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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, I am really having difficulty getting into that place of Peace. I do feel that I am getting help, because I feel the sense of relaxation. I would just like to listen to whatever you might have to say at this time.

RAJ: Paul, you are being too serious about this in the sense of emphasis, intensity, and drive.

You are not faced with the end of the world. You are not faced with destruction of any kind. What you are faced with is a greater cohesiveness of the All One which You are. If all of you is always present, and all of you is always functioning then the idea of “incompleteness” and “coming up short” is absolutely invalid. It is on the basis of your completeness—and on the Activity of that completeness—that you must let your feelings, your dependence, and your confidence lie.

If you try to deal with the way things appear, if you pay attention to what the five physical senses are telling you, you will scare yourself shitless.

On the other hand, if you are going to agree with the omnipresence and omniaction of your Being, you will find yourself at peace. And inevitably, you will find that omnipresence being omniactive in concrete, tangible ways.

You are beginning to get the idea, and you do have what it takes to follow through all the way on this.

You must realize, Paul, that the only bluff operating here is that doing this will not work. There really is nothing else presenting itself to you as a valid reason for not continuing. You literally only have two choices—you either do it, or you act upon the basis of a bluff.

Now, let’s be good and clear on this: Under what circumstances would you ever base your actions upon a bluff? Normally, you wouldn’t. But, under a sense of pressure and fear, you could possibly be fooled into believing that there was no point in continuing further. That is why I am pointing out the simple, intelligent overview of the situation here.

You might as well go ahead and follow through, because the only other alternative you have is a big fat zero—don’t do anything at all. I think that’s clear to you.

Things are not going to collapse around you between now and Monday. So, for at least that period of time, I suggest you drop your concern and your worry, and devote yourself wholeheartedly and completely to getting into that Place most firmly, and to becoming more familiar with it. Feel what it feels like, and see what it looks like. Simply stay there, and stay there, and stay there. Be it, and be it, and be it.

Remember that the threats of destruction are not valid, but they do certainly attempt to stand in your way and turn you back from the one essential thing that needs to be done. You don’t have to agree with them at all. You don’t have to believe them at all. It’s entirely up to you. They cannot validate themselves in any way, shape, or form. Only you can seem to validate them by responding to them, and carrying out their statements in your life as though they were true. But there is no requirement to do that.

Now, I know that it is time for you to go. I would like to talk to you later when you return, as soon as it’s convenient.

Good afternoon, Paul.

PAUL: Good afternoon, Raj. Thank you.

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