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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good morning, Raj.

RAJ: Good morning, Paul.

PAUL: Well, I don’t know if my faith is being tested, or what. But I am feeling weak and thrown for a loop this morning. To be blunt about it, I don’t know what I’m going to do, or what I’m supposed to do. The demands are overwhelming and they are not going away.

RAJ: Paul, this is excellent!

PAUL: Am I understanding you correctly?

RAJ: Yes, Paul, you are. This is excellent news.

PAUL: Raj, sometimes you blow my mind. In what way can this be excellent?

RAJ: It is excellent because it is proving to you that what you think you have to do is coming face to face with what you have to do.

PAUL: I don’t understand. I understand the words, but I don’t understand how they apply or how it could be excellent.

RAJ: Paul, it is not hard.

PAUL: Please continue.

RAJ: You see, Life—your Being—is preparing a feast for you, but not in the direction in which your vision is directed at the moment.

PAUL: Obviously, then, the next question is: In what direction should I have my gaze directed?

RAJ: In the direction which we have been working on, and which you have been experiencing for the last four weeks.

PAUL: But Raj, it hasn’t been doing any good!

RAJ: You are incorrect, Paul. You are not able to see the good it has done, because you insist on looking in the wrong place. You insist on looking “out there,” rather than remaining solidly, steadfastly, and faithfully at that within point which you call the Place.

PAUL: This feast that is being prepared—do you mean that it is actually being prepared in the sense of not yet being completed? Or do you mean it in the sense that it is already completed and is there for me to discern?

RAJ: Paul, I mean it both ways. All of you is always present. Yet, in that omnipresent Action of your Being, there are cycles—cycles of time and cycles of growth. This is why I referred to the “fitness of time” the other day. I indicated that you must wait until the fitness of time in order to discern and understand what is happening here.

PAUL: Raj, I am having trouble with that, since in Infinity and Eternity there is no such thing as “time” as I perceive it three-dimensionally. It is all the Eternal Now.

RAJ: You are correct, Paul. All of you is always present, and all of you is always functioning in the Omnipresent Now. There is no such thing as progress on a time line, in the sense of moving from a point in the present to another point in the future. Nevertheless, there is the nonspatial Omnipresent Unfolding of Being.

If you will stop resisting this idea, you will be able to hear and understand what I have to say with greater ease, and I would suggest that you relax on that subject.

PAUL: [Telephone interruption.]

Raj, that was a call from someone who wants past due monies for a violin we are renting for our daughter. I told her I would return her call later this afternoon, after I had a chance to look at my books. I was stalling for time in hopes that during our conversation, we would come to some understanding that would allow me to deal with these calls that I am faced with.

Raj, I am going to ask a straightforward question. I need an answer on it. It was mentioned to me by someone who is in contact with her Guide that it has been a long time since he was living here on earth. Consequently, the Guide is somewhat out of touch with the way things are here at this time. He sometimes does not grasp the things that are necessary for us to deal with here and, therefore, is not able to be realistic about what needs to be done from day to day.

RAJ: Paul, in the first place, I am not viewing you, or experiencing you, by remote control through the vast outreaches of space. I am, as you have been aware, present within your conscious experience of things. I see what you see. I know first-hand what you think and feel about what you see. And, I am aware of the total picture. As I said in the beginning: I know how things appear to you, and I know how things actually are. This is why I can tell you to sit still, and be patient, and not be worried that you will come to some harm as a result of that instruction.

I am not some individuality hanging around the earth realm in an attempt to find somebody to help so that I can feel my existence is worthwhile. Other than that, I will make no further comment in response to your friend’s understanding of how things are.

I know you have things that need to be taken care of today. Make the car payment. Make the calls that you need to make at this point—the ones you have already planned on making. Do it without investing your Self in any single action that you appear to be doing.

Before you do that, please type up this conversation and review it. Finish those things which you know you need to do and have the money for. Make the necessary phone calls. Then, before you attempt to tackle dealing with the things you are not able to pay for, I want you to get back with me.

I want you to be aware that between now and the time you get back with me, you will be receiving considerable help from my end. I want you to leave your thought wide open for fresh thoughts and insight.

I reiterate that you are not faced with the end of the world, and this is not the final exam. It is, you might say, a quiz, but it is one that you are well prepared for. You do not need to be concerned.

PAUL Alright Raj. I will do that.

RAJ: Thank you. You will not regret it.

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