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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, I am willing to sit here for two days if I need to in order to relax enough to hear you completely.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul, although I do not think that it will take until midnight.

PAUL: Raj, I want to do a few more minutes of meditation.

RAJ: That’s perfectly alright. Go right ahead.

PAUL: [Period of meditation.]

Is this Okay, Raj?

RAJ: That is just fine.

PAUL: Was anything that Susan shared with me of that book, or anything that I read out of that book, applicable to me and to you?1

RAJ: Yes, Paul, some things did apply to me, and some things did apply to you.

PAUL: Raj, in reading and listening to parts of that book, it did bring out to me that there are infinite directions in which I can learn. Perhaps my frame of reference is just too limiting.

For example, you indicated that you are a Master.

RAJ: Yes, Paul, I did.

PAUL: Are you a Master in the sense that Masters are spoken of in the part of the book that I was reading?

RAJ: At this point, Paul it is not necessary for you to know any more than you already do about me, so I will decline to answer that question.

PAUL: When other people speak of having a Guide, does that necessarily mean that their Guide is a Master?

RAJ: No, it does not.

PAUL: Is it simply a matter that the matching up, vibrationally does not necessarily occur with a Master; is the fact that you are the one I am working with simply a matter of the fact that we matched?

RAJ: It is simply a matter that we matched up.

PAUL: In other words, there is no particular significance to the fact that I am not working with a Guide, but am instead working with a Master?

RAJ: Paul, I am a Master. The simple fact is that my work directly relates to supporting and being involved in the reappearance of the Christ, of Maitreya, on your planet. If you had matched up with a Guide whose work was not involved specifically with the advent of His return, your Guide, nevertheless, would have begun to inform you of the events which are going to occur, since it is a Universally known fact that this development is taking place on planet Earth.

PAUL: I guess I am confused. The impression I got from Mr. Creme’s book was that the Masters were working with more than one individual and, in fact, worked with many individuals here who are at the point of growth where contact can be established.

I guess I am further confused. If you were my Teacher and you were simply going to be working with me—and that was all there was to it—that would not be difficult for me to understand at all. But there seem to be two important events occurring. One is my own growth and development. The other is that the earth is evidently experiencing a point of growth as a whole, which is called the reappearing of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom.

You are saying to me that it is purely coincidental that you not only are my Guide, but are also one of the Masters of Wisdom?

RAJ: Paul, all Masters are Masters of Wisdom, but not all Masters are participating in what is called the reappearing of the Christ.

PAUL: Raj, I want to stick with this as long as necessary, because I really want to understand this. I hope you don’t mind if I pump you with questions like this.

RAJ: I do not mind at all.

PAUL: I am going to be doing my best to render an accurate translation of what you are saying. Please bear with me.

RAJ: I have no problem with that.

PAUL: Do some of the Masters work with a number of students?

RAJ: Some do.

PAUL: But you are not, is that correct?

RAJ: I am working only with you, Paul, simply because there are no other matches at the present time. If there were, I would be working with them also. It would make no apparent difference to you, whatsoever.

PAUL: Before I forget, Raj, I have a dear friend with whom I have shared a number of our conversations. She is quite capable of understanding fully the things that you have had to say. Would there be any objection for me to make a complete copy of the transcriptions and mail them to her? I know she would find them of great interest and value. I don’t know what other purpose it may serve.

RAJ: Paul, you may send her a complete set, but I caution you not to give out complete sets to anyone else without asking me, as you have just done.

PAUL: Raj, I will abide by that rule absolutely.

RAJ: Do you have any more questions, Paul?

PAUL: Yes. For the time being, should I simply let my attention be given to the work you and I are doing together, and continue to steer clear of other books, such as the one I was glancing at during my break?

RAJ: Paul, I think that would be an excellent idea. I suggested that you do that simply to jar your concepts somewhat, but for the time being, I would like you to consider that what you read was nonsense, and simply proceed with me.

PAUL: I will be more than willing to do so. That other simply blows my mind and strikes me as not being true at all, or at least any truth that might be there is so covered up that it is almost undiscernible.

RAJ: Your perception, Paul, is quite correct.

PAUL: This may sound silly, but are you capable of misdirecting me?

RAJ: I am not, for the simple fact that, in effect, you are not speaking to a personality. You are speaking directly to the Wisdom of the Universe, you might say, through the open Door that I am, and through the open Door which you are learning to become, or beginning to learn to Be.

It is true that there is infinite progression—infinite, universal progression. It is true that there is more to the infinite progression of Being than you can imagine at the present time. But, it is also true that there is an abundance of misinformation available on your planet regarding these subjects, which apparently have come through Masters, but which were coming through individualities who were caught in great mental complexities. They had not truly grown to the point of being the open Door. They were communicating their own theories and concepts. Tonight I let you have a taste of such theories and concepts.

Paul, I must reiterate that Being, for all Its infinity and eternity, is ultimately simple in Its Being. In spite of things you have heard to the contrary. I reiterate that there is no devil; there are no evil forces, no evil power, and no dark side. This is the Fact, eternally and infinitely. I will not deviate from that standpoint for any reason, because it is a Fact.

I want you to understand that my primary purpose is with you and your individual unfolding of your Self as your conscious experience of Being. That will become No.1 with you, because you are the one that constitutes the Eternal Constant.

The apparent three-dimensional event of the reappearance of the Christ is one of the millions of events which will occur to you as your experience eternally. You must keep in mind that no single event in your experience takes precedence over that which is experiencing it—You.

You must be very careful not to classify yourself as a follower of Maitreya, or a follower of any Master, or any Teacher. You are to follow the Inner Path of the evolving of your very own Being as It unfolds and reveals Itself as your conscious experience.

This must be a rule, a guidepost for you to refer to often.

PAUL: That is relieving, Raj. Thank you very much.

RAJ: Paul, that set of books is a perfect example of what I was speaking about this afternoon. It is a disservice to publish something when there is not possibility of supplying the reassurance necessary to help someone over the hump of believing the unbelievable.

You see, Paul, the more infinite becomes the view, the greater its simplicity of Nature and Function appears—not more complex.

PAUL: I can accept that with no difficulty.

As I said the other day, I was aware of Maitreya preparing or intending, to come here the evening when the three gentlemen were in the room. This implied to me the possibility that I will in some way render a service, or participate in some way in the activities involved in His reappearance. In other words, our paths will cross, and there will be an involvement.

RAJ: That is correct, Paul.

PAUL: From my standpoint, I can think of nothing I would rather be involved in working for.

RAJ: He knows that, too, Paul.

PAUL: And you say that He sees things in the same way that you are expressing these things to me?

RAJ: I am saying that, yes, Paul. He and I see much more than what I am saying to you. But you can count on one thing: The more infinite your view becomes, the simpler the understanding of things becomes.

PAUL: And He would agree that I am to keep very clear—I think I see what you’re getting at—you are trying to let me know that I had better not make the serious mistake of disowning my Divinity in any way and placing it “out there,” in Him or anyone else?

RAJ: Exactly. And, before you meet Him, this has to be clear to you. Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed or overawed by what you think He is, and you will neglect or slight your Self and will begin to operate from a three-dimensional-only standpoint. As I said before, this will only occur with great discomfort, because you have graduated. There is no need for you to waste your time suffering.

You see, you are very willing to serve, but it must be very clear to you that you are not to be the main dish—you are not to give your Self away. You must see that you are fulfilling the purpose of His Being; that that Being is One. It is only at the level of visibility and tangibility that we can see the infinite interplay and interchange of, as I said before, circles within circles and patterns within patterns.

As Shakespeare said, “…to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.“2 The only way that you can serve Maitreya is by being true to your Self as He is being true to Himself. This must be very clear, Paul.

As you are beginning to realize, the vast majority of the people on this planet Earth are not in a position, at the moment of understanding or seeing this point.

Maitreya will apparently come with great transforming powers and ability. but it must be understood that the energy behind those powers is literally being supplied by the very individualities who are about to be apparently changed.

Remember, when the student is ready, the Teacher appears. This tells you, Paul, that the Teacher does not appear due to any powers of His own, but due to the inherent readiness of the student. The Christ cannot reappear out of His own fantastic power, because He has none like that. He can only appear because mankind is ready for the growth and change. It is their readiness, whether consciously recognized or not, which causes the Way to be clear for the Teacher to appear.

Mr. Creme’s book implies that the Christ, together with the Masters of Wisdom, is appearing based on a decision They made. This had to be put this way in the book, but the fact is that They could not have decided to reappear in the year 1551, in the year 1901, or in the year 1970, because the Harmonies of Being, Itself would not allow it. It would not have been a harmonious event. The students were not ready. I know you can see that the Teacher is reappearing by virtue of the readiness of the students, and not because of any great power of His own to act on His own, any more than when you are in that Place where you are experiencing the Allness of your Being as Conscious Being, you can act on your own, doing what you want to do. The only place where you exist in that way is in the imagination of your three-dimensional frame of reference.

PAUL: Don’t worry Raj, I’ve gotten the message, and I want to read this over and over.

RAJ: To continue, Paul: I indicated that He comes with great power, and then clarified to you that that power is resident in the readiness of the students.

Now, these powers which He will apparently bring with Him will be experienced as a general worldwide spiritualization of thought, or inner Enlightenment. But, the fact will remain that it will not move everybody into the position of being a totally enlightened individuality. Their growth will need to be internalized, just as yours has.

Paul, when I told you earlier that I would be telling you what your service would be, I meant that your service will be directed to Maitreya. It is not my place to say what you will be doing specifically for Him, or in conjunction with any of the Masters—that will be His job.

Paul, you caught an insightful fact there. It will appear as though Maitreya and the Masters will be working together. But the only reason it will appear that They are working together is because They will each be working alone from the standpoint of their Being as Fourth-dimensional Man, which means as the All One. Being out from Mind means being in perfect Harmony with the infinite Unfoldment of that Mind. When you have many individuals, each being in total Harmony with infinite Mind, you have what appears to be many individuals working in harmony with each other. But the harmony does not originate from the level of the appearance, and this must also be clear to you.

I say “must,” not to imply that there are a lot of requirements, but merely to pinpoint key issues. You are not familiar with all the nooks and crannies wherein the Oneness of Being is to be found, and I wish to facilitate your rapid assimilation of what is really going on.

I see that you are beginning to grasp that my foremost and primary interest is with you, and not that of facilitating what will be a worldwide event. Let me put that another way: The only way I can facilitate the worldwide event is by not facilitating that event, but by facilitating your clarity of vision regarding the infinity of your Being—the Oneness of your All as your conscious experience.

Paul, nothing is truly going to be happening the way it will appear three-dimensionally, and this is why we are going into the realities of such appearances this evening.

PAUL: I appreciate that, Raj, and I understand what you are saying.

RAJ: I would like you to stop for now, and type up what you have so far in this conversation.

When you are through, if you feel like it still this evening we may talk again. Until then, I will say good-bye for now.

  1. Baily, Alice A., “Treatise on Cosmic Fire.“ 

  2. “Hamlet,” Act I, Scene iii. 

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