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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good afternoon, Raj.

RAJ: Good afternoon, Paul.

PAUL: Raj, I don’t know what I want to say, so I am going to be quiet and listen to what you have to say.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. You have been very patient and cooperative. Everything that we have done has been absolutely necessary. It has caused you and your family to grow beyond what they would have otherwise.

Just as you feel you are coming to the end of your rope, like-wise a cycle is coming to the end of its rope. There will be major changes. You have been faithful, and you will not be sorry.

As you already know, the road will not be immediately smooth. But the overall burdens caused by misconceived theories and concepts will immediately begin to melt away upon Maitreya’s announcement. Mankind will begin to be able to rally around a central idea, a central purpose. It will not take long for man to put his energies behind that focal point and begin to move out of the dream of suffering, lack, starvation, and poverty.

There is going to be a lot to do. It is going to take the kind of strength that comes from inner Knowing, as well as inner Faith. What we have been doing over the past five weeks is simply giving that inner Faith and Knowing some practice, so as to allow you to come to a point wherein you could feel that strength from an experiential standpoint.

I am well aware that, at this moment, you do not feel strong. But the fact is, that in spite of your thinking mind, in spite of your finite concepts, you have continued invisibly to grow and become strong with the kind of strength I am speaking of.

Your faith has been almost immaculate. I know you are almost totally convinced that it has been foolish, and that you have been gullible to the point of insanity. But, the fact is that you are here, once again communicating with me and believing, still, that these conversations are valid.

Paul, you could not have the strength to continue to this point if it were not for an inner, nonconceptual Knowing of the events which are about to take place, although the details are not consciously available to you. Do not worry. You will not appear to be a fool in any way.

PAUL: Do you still say that Maitreya is going to announce His presence tomorrow to the world?

RAJ: I still say that He is going to announce His Presence as who He really is tomorrow, yes.

PAUL: And do you still say that between now and that time we will be visited or contacted by someone in the flesh regarding these events, together with the clarification of what I and my family will be doing from now on?1 Also, will the financial means by which we are going to proceed be explained to us?

RAJ: Yes, Paul, you will find my words taking place in your experience exactly as I have said.

PAUL: Are you still here on the earth?

RAJ: Yes, I am.

PAUL: Will you be leaving shortly, or will you be staying for an indefinite period of time?

RAJ: That will remain to be seen. it all depends on what the need is.

PAUL: I feel that during the last week or two, when our family’s financial position has become more dynamic, that I have not grown nor have I learned much, if anything—at least not compared to the first few weeks in which we were conversing. I apologize for being frightened, but I have not been able to deal with the apparent demands in an uninvolved way, and I am concerned that this has gotten in the way of what truly needed to be dealt with.

RAJ: Paul, you are who you are, what you are, and where you are at this very moment. You cannot do more than you can do. Do not waste your time in self-criticism or self-doubt. As you shall see, it is totally unnecessary. There has been no requirement for you to be something that you are not able to be. What you have needed to learn in order to fulfill your place has been accomplished. You have done well.

As I have said before, at present, you do not have enough information in order to make a correct judgment about what is occurring. But this will be clarified by the end of tomorrow.

PAUL: What is the necessary thing for me to do between now and the time of this contact?

RAJ: First of all, remain as calm as you can. If you need to meditate to do that, then do so. But it is not necessary for you to remain constantly in meditation, as though that will facilitate the events which will occur. You are already solidly locked into this unfoldment.

PAUL: [A few minutes of meditation.]

Is there anything further you want to say at this point?

RAJ: There are lots of things I want to say, but none at this time.

PAUL: How will I know that this individual who will contact us will be the person you are referring to?

RAJ: He will tell you that Raj sent him.

PAUL: Do you still maintain that no suffering, loss, or destruction will be experienced by any member of my family as a result of this, but rather will result in the perception of new and more expanded freedom and experience?

RAJ: You will find out that that is exactly correct.

PAUL: And I will find this out tomorrow?

RAJ: You will find it out tomorrow.

But, between now and then I want you to attempt, as best as you can, to have an attitude of expectation, an open heart, and an open mind, both to the contact which will be made with you, and to the announcement by Maitreya.

PAUL: I will do my very best. May we talk later if I feel like it?

RAJ: Of course, Paul. Nothing has changed in that respect.

PAUL: Thank you very much. I very likely will speak with you later on. Good night.

RAJ: Good night, Paul. I am with you one hundred percent.

PAUL: Thank you.

  1. Raj had shared with me, in a brief exchange that wasn’t recorded, that a gentleman would come to our house, identify himself as being sent by Raj, and discuss the things mentioned. 

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