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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Thank you for your help last night. I feel in a much better frame of mind this morning, although I am not out of the woods yet.

RAJ: Paul, you must realize that you are not “in the woods” in the fist place. The “woods” are in you. You are that omnipresent conscious experience of Being which constitutes Fourth-dimensional Man. You will always feel trapped when you are seeing yourself as being inside that Omnipresence which constitutes your Being. You will always feel uncomfortable because you are believing something which is not true.

I see that you have gotten the point that you can utilize your ability to think and reason when it is based upon what you have learned when you have been experiencing your being as Conscious Being.

PAUL: I am listening, Raj.

RAJ: I know you are, Paul. You must realize that we are not going to be doing anything spectacular here. We are simply going to be bringing out the uncomplicated Facts of Being. You are not faced with anything which requires an astounding understanding. You must trust that this is so. No matter how big the problem claims to be, keep it simple.

PAUL: I will do my best, Raj.

RAJ: I know you have to get to this job which you have at hand. Keep yourself centered in that Place to the very best of your ability. I will be helping.

Remember not to get into the picture. Do not see yourself the way the three-dimensional frame of reference sees you and wants to convince you of. Remember that Being is Eternal. No single event in the Eternality of your conscious experience of Being takes precedence over that which is aware of it. You are not in it. It is not larger than you, and it is not controlling your Being.

Take care of the necessary things that you are able to take care of. Recognize the Facts about what you seem not to be able to take care of, and leave it at that!

I will let you go ahead with what you need to do. I would like you to keep in mind what I have just shared with you while you are doing what you need to do. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

PAUL: Thank you very much, Raj. I appreciate your utter patience with me, and I will be back with you. Thank you very much.


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