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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, a question occurred to me this morning while I was talking with Susan regarding our conversation yesterday—with respect to placing the perfect concept at the point of Reality and allowing the Law, together with the Nature of Substance, to activate that concept and bring it into manifestation.

My question is this: What is the difference between seeing the bills piled on the table and going out into the world to get a job in order to pay them, as compared to seeing the bills on the table, going within to that Place, stating the Fact and the need at that point, so that income or whatever will appear three-dimensionally so that they can be paid?

It strikes me as attempting to deal with a three-dimensional need in a three-dimensional way, but trying to do it at the point of Conscious Being. I am wondering whether or not that is the Fourth-dimensional way of doing it after all?

RAJ: Paul, this is a very good question. You see, it is clearly a matter of learning the difference between objective and subjective. The fact is that there is basically no difference between the two approaches, except that of the matter of placement, together with what you do after the Law has been invoked by your statement of the fact.

The difference lies in the approach which is being taken, and in the frame of reference which is involved here. You are not seeing a need and immediately feeling that it cannot be met, and therefore reacting to your conclusion. You are at a point of recognizing that the One is the Many, that you are, indeed, the world you walk through. This is a significant change or difference in standpoint from that of the three-dimensional-only standpoint.

You are then going into that Place and stating the correct Fact about what appears to be incorrect in the three-dimensional frame of reference.

Then, if you are wise, you remain in that Place and continue on living your life from the standpoint of the fulfilled Fact.

It is well for you to realize also, Paul, that when you see the bills on the table you are not seeing them from a three-dimensional-only standpoint. You are rather consistently being out from Mind, and as you well know, from that vantage point you can see the bills on the table, and you can see what they claim to say about your financial well-being. You will have to admit that your response to them lately has not been a three-dimensional response (reactive). You have seen and dealt with it from the Fourth-dimensional frame of reference. There is nothing three-dimensional about it. It only appears to be similar, and this must be clear to you.

I would suggest that you have another conversation with your Supply for further clarification.

PAUL: May I do that right now, Raj?

RAJ: Yes, you may.

PAUL: [Addressing Supply.] Supply?


PAUL: When I last spoke with you, you indicated that the forming of the $5000 needed had already been accomplished.

SUPPLY: That is correct, Paul.

PAUL: Is it possible for me to know the manner in which it will appear, or when it will appear?

SUPPLY: No, Paul, it is not. The reason is that you are dealing here on an old basis. You must grasp that in Reality it is fulfilled. You must be willing to move on, staying at that point of consciousness, of Conscious Being, wherein you can feel the fact that all of you is always available and all of you is always functioning. It is a matter of consistency on your part to act out from Mind rather than react to your world and the way it appears. This is an apparently difficult switch to make, because the habit of reacting is still very strong.

That is my answer.

PAUL: [Addressing Raj.] Raj?

RAJ: Yes, Paul.

PAUL: It is right. It is difficult.

RAJ: Paul, every moment you are feeling the Reality of your Being, you are giving extremely clear messages—the thought processes are not cloudy or diffused. You are constantly invoking the Substance of your Being by virtue of such clear awareness. The omnipresent Substance of your Being brings forth exactly what is needed.

As I have said before, the key to this is your willingness to stand as the Door. You have been doing this very well, and you are, indeed, seeing changes in the way your infinitude is reflecting your standpoint. Do not make the mistake of overlooking the fact that your infinitude is responding differently. It is a direct result or evidence of the manifesting of your supply. It isn’t just money you need, Paul. it is also a changed experience of your infinitude, which you call your world. You are already seeing evidence of the operation of the Law which we talked about yesterday.

Now it is time to get on with other matters.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

Paul, I have been aware that you are interested—yes, with all your heart—to know where you are headed. I can begin to tell you now.

I know you feel very uncertain when it comes to my telling you about what you call “actualities”—and I mean visible actualities as opposed to what you call internal activities. But, I would like for you to sort of sit loose there, like Almee said the other night, and take this with a light touch, if you will, simply to facilitate the communication of what I have to say.

PAUL: Okay.

[I couldn’t hear anything at all.]

Raj, I’m already having trouble. Can you help me get around it somehow?

RAJ: Yes, I will. First of all, be still and quiet yourself down. But do it with a light touch.

PAUL: Okay.

[Short period of meditation.]

Raj, is there any way this can be done more objectively, so I don’t feel so much like I am depending upon a process that I guess I don’t trust my ability to participate in fully yet?

RAJ: Paul, your voice is as objective as we can get at the moment.

PAUL: Very well, Raj. Will you be…

RAJ: Paul, I need you to settle down. Your fear regarding this process of communication is really unnecessary. As you found yesterday, the communication is very well established, and even when you were angry, you still had no difficulty in hearing me at all. You can hear me right now, even though you feel anxious, because you know I’m not about to communicate any further news—at least that’s what you assume from the gist of my conversation at the moment—and this is allowing you to be relaxed enough to be willing to hear what I’m saying. The problem with your hearing what I want to say today is due to an unwillingness to hear, because you find yourself afraid of what you think you are going to hear.

PAUL: Raj, it’s simply a matter that I don’t want any possible confusion or mix-up regarding what you are saying, or what you are going to say.

RAJ: I know, Paul. I understand and appreciate that it is difficult. Why don’t you just listen to what I have to say—go ahead and let it spill out. And afterwards, we can discuss it and see if there are any misunderstandings regarding what I have said.

PAUL: Okay.

I can tell you that I’d love to have a cigarette right now, and—Raj, is there something that I can do to botch this whole thing up? Is this a thing where—like I have one chance, and if I miss it I’ve really missed it?

RAJ: Paul, the answer to that is no, and at this point I do want you to take a break. Go ahead and have the cigarette. Relax. Come back. Do some meditation before you begin the conversation, and solidly get into that Place where you feel no apprehension. Then, let us continue the conversation. We will stick with this, if we have to, until midnight.

Go ahead, Paul.

PAUL: Thank you Raj.

[Cigarette and dinner break taken.]

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