Its identification.

You are having difficulty because you are trying to bring your “thought processes,” which you have mistakenly identified as “your self,” into that Place where your Self is already being Itself infinitely and perfectly. In this Place, there is no thought process whatsoever.

The need here is to let go of the thought process, which you are already rather proficient at, as well as the misidentification of your self as that thought process. You are that Mind which functions perfectly and infinitely without thinking a thought in order to do so. This Mind has, as one of Its capacities, the ability to formulate verbalizations of Its infinite Self-action. Yet, It is never in Its verbalizations, and never mistakes Itself as being the “thought process” by which means the verbalizations are developed.

Verbalizations are finite means of describing That Which Is—and Is infinitely—and, therefore, cannot be in any way circumscribed by the verbalizations.

Do not fret yourself. That action is a thought-process action based on a sense of limitation, and, therefore, a finite reaction to a finite process can only compound this sense. Again, do not attempt to do anything to that finite experience. Also, do not invest yourself in that experience. Rather, pass by or sink out of that particular experience or thought.

You think that because I am not talking to you about “money” or “actions in the three-dimensional frame of reference,” that I am not responding to your need. You think that you are not receiving help for the very situation which prompted you to contact me in the first place. But the fact is that the realization of what I am sharing with you is the only Answer to the need.

If you feel that you must respond to the need as though it were Actual, I certainly cannot stop you. Whatever you do can only serve to verify that, ultimately, you will have to come to the Answer in order to be relieved of the continuing illusion of lack.

Whatever you do, lean to the best of your ability on your Intuition. I know you feel rather shaken at the moment, but this will pass.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul. Do not try to avoid anything at this point. Everything that seems to be going on is fitting perfectly into its place in serving to move, guide, and illustrate to you experientially the Eternal Facts of Your Being. If you will listen for their meanings as Self meanings, you will begin to enjoy a fruition of understanding, as well as abundance, that exceeds anything you have imagined.

I continue to be with you constantly. My purpose has not changed in any way, and you have my full support.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I will continue.

Sometime in May or June, Raj brought it up and explained that it was an object lesson; that it was the most effective means of getting me to stop looking outside my Self for either the Christ (Maitreya) or my answer. He explained that as long as I was looking “out there” for my Good, I would stand waiting, unfulfilled, as we had on the 14th.

I got the message!

  1. The 14th came and went—no announcement, no gentleman at our door, nothing. We were greatly disappointed and frustrated. I did not bring the subject up again. 

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