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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, it occurred to me after talking with Susan this morning, that when one person seems to have something that another would like to have for himself—and if the one who has it involves himself in giving it to the second person in order to help him—this inevitably creates in the second person a feeling of inequity and a lack of ability, and doesn’t truly help him. I am reminded of a statement that the best charity is to show a person that he doesn’t need charity. I guess what I am questioning is the concept of a “helper.“

In the truest sense of the word, you are not a helper, because you know exactly what I need to learn, and help me to put myself in the position of learning it. I am questioning the whole concept of an army of helpers or teachers. How can they truly help, if it is not possible for them to be right there in the individual’s consciousness of things, as you are, and able to see exactly what needs to be brought out, so that the individual can do his own growing and find himself out of his problem—or out of his belief, or whatever it may be—and know that he didn’t get out of it by virtue of borrowed help?

RAJ: Paul, this is a question of deep importance. You are right that the best help is to show the individual that he doesn’t need help. You are wondering how it could be that Maitreya will accomplish this, and especially how individuals such as yourself will truly be able to help in this sense.

I cannot share with you at this moment how that will be accomplished. But I would suggest that you observe in your own experience whether or not you can intuitively arrive at a point of being able to give that kind of help right in your own family.

PAUL: Alright. I certainly will.

In the study of metaphysics and its practice, it has been proven that a metaphysical treatment given over some distance does not keep healing from occurring. It is, in fact, very successful. Can the invoking of the Law which we have talked about from the last two occasions be utilized in much the same way if there is someone from a distance who calls with a problem that they need relief from?

RAJ: Yes, it works exactly the same way. You ought to utilize it whenever the opportunity occurs, so as to become familiar with its effectiveness and begin to develop a confidence in the operation of Principle and Love in this aspect.

PAUL: I will.

I have no other questions at the moment. I will simply ask you to please share with me what you know needs to be dealt with.

RAJ: Very well, Paul. I want to talk to you tonight about Atlantis.

PAUL: You feel that this has some bearing on my growth at this time?

RAJ: Yes, Paul, it does.

PAUL: I am, of course, basing what I’m going to say on my prejudgments about this subject, but I don’t see how it can have any relationship at all.

RAJ: That is not surprising.

PAUL: I am going to let go and trust that you know exactly what you are doing, but—I’ll retract the “but”—and I will move forward with you. Before I do that, I want to take a few minutes here and relax.

RAJ: That will be fine.

PAUL: [Period of meditation.]

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. Before I say anything, I want you to notice just exactly to what lengths you will go—and how rapidly you will go to them—in order to have a grasp on what I’m going to say before I’ve said it, in order to make sure you’re not going to sound like a fool. This brings into play the element of trust.

PAUL: [Nothing perceived.]

RAJ: Paul, this sounds very elementary, but you’re going to have to understand that growth does not mean expansion within the same old frame of reference. It means expansion out of it, beyond it. I know you are having difficulty trying to classify what you are broadly perceiving of what I am saying into your present set of categories, and that is exactly the problem I am addressing here. You can understand it this way, Paul. As a tree grows, it cannot get bigger and remain the same size.

PAUL: I’ve got the picture.

RAJ: Paul, what you are trying to do here is to grow, and yet have the growth fit into the same old categorizations—the same old structure—and I am trying to wake you up to the fact that if you are, indeed, going to grow, you have to stop trying to fit everything into neat little cubbyholes before you’ll even bother to repeat my words. At least, you are going to need new cubbyholes. At the most, you will let go of cubbyholes altogether, and flow with the new unfolding of your Being.

I don’t really want to tell you anything about Atlantis at all. But the time is going to come when I will be telling you things that may most definitely cross your present concepts, and I can begin to see that you are feeling more comfortable with this whole process of our conversations and are beginning to feel like you’ve got the whole thing pegged. That’s the beginning of the end.

Somewhere, early in our conversations, I told you that you have to be willing to stand at the point where you know nothing, because that is what allows you to become aware of Something. You are beginning to sit down and begin our conversations as though you have a pretty good idea of what’s going to come about. This is going to begin to get in the way.

The meditation exercises that we have been doing have been partly for the purpose of helping you get to the point where you can see, from an experiential standpoint, that when you let go of everything, infinity has an opportunity to appear. You, yourself, have begun to find, when a subject is difficult for you to deal with, that if you will do a meditation, it removes the resistance and allows the communication to unfold smoothly.

I would like you to stop forming preconceptions in the first place.

Paul, we are talking about becoming the Door. The image you have in your mind of the Door is, indeed, accurate. It is a doorway, and there isn’t a single door attached to it. And yet, you have begun to come to these conversations ready to close a door—that shouldn’t even be there in the first place—if what you are hearing can’t be quickly classified, judged, and decided upon before you get the first word out of your mouth.

PAUL: I am sorry, Raj.

RAJ: You see, Paul, growth isn’t just a matter of becoming bigger, or of enjoying a more expansive understanding of your Being. It also includes a more mature way of dealing with that information. All of you grows when growth occurs.

I am not going to say any more about this at the moment. I want you to type it up before you leave in the morning. I want you to take it with you and refer to it and think about it before we talk again, after you return tomorrow.

You have been wondering at various times the last few days whether I am with you around the clock as I said I would be a while back. The answer is, yes, Paul, I am with you constantly, from your point of view. The reason is that this is a somewhat delicate time for you, simply because the major shifts that you are experiencing need the availability of instant reinforcement and support, in order to make the transition smooth and secure and solid. You may rest assured that you are not alone.

PAUL: thank you, Raj.

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