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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I have had a break, I have had some dinner, and I am ready to go.

RAJ: Paul, you find yourself feeling uneasy, and actually experiencing two sets of feelings—one of which is being ready to go, and the other is being ready to stop. The reason you are ready to stop is that you are afraid that what you are doing will not do any good.

Paul, I want you to rely very heavily on the Actuality of our conversations. You are well aware that these communications are not common among your friends. You know that you most certainly are not communicating with anyone in a “normal” way when you are speaking with me. You have no idea where I am, but you know that the process is one which you call telepathy. You also know that the communications are not nebulous, but very definite. You know that they happen with ease. You know that they occur no matter whether you are upset, depressed, happy, or quiet. If you have nothing other than our conversations to lean on in terms of your seeing beyond what the five physical senses perceive, then lean on them heavily as verification that you can get beyond and through the apparent limitations which confront you.

Now, let’s move on. I want to correct a misconception on your part—a spatial misconception. you are feeling that you are moving forward along a path, building upon a foundation of knowledge and ability to reason, which you have developed and exercised in the past. This is not the case.

The fact is that you are moving backwards on the path which you have come. This is because, to a large degree, your path took you away from your Being and into a three-dimensional frame of reference. You are, so to speak, relaxing back out of that thinking process—that finite, reasoning, intellectual structure which you felt was getting you somewhere in a progressive sense.

Our conversation right now is not the result of a thinking process at all. When you stand at the Door as the Door, the Wisdom, the Truth, the Knowledge that flows through and as your conscious experience of Being, is not the result of thought processes, nor of reasoning. Because It continues to flow on past you, It truly does not become a stored body of knowledge from which you may draw in the future. Standing as the Door means that, in this so-called “future,” whatever Knowledge and Understanding is applicable to the unfolding at that time will be there in exactly the same manner that It is here right now.

You see, Paul, we are beginning to redefine what constitutes your conscious experience of Being.

Go ahead and take care of the need in your home at the moment, and we will continue when you get back.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I will be back in a minute.

[Short break taken.]

RAJ: Very well, Paul. We will continue. Susan has grasped the essential point. I see that you are feeling it and relaxing with it, and that is good.

I am going to ask that you do a meditation right now with the microphone in your hand. And, once again, I want you to remain sensorily aware of your surroundings.

PAUL: Okay, Raj.

[Short mediation.]

Raj, I always want to be at point of experiencing my being as Conscious Being. It is heaven.

RAJ: I understand completely, Paul. This is when you are experiencing the cohesiveness, the Oneness, of your Being. Your conscious experience should constantly be experienced from this Place. Go ahead and feel it and be consciously there.

Notice that although you are relaxed, you are totally aware, and you are totally capable of movement and activity. But, you are quite aware that you are not in it and you are not investing your Self into any single experience. This is important.

PAUL: [Short period of contemplation.]

RAJ: Paul, do not sit there and attempt to figure out what we are supposed to accomplish this weekend. We are not going to accomplish a thing in the sense that you are thinking of it. We are going to stop “accomplishing” altogether. We are going to begin to simply be. Let go of all this attempting to figure out, reason, and come to enlightened conclusions.

The conclusion to processes of reasoning and thinking has never, ever been Enlightenment. No matter who it has been, the enlightenment they have experienced has occurred only when their three-dimensional consciousness has been totally silent, or it has broken through in spite of their thinking. Thus, it has illustrated that the thinking process is never responsible for growth.

It is absolutely foolish for you to think that you can peg this weekend, when not even I can do that. You are the Door, and your function as the Door is not to peg anything. Being can never be pegged. If it could, it would become one of the “butterflies” in the collection of a colossal, larger-than-Universal giant. That is ridiculous.

Being is the Universal unfolding of It’s Self-perpetuating Action. Give up your attempts to grasp it, hold it, turn it over, and understand it by means of such examination. You must be willing to understand by virtue of Its Self-explanation. You must let go.

Now, I am going to give you an assignment, but remember, you are not going to be graded. You had better not grade yourself.

The assignment is this: We are going to break, and I want you to transcribe this. I want you, as well, to go out of your room and spend ten or fifteen minutes with your family. I want you to do your best to do that from this Place, without becoming uncentered.

When you are through, let us have another conversation.

PAUL: Okay, Raj. I will. Thank you for very much for everything so far today. I appreciate it immeasurably.

RAJ: Good-bye, Paul.

PAUL: Good-bye.

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