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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, I’m back with the same old question.

RAJ: I know you are, Paul.

PAUL: What I guess it boils down to is this: If all of me is always present and always functioning, then it seems as though we have a right to either see the fulfillment of that fact as actual, concrete evidence in our experience, or at least we should be able to know what it is we are going to be faced with. In this way, we won’t just walk up to the edge of the cliff and be forced to jump off, as it looks like we are presently doing.

Each time I have asked this question I have gotten an answer which neither Susan nor I understand. And I could go into all the rest of my thoughts on this, but you are undoubtedly aware of them. So, I would like to know what you have to share on this subject.

RAJ: Paul, we are arriving at a time in which the answer is going to be made clear.

PAUL: When are we going to arrive at that time? For how much longer do we have to wonder?

RAJ: Paul, I know you are upset. The fact is that I cannot give you the specific answer.

PAUL: Is there some other source that I can go to for the answer?

RAJ: No, there is not.

PAUL: Then it sounds like you are saying that although all of me is always present and always functioning, all of me is not always available to me to perceive and understand. Is that correct.

RAJ: No, it is not.

PAUL: Will you please amplify then, because that doesn’t make sense. Why am I not able to have the information if it is available to me as the Completeness of my Being?

RAJ: The simple fact is that You are the Answer, and this is why I cannot give it to you. This is why you cannot get it.

PAUL: Raj, when we first began speaking, you were very direct with me. It seems, as we have gone along, that you have begun turning things into riddles.

RAJ: This is not a riddle.

PAUL: It also is not an answer. At least, it is not an answer that I understand. I want you to tell me why you cannot answer the question straight out, direct, so that I may understand it.

RAJ: Because, for you to know the answer would create an imbalance in a rather delicately balanced system of events which are at work at this very moment.

PAUL: May I bring Susan in here, and may be both speak with you?

RAJ: You most certainly can. I will appreciate having the opportunity to speak with both of you together.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

[Susan came in.]

Are you saying that I need to sit here without raising a finger in response to anything that is going on, and let the axes fall as they appear to be going to?

RAJ: That is exactly what I am saying.

PAUL: Did I get that correctly?

RAJ: Yes, you did.

PAUL: And you are saying that you cannot tell me why I should do such an extreme thing?

RAJ: That is correct.

PAUL: You understood when I said “axes falling” that I was referring to the possibility of being kicked out of our house because we can’t pay the rent, being sued by IFG Leasing Co. because we can’t come up with $12,000 in ten days, and so on?

RAJ: I understood exactly, Paul.

PAUL: And your answer remains the same?

RAJ: It remains the same.

PAUL: Do these subtly balanced events have to do with me, within myself, or do they refer to events on a larger scale, out of the range of my immediate personal experience?

RAJ: Paul, your development and growth has nothing to do with these events. Although you are on rough ground right now and are noticing the bumps, you are, nevertheless, moving across this territory quite steadily, and your fears and doubts are not hindering your progress at all.

PAUL: Raj, you know I could be doing this growing in jail. Being in jail would not keep me from doing this growing at all, but I don’t particularly care to do it there.

RAJ: You will not end up doing it there. I told you early on that what was unfolding here would not cause the breakup of your family nor your life, and that remains the fact.

PAUL: Raj, Susan wants to know if she’s just supposed to get up and do the sewing and cooking, as though nothing is going on.

RAJ: [Addressing Susan.] Susan, nothing is going on of the sort you are looking at and reacting to. I cannot tell you what is going on. But, I have told Paul that what is going on Actually in your experience is not destructive and will not be experienced that way. You are both caught up in your past conceptualizations and what has worked. But, what governed those appearances is no longer in force. They are not in force for anyone any longer.

You and Paul are being led through this change. In a way, you both have an advantage, in that Paul chose to speak to his Guide just prior to this occurring. So, you are getting information that most do not have. This is simply because they were not listening, and did not ask to speak with someone who could do what I am doing with you. If others are not aware of this change having occurred yet, they will soon. And you have an opportunity to be grateful for the information you have at this point. I understand that it is not easy to believe this because, based upon your prior concepts, the whole process by which you are becoming aware of it is not “usual” or “normal” as you understand it. It is, nevertheless, true.

Paul is being guided and pressured to move along a new path because he desires it and asked for it. You, Susan, are at the point where you are capable of understanding exactly what is going on. But both of you are hanging onto patterns which are no longer in force, and trying to make these appearances fit in.

I can do no more than advise you of these facts, and guide you as long as you are looking for help in understanding what is available to you to understand.

PAUL: Raj, there are those who believe that the lining up of the planets today is of some significance. They think it is going to allow Maitreya to identify Himself to at least the group with which He is working at the present time. Can you expand on this, or can you share with me how things stand in terms of Maitreya’s announcement of His presence?

RAJ: Paul, there is significance in the lining up of the planets, but…


PAUL: Are you speaking with someone else right now?

RAJ: Yes, I am. Excuse me just a moment.


PAUL: Raj, if, as you said in on of our first talks, you are able to slot your answers into my time frame, why are you asking me to wait a moment?

RAJ: Because, Paul, we are talking in real time right now, and I am not at a great distance from you. Please excuse me for a moment.


PAUL: [At this point I experienced a number of mental images.]

Raj, are you still there?

RAJ: Yes, Paul, I am.

PAUL: I am sorry to interrupt you.

RAJ: That’s perfectly alright, Paul.

PAUL: [Nothing perceived.]

Are you saying anything to me at the moment?

RAJ: No, I am not.

PAUL: Are any of the things which I saw—the large red and white room from which an announcement would be made, which looked out through a Greek porch onto Saturn, very large in the sky, plus my sensing that you are in a place that is bustling with activity—are any of these things of significance? Am I perceiving any of them accurately?

RAJ: Paul, you are correct that I am in a place that is bustling with activity, yes. The other things you will simply have to wait for verification on.

PAUL: During the wait, one of the thoughts that went through my mind was to be sure to watch TV at 8:00 o’clock this evening.

RAJ: All I can say is to follow your intuitive perceptions. Then I would like to speak with you later this evening before you retire. I cannot say any more at the present time, and I will look forward to speaking with you this evening.

PAUL: Very well, Raj. Thank you very much.

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