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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I am feeling really frustrated this morning. I appreciate the help you gave last night. I appreciate the fact that I am getting the same message from a number of different points—that being that I am the Answer. However, I didn’t understand in what way I am the Answer. At least, I don’t understand in what way being the Answer has any connection with my experience of not being able to pay my bills. I am not going to say anything more than that. I am just going to be quiet as best I can at the moment, and listen to what you may have to say.

RAJ: Paul, do not despair. You are going to find the answer unfolding within and as your conscious experience of Being as being already completed.

PAUL: That is nice to hear, but it is not making me any more comfortable.

RAJ: Paul, you are suffering from your “should” system. You are experiencing how difficult it is to lay down conceptualized processes and theories. I will not leave my position that this conceptual thinking relates in no way to what is Actually going on—which is the infinitude of your Being unfolding Itself perfectly, properly, and nondestructively—except of course, in terms of these concepts which are binding you. They will be destroyed. They no longer serve to move you to a new base. As you are discovering, the concepts are actually impeding your growth. You must lay them down.

The growth will occur. The growth is occurring. This is why you feel shoved into the corner right along with the concepts. Figuratively speaking, this is why you feel that you are going to be blown up in the blowing up of your concepts.

There is no reason for you to feel that you must be able to understand the new view before you see it. There is no way for Revelation to mean the revealing of what you already know, except in the Absolute sense. Your Being has always moved beyond your present concepts of Reality, and you have always recognized it as a sudden influx of inspiration and understanding which went beyond what you had previously been aware of.

You have simply never been aware of the process before, only the result. This time you are aware of the process—of the breakdown of the old concepts and the appearing of the Revelation. In actuality, the whole process of breakdown and the new view is the One, Total Function of Being called Revelation. It is happening in slow motion, so to speak, and you are having the opportunity to observe the process.

You are, indeed, the Answer. I would stick with this Fact as constantly as you are able, even if it appears not to be so, and not to be evident. You are going to stick with something, and it might as well be the Fact.

PAUL: I feel like I’m going crazy.

RAJ: I know you do. But remember, Paul, that is just an idea, just one of an infinitude of ideas, and it therefore holds no position of authority or dominance in your experience. Do not credit it with any value, for it has no more value that any other spurious thought which states an absurd impossibility. Do not attempt to handle it, but simply pass on by.

I will be with you all day, as I have said before. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

PAUL: I don’t care how strong the measures are, but may I ask for you to continue to do what you can to help me see what needs to be seen as easily, as quickly, as possible? And, can you do it while I am doing the other things that need to be done?

RAJ: I will do what I am able.

PAUL: Thank you Raj. I will talk with you later.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul. I will look forward to it.

PAUL Goodbye.

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