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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good morning Raj.

RAJ: I know you have had a rough time since we talked yesterday, and it is not my intent or purpose for you to be uncomfortable or suffering. You were incorrect yesterday when it occurred to you that the only way you can tell you are growing is if you are feeling some discomfort. Discomfort can be an indication of growth, but it is not the only indication of growth.

We are entering a new phase of these conversations, and in this phase we are going to be dealing with the Light energy that constitutes your Being.

Before we get into the questions that you have, I would appreciate it if you would bear with me and listen to what I have to say.

PAUL: Very well, Raj.

RAJ: Paul, all energy is Light, and Light is the omnipresent energy that constitutes all life forms, all ideas, and all of every aspect of Conscious Being. it is the pure Light that is Love. It is the pure Light that constitutes Substance. It is the pure Light which differentiates Itself according to Intelligence as all that appears and all that is.

PAUL: [Whereupon I experienced a number of visual images which Raj said to ignore.]

RAJ: The delight of Life is the signal which indicates the successful completion or Awakening in individual thought. This is because it indicates the amalgamation or connection of the Alpha and Omega—the inside and the outside—the spiritual and material—the Fourth Dimension with the first three as Conscious Experience.

I know that this is very difficult for you to put up with, because you feel there are more pressing needs, but if you will bear with me a little longer, it will be worth your while.

PAUL: Very well, Raj.

RAJ: This Light energy, which is constituted of the Christ-consciousness—God’s view of Himself—is what constitutes your consciousness and your experience, Totally and Completely. You must understand that there is nothing else going on—no other Presence but this Light. It is the Light of Living Love.

Paul, it is impossible for your world to become integrated if you do not understand what the Substance of that Totality is. This is why we are discussing this point this morning. The only Substance there is throughout the Universe—and throughout all dimensions—is Light. This Light, in Its various aspects, is Life, Truth, Principle, Mind, Soul, and Spirit. It is also Intelligence and Substance.

In everything you do, I want you to begin to be conscious of this idea that all there is to you—and all there is to everything—is this Light of Living Love. There are not two things going on. This Light is eternally living Itself as the intelligent expression of Conscious Experience, universally and specifically.

Now, I want to correct a misconception on your part. Your ability to reason and think is not the equivalent of the three-dimensional frame of reference. Your thought processes and reasoning processes are not to be ignored. We would not be communicating at this very moment if you did not have the means to translate the meanings I am communicating into words and phrases. It is only by virtue of the fact that you have imagination, reason, perspicacity—all of the various capacities and functions of Consciousness—that you are able to correctly translate that which unfolds to you. This is true whether it is coming from me, or from that Place wherein you directly experience the Reality of Being.

We run into trouble when we stand away from the Door, and begin our thinking or thought processes from their standpoint, and then extrapolate and come to conclusions without going within and being as Conscious Being.

You see, Being unfolds Itself as meaning, not as language. It is through the function of Reason and Imagination that language is brought into play, for the purpose of verbalizing these infinite meanings which Being is unfolding.

You do have a right to answers which will identify the Absolute Oneness of Being throughout your entire experience of Being.

Now, I am going to suggest that you transcribe what we have considered so far. Then, I am going to suggest that you sit down and go into that Place and consider each question that you were going to bring to me. Be open and receptive to the meanings which will unfold, and let your conscious ability to reason, extrapolate, ad verbalize come into play. After you are through, I would like to speak with you.

Good morning, Paul.

PAUL: Good morning, Raj.

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