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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good evening, Raj, I’m back.

RAJ: Welcome back, Paul. As I was saying before you realized the tape recorder was not recording, you don’t need to go through the process of encircling yourself with white light. Nor do you need to visualize a pyramid of light over you. Nor do you need to do anything else in order to speak with me. It should be becoming clear to you that, since there is no evil power, presence, or force, you do not need to protect yourself from it under any circumstances. Certainly not in order to speak with me.

The more you become comfortable with the fact that I am available to you under any and all circumstances—on the spur of the moment or whatever—you are going to begin to be able to grasp exactly how easily all of Your Self is available to you. It does not require ritual, or deep purpose, or great preparation in order to have it all available to you instantaneously.

You see, Paul, Being is not complex, hard to get at, or hard to understand. Half of the problem we have is our belief that it is not easy. We believe that it is bound up in complex religious or occult rituals or mental structures which we must pass through, like mazes, in order to prove our worthiness. It is not true.

Paul, we do not have to do anything in order to deserve to be in immediate and total contact with the infinitude of our Being. The main, essential step to making such contact is to realize that everything we see “out there”—universally—is, indeed, our Being. What separates us from our Good is the belief that our Good is not our Self—nothing more!

As you found, all you had to do in order to contact that part of your infinite Being called “Raj,” was to simply acknowledge my existence. Even though you had no idea who I was, you reached out with a simple, heartfelt acceptance of the possibility of my responding to you; and I was there. So is every other aspect of your Being. It’s all present. It’s all active. It’s all You.

However, as long as you are blinded by the belief that it is not You, and that it is “out there”—separate, apart, and existing on its own—it is not available to you for you to experience as your Self. This is a key point in the unfoldment of one’s conscious experience of being as Conscious Being or Fourth-dimensional Man.

PAUL: [Nothing perceived.]

Raj, I am not hearing you at the moment.

RAJ: I know you are not, Paul, and it is because you let your attention drift to the conversation going on outside your door. I decided to wait until you approached me again.

Now, before we continue discussing the subject of Practice, I want to take a moment to discuss Law.

Law, from a Universal standpoint, is constituted of Intelligence. It is the Mindful orderliness, the constituting of Harmony, of every aspect, and activity of Being. It is not a means of enforcement, but is, instead, the spontaneous but Absolute Principle according to which the functioning of Being occurs. Law is not a tool to use, but is the predisposing Nature of Intelligence to be inherently Principled.

Now, what does this have to do with you? It is that which constitutes your Being. What it is and how it works as the inherent Nature of your Being is essential to understanding how to Practice what You Are. You see, you cannot put these Laws into practice, you cannot set them into motion, because they are already functioning totally before you can even make the mistake of thinking that you are a finite mentality—a three-dimensional awareness—which could use them to bring about your good ends.

Practice is truly a matter of not doing anything from a manipulative standpoint. It is truly a matter of relinquishing that finite concept of self, and going willingly within to that point where your Being is being consciously perceived as your Conscious Being.

Immediately upon such willing relinquishment of the false sense of identity, the Intelligence of your Being, which constitutes the Law of Your Being, may be recognized as already functioning. This will further relieve any false sense of responsibility, and inhibit any sense of attempting to bring along the finite concept of “putting these Laws into action.“

Practice does not involve manipulation in any way, since the very experience of being conscious is a statement of the fact that Law is already functioning totally.

The word “Practice,” in itself, is a very poor word to use. However, it is a prominent word in your experience in terms of medical practice, Christian Science practice, the practice of law, and so on and so forth. We can use it as a bridge to get to the Reality, wherein you may comfortably put the concept of Practice down in favor of the Actuality of being the Law.

Now we are going to talk for a bit about the idea of what it is that you are going to practice on. As your entire Being is becoming consciously integrated as your conscious experience of your Self, it will appear as though the Reality of your Being—to whatever degree you are aware of it—will be brought to bear upon that disowned portion of your experience which is not clear to you is your own Being. It will appear as though that aspect will be “healed,” “improved,” “changed,” or “reversed.” But, the actuality of such appearances is one of the revealing of its true nature as your Being.

Every time you have a healing session with anyone, do not believe for a moment that, through your inner growth and development, you are being able to do something wonderful for “them.” It is your Self that you are experiencing, working with, and handling. Figuratively speaking, it amounts to nothing less than your discovery that the piece of the puzzle—which is difficult to identify on its own—is actually some part of the universal portrait of your Self. The Bible quotes Jesus the Christ as saying, “I have overcome the world.” This means that He had come over into the Christ-consciousness of His world, and no longer disowned any part of it as being separate or other than His Being.

These points are all important points in “connecting” things up for you, Paul. And, over this weekend, we may well take short bits and pieces at a time in order to move solidly and securely to the point where there is no doubt, whatsoever in your mind as to what is going on. So, I am going to stop for the moment, and ask that you type up what we have considered so far. Then we will continue.

PAUL: Thank you very much, Raj. I shall be back.

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