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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I am having the feeling that there is a need for things to come into focus here. I understand that could simply mean that I am sensing the fact that things are coming into focus—sensing a gathering of energies so to speak.

RAJ: Go on, Paul.

PAUL: Okay. I turned the calendar this morning and saw that it is March 1. This is the first day of the month in which Mr. Creme has stated that the reappearance of the Christ will occur. There is a feeling on my part of big things happening.

I am aware that we seem to be in limbo, in that I am literally unemployed in the world’s terms. There is no apparent sense of direction other than the one of my conversing with you and doing an incredible amount of growing.

Susan, herself, is experiencing a great influx of enlightenment, but other than that—which is not insignificant—there doesn’t seem to be an adequate resolution of the school situation, of our living situation, or of our financial situation. It is like being on the outskirts of life, three-dimensionally speaking.

There seems to be a sense of isolation, of being out of sync, of not fitting in, and that brings along with it a feeling for a need to fit in some way. Yet, nothing has unfolded to do—other than what I am doing at this very moment and have been doing for the last three weeks.

RAJ: Paul, the clanging cymbals of time are ringing their last clangs. You are feeling a habitual desire to feel “normal” when “what is normal” is changing. It simply doesn’t exist that way any more, even though others whom you see appear to be going about their daily activities as though nothing unusual is occurring.

We are within days of the Second Appearing. I cannot relieve you by telling you that you do need to go out and get a job, since there will not be a job of that kind existing for you any more. You have been willing to trust me so far, with great willingness. I ask you to be patient for a short time longer. Continue as you have been doing, remaining in that Place where you are experiencing your universe as Conscious Being. I know this is not easy. I am not testing you, nor will you suffer in the slightest by doing so.

PAUL: Raj, have I been subconsciously supplied with knowledge during my meditations or at night while I am asleep? I have the distinct feeling that there is activity going on of which I am not consciously aware.

RAJ: Yes, Paul. Both you and Susan are receiving background information, you might say, underlying concepts and knowledge which you will find that you possess as time goes on. You will find that you will apparently “remember” something that you “heard” before, and this knowledge will come into play in your experience in a most innocuous, unobservable way as it fulfills Purpose.

Go ahead, Paul, and ask your question.

PAUL: Will I meet Maitreya before His announcing of His return?

RAJ: No, Paul, you will not, unless for some reason His plans change. There is not that much time, and He is quite busy taking care of matters on a more worldwide scale in preparation for His announcement.

PAUL: Very well. What about the three gentlemen that were here?

RAJ: Paul, I know you are still looking for some specific, objective evidence to totally prove the fact that all of this is valid. Paul, it will happen in its own time, and you must be patient. The formation of voluntary trust on your part is still in the development stage. The need at this time is for you to persist in this process because you feel it is right.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I guess one of the most difficult parts of all this is that, in effect, what I am being required to do feels like becoming a puppet. I feel that I am not being self-directed, but am becoming a part of the flow of something far larger than my awareness of myself.

I find myself questioning, from the standpoint of a gut-level, non-conceptual feeling, whether this is “right.” Yet, by the same token, I find that by relinquishing my awareness of myself as a separate identity with a will of its own, there is this tremendous influx of understanding and enlightenment, together with a greater experience of peace, which seems far more valid than any sense of relaxation I have experienced before.

RAJ: Paul, I realize this is a difficult shift to make, especially since the concept of “individuality” has been so prized—the concept of the “self-made man,” et cetera. I can only suggest Paul, nothing more, that you take a look within your Self. Ask your Self whether the way you have been living for the last two and a half years, as an “individual,” brought with it anything of the sort that you are experiencing now, after having relinquished your “individuality.” I ask you to seriously consider which you find more satisfying, and I suggest you literally make a choice.

I want you to ask yourself in which case you truly were a puppet. If you find that in both cases you feel like a puppet, then I ask you to consider who the Puppeteer is.

Paul, I know I am relentless with you on these points, but if I were not, you would not make the shift. Yet the shift must be made. The shift must be made, because it is the unfoldment of your Being, and because it is the unfoldment in a more universal aspect—it is a change line for your world. It is the age old question of whom you are going to serve. The question is being put before you by your very own Being.

Do not mistake what is happening and feel that it is I who is making these demands. I am bound to support only that which your Being is bringing to the level of your conscious experience. I can only help facilitate you in overcoming your ingrained fears, and your habits and patterns of limited thought. I cannot make you give them up. I cannot make you drop them. And, I cannot make you make the shift.

You will make it, come hell or high water, because that is where your Being is. But, if you are willing to continue to follow the leadings of your own “upward, individual convictions,“1 as Mrs. Eddy so beautifully put it, then you will continue to experience this shift with no more dissonance or suffering than you have so far. It is finally up to you.

Once again, I am going to make this a short conversation, so as to set it off clearly and distinctly. I want you to consider it before we speak again.

Good afternoon, Paul.

  1. Eddy, Mary Baker, Unity of Good v.5;9-13. 

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