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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, before we begin, I want to thank you for giving me permission to go ahead and read Mr. Creme’s book.1 After reading it, I am especially grateful that you had me wait. In the past two and half weeks there has been so much growth on my part that I read it entirely differently. It has saved me a roller coaster ride, an inner roller coaster ride, at least, for sure.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul.

PAUL: Are you a master?

RAJ: Yes, Paul, I am.

PAUL: Thank you Raj. I didn’t have enough nerve to ask in the past. If you had said yes, that in itself would have thrown me for a loop.

As I said last night, I hope that I have not in any way offended you. I have not meant to be unmannerly. Yet, at the same time, I have felt that you did not want me to be solemn and formal. Unless you tell me otherwise, I will continue as I have in the past—except I think I will tend to take what you have to say with even greater appreciation.

RAJ: Paul, you are right. I do not want you to become formal and stilted with all the folderol of “Master” and “student.” It simply delays and gets in the way of simple, straightforward, direct communication. I recognize your recognition of what I am and who I am, and that is all that matters.

Paul, I am aware that you are beginning to wonder whether the name you have for me is, in fact, my name. Use that name for the time being, because it is truly not an issue at this point. It will not serve you in any way to believe that it is other than what you think it is. I say that without meaning to imply anything other than what I just said.

PAUL: Very well. It truly makes no difference to me. I was just curious.

I do have lots of questions, but I know you will cover them sooner or later. They are not getting in the way of anything at the moment. So, I would simply like to progress with whatever you have in mind.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul.

PAUL: Raj, I am seeing what looks like either the end of a wrench or a C-clamp with windings of brass wire around it, much like the windings on a motor. Is this something which should have significance for me, or just a figment of my own imagination?

RAJ: Paul, this is indeed an image which I am providing you. The focal point of the image should be the windings of brass wire. You are correct in that they approximate the meaning of that portion of a motor.

The backwards C-shaped portion around which the brass wire is precisely wound represents Consciousness. The brass wire represents the field through which Consciousness functions. This function is of a vibrational nature, causing the field represented by the brass coiling to harmonize vibrationally and appear to take on the structure of the conscious activity with which it is harmonizing.

Now you must let go of the picture—it cannot be used throughout the following illustration. It was simply a technique to establish the fundamental idea I want to discuss here.

Paul, the energy field which is activated by the activity of Consciousness—by that I mean the presence of specific ideas and concepts—is constituted of the Universal Substance with which you had a conversation the other day. The impetus which gives Substance rise to give form where form has not been is the activity of Consciousness.

As you remember from your conversation the other day, if the activity of consciousness arises out of a three-dimensional frame of reference, which for the most part is constituted of beliefs and reactions, the Universal Substance cannot respond. It is required by its Nature to respond only to that which is in harmony with your Being.

It is for this reason that Substance must be activated from the standpoint of your experience of Being as Conscious Being. In other words, the activation of that energy field called Substance, in order to be fulfilled, must originate while you are experiencing your Being as Conscious Being, Fourth-dimensional Awareness, Awareness from that Place. For the sake of convenience, you can call that Place the Center of your Being.

Mind you, that is not truly where the Center of your Being is, but the concept has meaning for you at this point, and I shall allow it.

This should clarify a point for you. Whatever is set into motion from the standpoint of Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being must move into manifestation. Whatever originates from a three-dimensional frame of reference does not cause anything to move into manifestation, nor does it hinder anything moving into manifestation. Cause does not lie positively or negatively within the three-dimensional, or finite, frame of reference. This is a great point to understand and keep in mind. I would like you, on your own time, to consider the ramifications of that point.

PAUL: Raj, this brings up, indirectly, a point that I would like to understand or get clarification on. If, as you say, you are a Master, and I am your student—something for which I find myself immensely grateful—is it true that you have some purpose for me to fulfill in the service of mankind and in the fulfillment of my Being?

RAJ: It most certainly does.

PAUL: Then I will unhesitatingly cooperate with whatever that might be, and will wait until you feel it is appropriate to inform me of it.

RAJ: Paul, that is indeed gratifying in ways that are . . . in ways that you are not capable of verbalizing. This is why you are having difficulty at the moment.

I can see that you are aware that such a commitment may not be a bed of feathers, and yet you are still willing.

We will not discuss in this conversation what that service may initially be, but we will get to it shortly. I could not indicate to you what you were needed for until you arrived at that point of inner growth where you were willing to offer. It is with no small sense of Joy that I accept your offer.

You had another part to your question.

PAUL: Yes, I did. My question is this: If this fulfillment of purpose is to come about, it seems to me that it should not cause a deprivation financially, or in terms of necessities, for myself and my family. Actually, I am not so concerned about myself, but I am concerned that my family shouldn’t suffer in any way for my point of unfoldment, and for my desire to serve. I am speaking entirely in terms of the daily necessities of life. I am not talking about whether they are personally happy or unhappy, or pleased, or distressed. That, I understand, is their point of growth and unfoldment.

RAJ: Paul, I just gave you the key to the resolving of that in the illustration and explanation with which we began this conversation. It is very true that I can help. In fact, I am capable of doing whatever is necessary to allow the unhindered progress of what needs to take place according to plan, but I cannot do it at the expense of your own inner growth. This is why I am teaching you how to do it for yourself.

The simple fact is that you are finding that you are on the right track, that you are truly spending the great majority of your days now being out from Mind, more or less, and it is daily becoming more. You are perceiving more and more that your world is your Self, appearing to you in Its infinite aspect.

Paul, all of this is constituting the activity of Consciousness which acts according to Law upon the Nature of the Universal Substance of your Being. The correct vision, felt from the standpoint of Reality, must come forth according to Law as that which appears tangibly, three-dimensionally, as the infinitude of your Being.

Remember that once this Law is set into motion. It cannot be stopped from manifesting by any fearful or limited thoughts in which you might indulge from the standpoint of a finite, three-dimensional point of view. Such a point of view cannot be placed at the point of Conscious Being, which is the only Place any action can be set into motion.

As you know, when you are in that Place, it is totally impossible to experience fear, doubt, or any sense of limitation. This is a scientific Law that I am talking about. You can prove it day after day after day, without fail, because it is Law functioning according to the scientific, principled Nature of Being.

Once you have set a thing into motion by being consciously aware of the Fact from the standpoint of Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being, your only responsibility is to continue forward, being from that point—exactly as you have been doing—without any care or concern as to how or when it will appear.

You must realize that Being functions according to Its own infinite, eternal Harmonies. If that which has been set into motion has not appeared, it is because appearing at that point would not be in harmony with Its unfolding Being. You can trust you do not need it at the moment you are considering the fact that it hasn’t yet appeared.

I want you to consider this deeply. I want you to consider it while you are in that Place when we are not talking to each other. I want you to let it unfold its infinite meanings to you before we talk about it again.

You spoke with me a few days ago regarding the possibility of publishing a monthly newsletter of some sort. We very likely will do this, now that you understand the framework within which a purpose may be fulfilled by the publication of such a monthly letter.

Within the next few conversations, I will be able to be more definite with you about it. I would like you to be open to that possibility, and to whatever unfolds to you in the meantime concerning such an activity.

Paul, after having read Mr. Creme’s book, you have properly perceived that not everything in the book is to be taken by you as gospel. This is because the book was not written totally for you, but for all ages, all backgrounds, all kinds of people—to meet all levels of thought possible within the scope of such a publication. Even as it is, the book is shocking to much of the general public. For the book to have gone into a consistent exposition of the Realities of Being—and how these Realities are unfolding within individual consciousness—would serve only to further frighten and complicate what, in essence, is an evolution of simplification.

As you know, what is ultimately simple can seem totally impossible. The simple fact is, that as things unfold, as things occur, the clarifications will come along as they are able to be understood and internalized. The evolution will be as natural as possible for all concerned. It will occur in such a way that even when it seems difficult or impossible, the individual will also—at the very same time—experience a realization or a conviction that it is possible. This realization will carry him through the difficulty of breaking through his concepts and beliefs.

However, to publish the advanced knowledge without being able to provide the inner conviction that the development is, indeed, possible for that individual, is a great disservice and cannot be done. I know you understand this.

PAUL: Yes, Raj, I understand it very well.

RAJ: I am telling you this because any publication which we might put forth will have to necessarily be far simpler than what you are capable of understanding and have actually experienced. You must be willing to allow the publication to serve the Grand Design. It will not be a publication that you would like to be able to pick up for yourself and grow from. But, then, you don’t really need one any more, do you, Paul? Our conversations are sometimes more than you feel like you can take.

I need you to be aware of these points. Mr. Creme is quite aware of far more than what is in that book, and is also quite aware that the book was not written for him.

PAUL: I realize this may seem like quite a leap away from what you’ve just been speaking about, but may we talk again today and not limit ourselves to this one conversation?

RAJ: We certainly may, Paul.

PAUL: Is it really necessary for us to limit our conversations to one a day, or did you say this so as not to push me beyond the point that I was capable of going?

RAJ: I think now that you have grasped the true portent of these communications, we may get together as often as you wish.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

Raj, is there anything you can do to help me quit smoking, or is there anything you can suggest to me that will allow me help myself more effectively quit smoking?

RAJ: As you asked the question, you realized that all you have to do is set into motion the fact that you are not addicted to cigarettes—or, more positively, that you are free of the desire to smoke cigarettes—and that that is the most effective means you could possibly use in order to give them up.

As I said earlier, they, as part of Your infinitude, are going to be more than willing to cooperate with that desire, placed at the point of Conscious Being, and set into action by the Law of Being. I would suggest that you simply begin to use that facility to see your desire manifest in your life.

You see, Paul, it all has to connect up. There is truly only one thing going on. From the first through the Fourth Dimension there is only one Activity, and that is the Activity occurring as Conscious Being. All of you is always present, and all of you is always functioning and the manner or the means by which it is present and functioning is the simple practice with which I began our conversation today.

As you can see, this is not self-hypnosis, nor is it an attempt to influence the three-dimensional conscious frame of reference. It does not involve manipulation of things “out there,” or ideas within your head. You simply go to the Source, bringing to it the perfect desire. The Law, then, together with the Nature of Substance Itself, takes care of the objects “out there” and the beliefs “in here”—in three-dimensional awareness.

You are going to have fun with that.

Now, although we may speak as often as you like, I may at times (as I am doing right now) terminate a particular conversation so as to bring home a single point and not confuse it by presenting a larger number of various ideas and concepts. So, I will terminate our conversation. I suggest that you type up last night’s conversation, plus this one, and then, if you so desire, get back with me.

  1. Creme, Benjamin, “The Reappearance of the Christ.“ 

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