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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: It is quite late, and although I was tired and would have liked to have gone to bed and had a good night’s sleep, something said we weren’t finished yet. There was a feeling of a gathering of energies—that’s the best way I can put it. And so, I am here.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul.

PAUL: Is it possible for me to telepathically be aware of your—of something going on within your conscious experience of being when you are not specifically directing your attention toward these conversations with me?

RAJ: In the sense that I am some aspect of the infinitude of your Being, it most certainly is possible, Paul.

PAUL: Is there, indeed, more that you wanted to cover this day?

RAJ: Paul, there is always going to be more to cover. But specifically, as regards today, there is more that I want to cover in order that we might finish what needs to be finished.

You have already gotten the idea that I want you to further let go and relax.

That’s good.

PAUL: [Short period of meditation.]

RAJ: Go ahead, Paul. You have been down this road before. The ease with which you are doing it indicates familiarity and comfortableness with it. Keep going. But I will remind you again to remain in touch with your surroundings. We are not going into a trance.

PAUL: [Further meditation.]

RAJ: Paul, what is the Christ to you?

PAUL: The Christ is the experiential Awareness of Reality as experienced from the standpoint of Conscious Being, which flows through and reveals the Actuality and does not originate at the point of three-dimensional awareness. It is the Universal Perception of What Really Is. In fact, ultimately it is God’s view of His infinite Being.

RAJ: That is correct, Paul. Continue to relax. Keep yourself aware of your surroundings. Do not let it go.

PAUL: Very well, Raj.

[Further meditation.]

RAJ: That is very good, Paul. Continue

PAUL: Raj, I feel like I’m on the verge of dropping the microphone.

RAJ: Do not worry, Paul. Be sure to keep your awareness placed so that it can experience all four dimensions simultaneously without leaving anything out. It truly is all You.

PAUL: Okay, Raj. You mean even when we all meet?

RAJ: That is correct, Paul.

PAUL: Are you doing something to me, or for me, while I am meditating?

RAJ: Yes, I am.

PAUL: Thank you. I can feel the Love tonight, and the subject matter, although it goes on beyond my present awareness.

Raj, I do not know what that sentence was going to mean, because it did not come from me.

RAJ: Correct, Paul. Continue

PAUL: Raj, I no longer sense the feeling of gathering energies, and have the feeling of completion. Is there anything else you want to do this evening, because I am willing.

RAJ: Paul, you have done very well, and you will come to understand exactly what has been going on. It will be most satisfying to you. There is nothing needing to be done this evening. I will look forward to speaking with you tomorrow.

PAUL: Raj, thank you for everything today and every day, since we began. Thank you very much.

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