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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Today is a day of questions.

RAJ: I know, Paul.

PAUL: I guess, first of all, there’s something I need to get straight.

RAJ: Go ahead, Paul.

PAUL: Talking with anyone like this, whether simply a Guide or a Master, is, to say the least, quite out of the ordinary for me.

RAJ: I understand, Paul.

PAUL: Because it is out of the ordinary, and I don’t know of many people to whom this is happening, it allowed me to feel like it was something special. And then, although I didn’t think it made a substantial difference, when I found out that you were a Master, that information lent itself to my feeling that this experience with you was special. In addition to that, to find out that your work involves the return of Maitreya and the Masters also contributed to my feeling that there was something out of the ordinary in our communications. At least the potential was there.

As I said the other day, this seems to make matters more complicated than if I were simply working with a Guide and nothing unusual was going on other than this kind of communication. I would like some help in getting perspective on this.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. I will endeavor to clarify things for you.

First of all, the manner in which I became your Guide was absolutely normal. The fact that I am a Master was pure happenstance, and simply means that I am further along in my own development than a Guide would be. The fact that my work involves the reappearing of the Christ and the Masters is of no consequence to you. It is simply information which I have shared with you about my activities, and that is all.

Remember, Paul, you were not “picked” for this experience of communicating with a Guide, whether a Master or not. Now happens to be the time when you opened yourself up, and requested that your Guide contact you. I cannot help it that you picked a time to do this which coincides with a worldwide event of some import. That is pure coincidence.

However, because it is going to occur, you are going to have to deal with it in order to maintain your equilibrium and remain clear as to your own inner unfolding of your Being. And so, we are discussing it. If there were some other major world event which would involve you in any way, we would be discussing that.

Let me state that primarily I am working with you because you have requested a Guide to work with you. I am “it” as far as you are concerned at this time. First and last, I am working with you on your behalf, and that is all there is to it.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. In this afternoon’s conversation, you indicated that we are within days of the Second Appearing. Since then, I have found that Mr. Creme did not say that the reappearing would occur during the month of March, but rather in late spring. I am not here to quibble over your statement as opposed to his statement, although I am curious.

RAJ: Paul, it is good to get the air cleared. The simple fact is that Mr. Creme is wrong, and I will say nothing more than that. You will simply have to watch and see.

PAUL: When you said that we were within days of the Second Appearing, were you referring to the announcement of Maitreya of His presence and His purpose?

RAJ: No, I was not.

PAUL: Then I am confused. Are you playing word games with me?

RAJ: I most definitely am not, Paul.

PAUL: Then, in what respect is Mr. Creme wrong?

[Nothing perceived.]

RAJ: Paul, there is, indeed, need for clarification here. Let go here and just be open. Do not try to grasp ahead of time what I might be going to say.

PAUL: Alright.

RAJ: The star heralding the birth of Jesus rose over a state of unenlightened thought, leading that thought to the place where the Christ Child lay in human experience. Conceptually speaking, you can see that it was not possible for the people of that time or land to perceive the dawning within their consciousness of the existence of the Christ-consciousness in any other than the smallest way—something brand new, but something small. And the appearing of the Christ-consciousness took a very literal form for them. They could not conceive that it was themselves, so it had to be someone else, someone else new and small. And so, the baby, Jesus, was a very literal manifestation of the only way in which they could conceive of the appearance of the Christ in their world.

In the present day, the awareness of the Christ-consciousness is no longer new. Indeed, there is a large part of the population—Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, et cetera—who are quite at the point of recognizing that the Christ-consciousness resides within them. And this is where it will come to pass that the reappearing of the Christ will occur.

Stop trying to figure it out, Paul.

It is obvious that the literal manifestation of the level of the development of mankind today would not be conceptualized as a brand new baby. Instead, it would be an adult facilitator of that inner Self-discovery which will actually constitute the reappearance of the Christ.

You must realize that the majority of mankind is not at this conscious point of Self-realization. They are, nevertheless, at the point of recognizing their Divinity. It is for this reason that an adult will appear. This adult will meet the requirements that will allow them to pay attention and give credence to the appearance.

You must realize that there are all states and stages of individual inner development represented by mankind as a whole. All will see their Christhood according to whatever level of enlightenment or belief they find themselves at. But, notwithstanding their level of enlightenment or belief, the graduation of mankind will occur.

The degree of enlightenment/belief each one is at will govern the degree to which Maitreya will have followers or co-workers. Those who are enlightened will continue to pursue their own inner, unfolding Self-discovery. As that growth takes place, they will become co-facilitators in one form or another, working shoulder to shoulder with Maitreya. They will not be blinded by what He is, because they will recognize that He is what They are, and that They are what He is to some degree.

Mr. Creme is incorrect about the time of the reappearing, in that the reappearing has been going on for some time. It will continue far past the time when Maitreya announces His presence.

I know you must go to dinner now. We will continue as soon as you return.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

[Dinner break taken. During the dinner break, Susan and I read and discussed parts of both Mr. Creme’s book and the Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

RAJ: Paul, I know that since you have gone to dinner, you have frustrated yourself to an even higher degree than when you left. I know that you are arriving at a place where you couldn’t care less whether Maitreya returned or not. Correct?

PAUL: Absolutely correct.

RAJ: The conclusion that you are coming to is correct. The only appearance of the Christ that is worth a hill of beans for you is that dawning in your own experience of your own perception of Reality. It comes as the result of being the Door. It literally doesn’t matter one way or the other whether Maitreya returns or not. On this point you are absolutely correct.

Paul, you are the one who was interested in the idea of Maitreya returning and what impact the return might have on your life. You were interested in finding out whether or not you might have some part to play in that return—with all the implications of position, prestige, and power.

The fact is that very often the quickest way to show a person that he doesn’t want what he says or thinks he wants is to give him what he wants. And so, I have played along with you until you are sick and tired of what it would mean for you to constantly have to relate to someone “out there”—whether his name is Maitreya or not.

Paul, let the world have its own development in whatever way it most clearly can experience its growth. Remember that this world that is experiencing its growth—in the apparent drama of the reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom—is the infinitude of your Self. One way or another, you are going to have to come to terms with that fact without selling your Self short.

There are groups of people actively participating in attempting to pave the way for His return, but this is not where you are. This is not your point of unfoldment. To whatever degree you think they may be doing something more correct than what you are doing, to that degree you are disintegrating your experience of your Self as the One that constitutes the Many. If you try to make comparisons or cross-references to attempt to validate or invalidate what is going on with you, you will lose your awareness of your cohesiveness.

Your gut-level feeling of frustration and anger is just a small taste of the suffering that will be in store for you, if you attempt to move back into a three-dimensional frame of reference.

It doesn’t matter what day the announcement of Maitreya’s return is made on. It doesn’t matter by what means, or for what purpose, you and Susan are receiving an influx of inspiration and enlightenment—whether you’re awake, asleep, in meditation, or flying a kite. The fact is that no matter what is going on anywhere else in the world, you are experiencing the inexorable unfolding of your Being as Conscious Being. You might as well accept it.

Now, tomorrow morning when you get up, take care of your everyday activities. But, before you do them, or have a conversation with me, I want you to get into that Place where you are being as Conscious Being, as Fourth-dimensional Man. Then, from that point, take care of the things that need to be taken care of. Then, when you have completed those, if you would like to converse with me, I will look forward to talking with you. In the meantime, for God’s sake, let go of all this folderol and get back to the point of being the Door.

I can promise you this: So long as you are seeking position, power, prestige, by virtue of association with the Masters or Maitreya—no matter how subtly—They will not come near you with a ten-foot pole. The only reasons that the three gentlemen were present at all was because at that point you were truly being the Presence of the Christ. Paul, “person” was nowhere to be found.

Learn this lesson well, and you will move forward with great ease. Continue in the frame of reference you are presently indulging in, and you will be sorry.

I know that you are not presently experiencing my presence with what you recognize as a feeling of Love. Nonetheless, Paul, it is time for your concept of Love to be broadened. It is time for you to realize that Love is “whatever it takes to bring forth the Reality, right where the belief insists on being.” With that I will say good night for now, and I will look forward to speaking with you tomorrow.

PAUL: [Pause.]

RAJ: Say “good night,” Paul.

PAUL: Good night, Raj. And thank you.

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