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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Okay, Raj. I’m back. I feel that I did a fairly decent job of remaining in that Place, although it is not as strong a feeling of being there as when we finished our conversation.

RAJ: That is alright, Paul. You did very well.

PAUL: Raj, can you explain to me what or why there is a feeling like I wish this would be over with? I am realizing that this feeling comes to me quite often in many various disguises. I would like to understand it, so that I know what it is I’m disagreeing with, or putting down, or ignoring.

RAJ: It is a feeling of jitteriness, of being ill at ease.

PAUL: It seems to be a feeling which would be appropriate if I were to discontinue the conversations today and go do something else. But, instead, it makes me feel like stopping the conversation and doing something else so that I could relax. And, the fact is that what’s going on is not, at least it doesn’t seem like it is, uncomfortable in any way.

RAJ: It is causing you discomfort and uneasiness, because what we are discussing is flying right in the face of many well-established concepts which you have entertained and employed in your lifetime. This feeling may well be the last whimpers of your inclination to utilize them. I would allow them, if I were you, to simply do their whimpering, since they will spontaneously fade out. Do not give them credit, and do not act upon them.

PAUL: Very well, Raj.

[Short period of meditation.]

RAJ: Paul, I am going to interrupt your meditation because you are doing it for a reason that has no basis. You think you cannot hear me and need to relax. It is obvious, by virtue of what I’m saying right now, that you can hear me and do not need to do a meditation.

I want you to consider that in everything we are doing, we are harmonizing and flowing with the divine energies—with the outpouring of the river of Life, right at Its source. This river of Life flows freely and totally through and as your conscious experience of Being. It is always doing this, whether or not you have placed yourself properly in that Place. This is important to understand, since it makes clear that the only thing we need to do in order to find the resolution to whatever situation we are faced with, is simply go to the Source as the Door.

Now, I realize that you have spent almost eight solid hours conversing with me, together with transcribing our discussions. So, I am going to suggest that, having put in a good day’s work, you retire for the evening and enjoy whatever you care to do.

If possible, I would like to begin earlier tomorrow morning than we did today, and I will look forward to speaking with you then.

Good night, Paul.

PAUL: Good night, Raj, and many thanks, again.

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