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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, it is only half an hour until Monday. This is when you said that I would be surprisingly able to cope with the demands made on me, and be able to remain observing and experiencing my life from the standpoint of Conscious Being. I hope you’re right. And I hope that the growth over the past three days has been what you anticipated. I feel as though I could have done more. But, be that as it may, you are aware that Susan is highly incensed at the things you had to say in our conversation today. I will have to admit that her response is bothering me.

Do you have anything to say about this situation?

RAJ: Paul, I am not here to act as a marriage counselor. I am here to act as a Guide in your development of your ability and capacity as Fourth-dimensional Man. In spite of what Susan might like, you are not here to cater to her insistence on operating from a three-dimensional-only level. Actually, Susan knows better, but she is not willing to integrate her Knowing with her Being, and act out from that point.

You feel that she is making demands on you by her insistence to hold you to her finite view, and pull you out from your experience of being as Conscious Being.

The fact is that you are doing well at remaining centered at the Door of your own infinite Wisdom and Understanding. You do not need to be afraid that you will slip.

You are learning a lesson that is difficult for you. You must let the three-dimensional frame of reference “do its little jig” until it wears itself out and gives up.

In the meantime, you must actively remain at the point of being as Conscious Being. Listen attentively to Mind’s unfolding of Itself as It is, right where it looks like the jig is going on. To paraphrase a statement you are familiar with “You must see the Fourth-dimensional Reality right where the three-dimensional frame of reference sees itself.” Seeing the Reality, you will not be confused by the jig. Neither will you be moved by its claims. In order to do this, you must be willing to stand at the Doorway where Being’s view of Itself is what is seen.

You have the strength to do this, and you are willing. I advise you to do it steadfastly.

In regard to tomorrow and its demands, you are already aware of things you need to do. Do them. But do them as Conscious Being. You are getting quite acclimated to being from that Place. Continue to do so. Take one step at a time. Keep it simple. If it claims to be complex, keep it simple.

I want you to begin to let your experience teach you. I would like for you to back off to one conversation a day with me. You have learned how to get into that Place and stay there, and how to get back if you need to.

Now I want you to begin to do that. Experience the events of your day, each day, from that environment. You will begin to find your experience explaining itself. You will find your enlightenment to be equally as meaningful as our many conversations have seemed to you. As you have already discovered, your daily experience supplies you with optimum opportunity to learn about your Self, and about the places in which you need further growth.

I am not going anywhere. I want you to give your attention to your Self as It is living Its infinite unfoldment, and begin to find that It is an ever present and excellent teacher.

This will leave us free to go on to other matters which need your attention. It will also allow you to discover how everything we have been talking about relates to your daily life. This will probably be the most valuable lesson you will ever learn.

I see that you do not really have any other questions. I will say good night for now, and look forward to our conversation tomorrow.

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