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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Alright Raj, I am back.

Raj: Good. Although we are going to be conversing more continuously today and tomorrow than we have in the past, it need not involve any sense of urgency or rush. Let it flow at its own rate, and you float with the current. The river will get to its destination.

The river, of course, is the flow of your own Being unfolding Itself as Itself, and constituting your conscious experience of Being.

Remember that your Being is unfolding Itself in Its Totality, and therefore the events going on “out there,” three-dimensionally, are all part of this Totality. You cannot get out of sync. You have not taken any time out from anything, not now nor during the past four weeks.

You could say that when you have been actively engaged in living out your life from the position of the “screen” or the three-dimensional frame of reference, at that point you were taking time out from your Being, and that was where you were in error.

Right now you have yourself placed properly. Your attention is where it should be, because it is at that Place where Being is occurring. Do not feel that you are taking time out from life, or from your responsibilities, in order to do this necessary work or growth. Right “here” is where you should have been all along, but did not know how to be.

Paul, has it ever occurred to you that Being is . . .

PAUL: [Nothing perceived.]

RAJ: I want you to observe that you are still not positive that these communications are not just a figment of your imagination. When I begin to say something new, you immediately begin to race your mental engines to see what it is you can come up with that’s new, instead of relaxing and continuing to listen to what it is I am saying.

You have found that sometimes I am not even going to say something new, in the sense of something radically different from what you are able to understand. Observe, Paul, that it effectively cuts off communication when you begin to try to think for yourself and figure this out.

Let’s try it again. Has it ever occurred to you, Paul, that Being is more than the flow of conscious ideas? It is, indeed, far more than the streaming of thoughts through consciousness within an individual living on a planet in the middle of a solar system which, in turn, is located somewhere in the millions of galaxies in the universe.

Conscious Being, or the Function of being conscious, is actually the Thing, Itself, which is manifest as All—as this Universe full of galaxies, planets, individualities, and thoughts. This Function of Conscious Being is not only what you have called God, but God is what you are to experience as your conscious experience of Being.

Mrs. Eddy said, “All consciousness is Mind; and Mind is God—an infinite and not a finite consciousness.“1 Now, if there is no other might nor Mind but God, then there is no other consciousness of things to be experienced than that one conscious experience of Being, which is God’s.

Paul, the shift which you have been experiencing for the past four weeks is, indeed, a shift from a personal, finite, limited sense of universal facts to that Awareness which is Mind’s experience of Itself as All. This is why there is great need for trust, for willingness, and for letting go.

Your experiences during the past four weeks, when you have been unable to hear what I am saying, have proven to you that it is the belief of what you cannot do and cannot understand that keeps you from moving beyond your limited frame of reference. This belief keeps you from understanding things which you are quite capable of hearing and understanding. That which lies beyond your sense of limitation is not beyond your capacity to understand and comprehend. Please underline that sentence, and remember it.

The Fourth-dimensional view of infinity is far more expansive than anything you have conceived so far, but it is not beyond your capacity to understand.

When it comes to dealing with the financial, living, and school situations which are confronting you in your daily experience, you are blocking yourself off from the answer by believing that it is going to require you to do something which you have neither the resources nor the capability to do. The whole emphasis of your approach is totally three-dimensional—doing, becoming, getting, overcoming, et cetera.

Now, I want you to stop recording. I want you to do a meditation, but I do not want you to lose sensory contact with your environment. During this meditation I want you to move, as you understand the term, to that Place where you may consider these three aspects—the financial, the living and the school situations—and contemplate them. When you feel that you are through, then I want you to transcribe this portion of our conversation and get back with me.

PAUL: Okay, Raj. Thank you.

[Long meditation.]

  1. Mary Baker Eddy, Unity of Good, 24:12. 

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