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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good afternoon, Raj.

RAJ: Good afternoon, Paul.

PAUL: Yesterday, you indicated that you were going to spend some time talking about Practice. I won’t hold you to that. I do understand that what is seen, heard, and felt is the visibility and tangibility of Conscious Being. What I don’t understand is, why do we not have the evidence of orderliness, constructive action, and good employment, especially since I have, to paraphrase Mrs. Eddy’s words, left the mortal basis of belief and united with the one Mind?

RAJ: Paul, we will get into this subject. You are the masculine figure, the point at which Life emerges into manifestation. You are also the feminine figure, that out of which the form is formed. You are the Life, and you are the Substance by means of which Life is Self-expressed. It is a total and complete Life process. Your Being is the Father/Mother God referred to in one of your prayers. As I said, all of you is always present.

Now, it is important for you to understand that everything which is manifest, or appears, has its basis in the creative flow of Mind. You are not the creator in the sense that you, as a point in the universe, have a creative thought and put it forward into manifestation. Rather, you are the Totality, you are the One that constitutes the Many. And, it is on the basis of this Totality that this creativity is expressed.

Every creative action by which Being unfolds Itself is in total harmony with the whole of Its Self. Therefore, it becomes clear that the creative process is the harmonious unfolding of the Totality of Being which brings forth Its individual, creative ideas—and not of a single point in that Totality.

This means that creativity does not occur from the standpoint of a three-dimensional consciousness called a “person” or “personality.” This means that your experience of being Creative will not feel the same. The experience of being it will be different from the experience of having it, which you had from a three-dimensional frame of reference. You could say that Creativity is a Universal Action which is experienced specifically. It is not a specific action which is experienced universally.

This is why you might as well not waste any time in attempting to solve the needs or problems confronting you from your old standpoint. As you have found, it no longer works. This is why we are spending so much time in meditation, and in becoming familiar with what it feels like to be out from the Universal Actuality of your Being—as opposed to the shallow, surface, finite, three-dimensional thought processes to which you are accustomed.

Until you become satisfactorily accustomed to what the experience is as Fourth-dimensional Man—which means Universal Being—you will not be in a cohesive, substantial position from which to be the Creative Process which will be experienced specifically as the resolution of the financial, school, and living problems that you seem to be faced with.

You see, Paul, Practice is that Creative Process which spontaneously occurs when one is being out from Mind as Mind. Right now, it is not possible for you to practice it, because you are not sufficiently familiar with that Place where you are being out from Mind. In effect, it would be like trying to begin swimming before you have gotten in the water.

Once again, I have asked you to be patient. I am fully aware of the apparent demands on you from your world standpoint. If you will follow through all the way, you will not suffer for your apparent lack of responsible three-dimensional reaction in a three-dimensional frame of reference.

As I said yesterday, your world of appearances is not going to collapse around you between now and Monday. If you will stick with the job at hand, you will, indeed, have your goal or direction set properly. You will not suffer.

I know you wish to spend as much time as possible over this coming weekend working with me. This will, indeed, be well worth your while. You are, relatively speaking, very close to making the “connection,” as you put it. You do not need to be frightened that it will be difficult, insurmountable, or even impossible to do within the orderliness of things.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. If I may, I would like to have a chance to review what you have just said, and get back with you very shortly.

RAJ: That will be perfectly alright, Paul. I will talk with you in awhile.

PAUL: Thank you. Goodbye.

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