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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I feel, perhaps, more ready than I did this morning, although I was eager at that time. I think I am beginning to understand that what is needed here is for me to really be willing to let go. So, here I am. I am ready to do whatever you would like to do tonight.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. You see, Paul, the issue here is not a matter of your being willing to let go and put yourself under my control, or anyone else’s control. It truly is a matter of letting go as you do when you are driving the car. It is letting yourself flow with the Universal Harmonies. When you do this, you leave the door open for Infinity to unfold in all of Its marvelous aspects.

I do not want you to conceptualize in any way how these Universal Harmonies will appear. Except, I will guarantee to you that as they unfold themselves as Yourself and your Conscious Experience of Being, they will clarify answers to questions you have been having, and about which you are curious.

So, Paul, with that I am going to ask you to once again go into a deeper state of relaxation. As I said this morning, no matter how deep you go, keep aware of that fine edge of discernment wherein you do not lose your awareness of where you are sensorily.

Go ahead now and begin.

PAUL: Alright.

[Period of meditation.]

Do you want me to continue to hold the microphone while I am doing this?

RAJ: Yes, I do.

PAUL: Very well.

[Period of meditation.]

RAJ: Notice that you have some expectations. They get in the way of the quietness. This is why I do not want you to conceptualize. It is also the reason I do not want you reading other literature, or taking in media information.

I am not criticizing. I know you have steered clear of those. I want you to continue as you are right now. Let everything go in terms of thoughts and cognitive processes. I would like for you to be tuned in completely to my communication with you.

PAUL: Very well. It definitely seems to help if we are talking, there is no such focus, no flow of anything, and it seems to be an experience of jumbled thoughts.

RAJ: I understand, Paul, but right now, I want you to find that quietness without the focal point of our conversation.

PAUL: Alright.

[Period of meditation.]

Raj, it is clear to you that I am really wanting to cooperate fully, willingly, and I really don’t want anything to get in the way of this? I’m actually afraid things will get in the way. I earnestly and really do want to grow.

RAJ: Paul, of this I have no doubt. Do not concern yourself that I might misunderstand your motive, and your desire, and your love.

PAUL: I’m glad to hear that. It seems to me we have a new format here, as opposed to the first three weeks of our conversations. We did not use meditation as a major portion of the time we spent together, and you shared many ideas and learning experiences with me.

As of yesterday, you are not explaining things to me but wish me to do something. Can you explain to me what the thrust of this new format is?

RAJ: No, I cannot. This must be experiential from the word “go.“

PAUL: I understand. Okay. Is there any way you can help me?

RAJ: I am helping, Paul. In fact, you are getting a wonderful amount of help. You might simply be aware that you are surrounded by Love. It is supporting you in letting go, and in not being concerned or afraid.

PAUL: Thank you very much.

RAJ: Paul, I am aware that you are afraid that something startling or unreal—something so far out that it will seem like it is a hallucination—is going to occur. I assure you that we are directing our energies right now at the experience of Reality, not hallucination. It is not something foreign to you. You are all that is going on, as Conscious Being being Itself infinitely. You do not need to be afraid of Yourself, no matter how It unfolds Itself in its infinite aspect. Relax, and feel the Love.

That’s it, Paul. Invite that feeling of fluidity and calm infinity.

PAUL [Period of meditation.]

RAJ: Do not feel unworthy or small. It is Yourself you are faced with, and you are infinite, without measure. You are not too small or too big. It is your own marvelous Infinity that is before you.

PAUL: Why do I feel anxiety when I am not thinking anything in particular?

RAJ: You might say it is sort of a programmed, gut-level recognition that you are getting into free territory, which normally is not allowed by the three-dimensional consciousness. It provides a safeguard against such awareness. You are simply going to have to ignore it. Let it be. Simply proceed in the direction you choose.

PAUL: Thank you. I would like very much to meet the three gentlemen who were here early this morning.

RAJ: Your desire is felt. Stay with it.

PAUL: Raj, I am beginning to sense an aimless drifting, a wondering of thoughts. It certainly does not seem to be cohesive. I do not feel I’m moving in the right direction.

RAJ: Paul, each time you do this, you will find that you will pass through this level. Once again, you must keep your focus on where you are going. You will be able to use this “strata of jabber”1 as an indication of your movement. When you move through it, it will tell you that you are still progressing.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: Yes, we are attempting to remove the phlegm from your throat, and I think we may have succeeded. Do not be afraid to move around, Paul. Movement does not mean that you are not in a deep meditation. Deep meditation does not mean that you are out of touch with the first three dimensions. It simply means that you are very solidly ensconced in the Fourth, and, thereby, experiencing all four dimensions Fourth-dimensionally. This is why I want you to remain sensorily aware.

Right now it seems very foreign to you, but it is only because you are new at it experientially. It will not always require of you that you be alone. As you gain familiarity with deeply being in the Fourth-dimensional frame of reference, you will begin to experience it from Its reference points. You will be quite free enough to move, act, and live in a manner that those seeing three-dimensionally will not find questionable.

PAUL: I would like to get back to my desire to meet the three gentlemen who were here last night. Am I pushing things to do that?

RAJ: No, Paul, you are not. You may do so.

PAUL: Very well, I will.

Raj, I am now beginning to have the feeling that once again it’s not going to work, yet I have no need to stop. I do not feel tired, and I have nothing else I need to do. Is this also something which arises, and through which I have to pass?

RAJ: No, not as though it were a level that you will pass through on each occasion. It is a scurrilous thought inserted haphazardly into the position where you find yourself right now. It is to be ignored. Simply continue on.

PAUL: You are saying that it is perfectly alright to move around?

RAJ: Yes.

PAUL: Should I keep the movements minimal, or can I do as much as stretch?

RAJ: If you will keep your focus point on what you are feeling from your vantage point, and not let your thought rest on the physical sensation as you move, you may move without restriction.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I am going to return to my desire to meet the three gentlemen. May I ask whether there is a mutual interest on their part to meet with me?

RAJ: There is.

PAUL: Thank you Raj.

[Period of meditation.]

RAJ: That’s right, Paul. You are getting the idea—that the thoughts are not there for the purpose of being registered by you. You keep to your own fundamental inward Self-purpose.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj.

RAJ: You see how the dog’s barking tends to cause you to feel responsibility for getting up and letting her in? Notice that you were more ready to do that than to continue. Also, notice that you chose to continue. That was a good choice, Paul.

PAUL: I feel like I am beginning to succeed somewhat.

RAJ: That’s fine, Paul. Continue.

PAUL: [Further meditation.]

Raj, it is getting so deep that my arms are relaxing and the microphone slips away from my face, but I feel that I am doing a fairly good job at having unnecessary activity…

RAJ: There! It just happened briefly. You completely lost all connection with anything except the words, and the words just flowed.

PAUL: Is that what I’m after?

RAJ: Yes, for the time being we will say that is what we’re after. For the purpose of the transcript, it amounted to about the last four words of the sentence—just prior to my interrupting. Do not attempt to make sense out of the nonsense. It was the “happening” of saying words for which you were not responsible that we are after.

Let’s continue.

PAUL: Am I not to bother with the desire to meet with the three men who were here last night?

RAJ: You may continue to express your desire.

PAUL: Okay.

RAJ: Paul, what we are doing here is experientially familiarizing you with some new territories of your Being. Continue.

PAUL: [Further meditation.]

Raj, would it interfere greatly if I did go let the dog in?

RAJ: Not really, no. Go right ahead.

PAUL: Thank you.

[I let the dog in.]

Raj, it appeared to me that last night the purpose was to make contact with the three gentlemen that were here. It was also my perception that, when it appeared as though the contact was going to be made, Maitreya was at the point of “intending” to be on His way. That was my sensing. Was that accurate?

RAJ: That is accurate.

PAUL: Is that not the intent this evening?

RAJ: I am availing myself of every opportunity for uncovering to you the totality of your experience as Conscious Being; however, that still remains the purpose.

PAUL: What do I need to do in order for that to be accomplished? Is that not why I am receiving help, as you said?

RAJ: Yes, Paul, that is. And to answer the first part of your question, you can facilitate this by once again getting into that deeper calm, and have your desire on the back burner.

PAUL: Very well, Raj. Does it really depend on me this much? If these are Masters and are already present and appearing to others—whom I’m assuming don’t even know who They are and haven’t had to do all these things—then why can’t They simply appear to me?

RAJ: Paul, you are trying to reason this thing out and justify your wish for an easy way out. It doesn’t matter under what circumstances any other person may have seen or met Them. All that matters is the work you and I are doing together. It is not for you to be able to understand ahead of time.

Now, let’s get back to work.

PAUL: Okay.

RAJ: Paul, you are frustrating yourself by displaying a desire to control what is going on so it may be conducive to accomplishing the purposes of this conversation. You want it quiet. The dog wants to bark. It is pointing out to what degree you want to retain some control.

Let. Let. Let. Let the dog bark. Let yourself feel anxious. Let yourself not feel anxious. Let the dog not bark. Let whatever comes come!

PAUL: Okay, Raj.

RAJ: Do not judge. No value judgments at this time, please!

PAUL: I will do my best.

RAJ: Paul, in response to an unspoken question, certainly the three gentlemen could make themselves known to you at any time they wished. However, if they were to do it right now, it would deprive you of the opportunity for an essential point of growth, and they are not willing to do that.

Let us stick with the desire to communicate with them, and let us work on becoming most relaxed and being willing to let go of your control.

PAUL: Do I have much further to go?

RAJ: It is all relative, Paul. But not really. If you would like to continue, we can.

PAUL: I would.

RAJ: Very well, go ahead.

PAUL: [Further meditation.]

[A conversation with a woman named Almee began during the meditation. Raj indicated that she was, indeed speaking to me and that it was alright. She suggested that I sort of sit back and relax. Now, continuing… ]

[Addressing Almee.] Almee?


PAUL: Would you continue please?

ALMEE: Yes, thank you. I am going to suggest that you sit back—that’s it. Relax. I’m going to suggest also that you turn off the light.

PAUL: [Light is turned off.]

Almee, I have turned the light off and have gotten comfortable.

ALMEE: Very well. And now I’m going to suggest that you not be quite so heavy about what is going on. You feel something important is occurring. Therefore, you feel that you must be very serious. Although what is happening is important for you, it is not something that requires you to be so heavy. I want you to take it with a little lighter touch.

PAUL: Okay.

[Addressing Raj.] Raj, how does that sound to you?

RAJ: That sounds like excellent instruction to me. Let us proceed now.

PAUL: I perceive a difference between you, Raj, and Almee. I don’t know whether it is in you, or whether it is in the way I perceive, but it is interesting.

RAJ: Paul, there’s simply a difference in Nature, a difference in masculine and feminine sensing of things. I am glad to have the balance here.

PAUL: Does this mean that Almee is also a Guide, that I now have two Guides? Or is she just assisting here?

RAJ: It means that she is assisting. For the time being, if you wish to converse with her, you will find yourself able to. I remain your Guide. Almee will assist when she feels that you will benefit from the added dimension of her nature. We are fully cooperating together at this point in working with you. A time will come when she will no longer be able to converse with you, because it will not fulfill purpose any longer.

PAUL: [Addressing Almee.] Almee, I am very happy to meet you.

ALMEE: Likewise, I’m sure.

PAUL: [Addressing Raj.] Raj, what do I do now? Shall we continue?

RAJ: By all means. Give it a lighter touch, as Almee has said. Go ahead and get into that even more relaxed state and Place than you are right now, but without that touch of heaviness to it that you have had so far.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I will.

[Further meditation.]

Raj, do you have any objection if I stop for now and continue tomorrow?

RAJ: No, I have no objection. You will find that you have learned quite a bit this evening. You should not feel that stopping will shortchange you at all.

I would like to talk with you tomorrow at your earliest convenience. I realize that you have some things to take care of. Take care of them, and I will talk to you after that.

Good night, Paul.

PAUL: Good night, Raj, and good night, Almee. I am glad to meet you.

  1. Each time I would meditate, I would “pass through” a flow of random thoughts, usually regarding things needing to be done in my daily life, or that I had forgotten to do. 

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