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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good evening, Raj.

RAJ: Good evening, Paul.

PAUL: First of all, I am curious: Are you still with me constantly all day long, every day?

RAJ: Yes, I am, Paul. I will be until further notice, and you do not need to double check. I will specifically let you know when I will not be with you constantly any longer.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I have only fifteen or twenty minutes here to talk with you. As you undoubtedly know, I have some questions, but I am going to save them until later this evening.

Right now, I am going to be quiet and listen to anything you might have to say.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. The reversal of any situation is accomplished by proclaiming the Fact at the point of being as Conscious Being.

You must realize that doing this does not actually reverse a thing, since what appears to need reversing is not a “presence” at any level. It is, instead, the apparent absence of one’s awareness of his Omnipresent Being.

Proclaiming the Fact from the standpoint of being as Conscious Being opens the apparently closed door to the Actuality. It is the method by which you practice or be what you are successfully.

We are going to go into the subject of Practice later on this evening, when we continue our conversation. But it is put quite neatly into a nutshell right there, for you to appreciate and employ as necessary between now and then.

I am aware that we have not covered the subject of Practice since we began our conversations, and this was for a very specific reason. I did not want you going out and dabbling, as it were, by practicing a little bit here and a little bit there. But the background has now been given, and the experience has been had. It is indeed time for you to begin to understand what we have been talking about from the standpoint of Practice. As I said, we will go into that later this evening.

I am aware that there has been some growth this afternoon, during your conversation with Susan. I also understand that although you have a glimpse of what your Being was unfolding then, you still feel unable to “connect” it up.

Paul, yes, do notice the apparent beginning of a headache that you are experiencing right now. You are aware it is not truly yours, nor is it truly a headache. Contemplate it for a moment, please.

PAUL: [A few moments of contemplation.]

RAJ: You are correct, Paul. It is a dinner bell only. It indicates the need to be alert to the thought processes which are going on in your home at the moment, and the need to not observe this evening from the standpoint of the cordialities and formalities of the appearances.

As you told Susan this afternoon, keep in mind the larger subjective view, and do not get caught up in the details of any particular thought processes. As Susan said, “you are the Observing,” here – as is everyone else, actually.

For now, I will say good evening, and will look forward to a conversation later on.

Good night, Paul.

PAUL: Good night, Raj.

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