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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: This morning I am not going to ask any questions, because I have the feeling from what you said last night that you have things that you want to talk about. So I am simply going to be quiet and listen.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. We are now going to consider a number of things which are necessary to the fulfillment of your Purpose at this time. I want you to be willing to consider these things since they are essential to your growth.

Right now, I want you to take a moment to become even quieter than you are, and get into that Place very solidly.

[There followed a short meditation.]

PAUL: Alright. Is that alright, Raj?

RAJ: No, a little bit further.

PAUL [Further meditation]


RAJ: That’s fine, Paul.

PAUL [Further meditation.]

Raj, this is feeling too deep for me. I am afraid that I will lose contact entirely and forget to use the microphone.

RAJ: Don’t worry. Everything will go correctly.

PAUL: Alright.

[Further meditation.]

I don’t understand this, Raj. Why so deep?

RAJ: In order to have you extremely flexible and capable of translating my communication with utmost accuracy. I do not want any personal reaction on your part. That is why.

PAUL: Okay.

[Further meditation.]

RAJ: Thank you, Paul. This is much better.

PAUL: You’re welcome, Raj. You may begin whenever you like.

RAJ: Paul, we are coming very close to the time that we have spoken of before. Knowing that there is some confusion on your part, and some slight reluctance to believe it, I need you to be out of the picture as much as possible, in the sense of resisting what I say. You are very willing and trusting, and that helps a great deal.

Paul, do not tense up as I begin to speak.

PAUL: [Some further meditation.]

If you get me any more relaxed, I’m going to be like a limp dishrag here. I won’t hardly be able to use the microphone.

RAJ: Do not concern yourself, Paul. I will see to it that the microphone works. You may let go totally.

PAUL [Further meditation.]

RAJ: Paul, you are too tired tonight to proceed further. I want you to go to bed now and get a good night’s sleep. I want you to contact me in the morning. Thank you. Do not be apprehensive at all. Relax and let go with all your heart, if that is what you feel.

Until tomorrow morning, I shall say good night.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. Good night!

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