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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good afternoon Raj.

RAJ: Good afternoon Paul. Thank you for following my instructions. I am going to begin by having you relax once again. When I tell you to pick up the microphone, please do so. In the meantime—yes, after taking your shoes off—please begin to relax and do as I say.

PAUL: [Period of meditation.]

Raj, is there something I am not understanding here? Why does it seem to be taking such a long time?

RAJ: Paul, understanding has nothing to do with this. When you asked the question, you were referring to the three-dimensional mind understanding. That is why I responded in the way I did. What is happening this morning is that you are simply putting yourself at the point where you can truly understand experientially, throughout your total Being, just exactly what is occurring and what we are moving toward.

Now, I would like you to continue to stay in that Place, remembering to keep that fine balance between deep meditation and still being conscious of your surroundings sensorily. Thank you, Paul.

PAUL: May I sit on the floor?

RAJ: Yes, you may.

PAUL: Thank you.

[Long period of meditation.]

Raj, I am feeling disappointed that I am blocking something, or not able to do what you have expected this morning.

RAJ: Paul, do not feel disappointed, since we will continue until we do it. I do not expect you to sit there until doomsday, but I would like to have you sit down later today, or this evening, and we will continue.

You are correct that some effort is being made to clear your throat of the excess phlegm. In that way you will not spontaneously begin coughing and disrupt the flow of energy around you at an inopportune time.

Again, do not feel disappointed. You are not inconveniencing me or anyone else. You did well this morning.

Paul, do not conceptualize and use your imagination unnecessarily today. Stay in that Place to the very best of your ability.

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