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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I have been reading over the transcripts of our conversations and have really been enjoying them. Their consistency is beautiful. I’m finding that reading them over is helping to give added depth to where I find myself today. It’s very interesting to find that things you have talked about in the last few days were also talked about in the beginning. Yet, there is so much more meaning to them now, in light of what has transpired since we began these conversations.

I just really want to express my gratitude for everything that has happened since we first started talking.

RAJ: You are very welcome, Paul. But remember that this is not simply the transcription of information. The focal point is not the transcript. Although the transcript gives some slight indication of what we have been discussing, the emphasis should be placed on the actual experiences which you have had. The value is in the communication of meaning as experienced within your consciousness.

PAUL: I get your point. You are right.

Raj, my youngest daughter has now expressed an interest in contacting her Guide. I explained to her what the process was that I went through in contacting you. I think she is somewhat impatient. She was wondering whether or not you would speak with her regarding this process, as you said you would with Julie.

RAJ: Paul, I will be very happy to speak with Wendy. I want her to realize that communicating with her Guide will be an experience that goes far beyond anything she may be thinking of at the moment. I know that she is anxious to have her Guide present during her spelling bee, but tell her that part of being able to contact her Guide will be in relaxing, and not pushing the situation at a speed which she would like.

Explain to her that when she contacts her Guide—or when her Guide contacts her—she will need to be in a quiet inner place where she is not pushing for anything. Pushing will get in the way and prevent her from making contact. Her Guide will only be able to contact her when she is being totally quiet.

Share with her that once she begins to express an interest in making contact with her Guide, her Guide will immediately begin helping her in invisible ways to quiet down her unbounded enthusiasm and her great desire to have things when she wants them. She will not have to do this all by herself.

Tell her that her Guide realizes that being quiet, giving up, and letting things happen in their proper time may seem like an almost impossible job to her. That is exactly why her Guide will be helping her—silently and invisibly—to assist her in learning how to be still and in a listening attitude. Tell her it will not be impossible, but that she must be willing to let her Guide come to her in the way that her Guide knows best. This is the way that will be of most benefit to Wendy.

Of course, she will need to approach me in the same way, and I will be most glad to speak to her. Knowing that she is desirous of speaking to me, I will be attentive and waiting. Wendy must be patient with herself, as the pathway is cleared for communication.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. I appreciate that.

Since having spoken with my Supply the other day, I have really been curious as to whether or not I am able to talk to other aspects of my Being. For instance, I’m wondering whether I can speak to my Intuition directly, rather than having to catch it sporadically, as I have in the past. I…

RAJ: Paul, I’m going to interrupt and answer this question by itself, before I get a list from you so long that it will be confusing.

As I have said before, there is only one thing going on. That one thing is your Self, infinitely expressed and infinitely seen and experienced as Your infinitude—the One that is You. You are totally available to yourself to experience directly as Your Self, to experience consciously as Your Self, with understanding.

The answer to your question is, yes, you can contact your Intuition directly. I would suggest that you also take time to contact any part of your Self that you find yourself interested in learning about. You will find it most educational and a wonderful experience.

PAUL: Does this apply also to visible objects such as animals, trees, tables, chairs, lamps, light bulbs—whatever?

RAJ: Paul, sooner or later it has to become clear to you that the All is One. None of it exists objectively as a static bunch of stuff. All of your Being is alive. All of it reflects the Activity, the Life, the active Intelligence that constitutes your Being. None of it exists in the limited way in which you have perceived it from a three-dimensional view.

In the same way that your Substance is always available to you, all of your experience is always available to you. That does not mean that it is just available to see with your eyes. It is available for you to experience as Meaning, as Texture, as Color, as Intent or Purpose, in broad ranges of Hue. et cetera. These words actually are very inadequate to express the experience of their meaning, which you will have as you open yourself up to it. Yet, they give some hint of what I am trying to communicate.

Next question?

PAUL: I was going to make this a two-part question, but for the sake of simplicity, I will ask them one at a time.

My first question relates to the fact that, in having healing sessions with my mother and Susan, lately I found that I was not experiencing the same degree of warmth in my hands as I had in the beginning. There are times when my hands sense greater warmth than other times. Yet, there are other instances when the warmth is not as great, and I feel that the work is done. There are other occasions when the sensation has been quite a bit warmer, and I wonder what that indicates.

RAJ: Paul, as you were aware in the back of your mind while you asked that whole question, this is something that you must do based entirely on what you feel from within yourself. I cannot answer that question any further.

PAUL: Thank you, Raj. My next question is: What are the dynamics of the relationship between myself, my wife, and my mother?

RAJ: Yes, Paul, the answer is simpler than you are anticipating. I am glad that you are getting into the habit, when you find yourself not being able to hear me, to automatically assume that the answer is simple. This immediately makes you able to hear what I have to say. You are learning that well.

Before I answer your question, I want you to learn to use your “dinner bells” in exactly the same manner. In other words, “dinner bells” are solely for the purpose of having you move to a different point of view—that Place wherein the answer or enlightenment can be discerned. It can be done just as easily as you are now finding it is for you to hear me when you have not been able to.

Now, I will respond to your question. Relationships are constituted of the harmonies and interchanges of the one infinite One—Your Self from your point of view, Susan’s Self from her point of view, your mother’s Self from her point of view. As I have said before, if you could clearly see what is happening from a Fourth-dimensional standpoint, you would see that the apparent three-dimensional relationship is totally Harmonious. What we see “out there” is a finite view of the Total Oneness and Harmony of our Being.

If we insist on leaving the position of seeing out from Mind, and choose to view it the way it appears, we set ourselves up for sharp jabs. This is because “personal” relationships are, in themselves, unkind and harsh misperceptions of our Wholeness. This is why personal relationships are perhaps the most unsatisfying experiences we can endure.

You see, it is one thing to see things three-dimensionally, as though separate, isolated, and independent. It is entirely another thing to see them personally. It is quite possible to view things three-dimensionally without seeing them from a personal frame of reference, but a personal sense of things always includes a great and terrible sense of egotism—always with self-righteousness.

The personal sense of things becomes a sieve through which is run our experiences of our “others” and even our experience of the world. This causes a highly unnatural misalignment of our perception of them. You could compare it to intense inbreeding of animals, in which the breed becomes so refined as to no longer have a broad enough base to support it. It becomes weak and idiotic. This is why relationships based on a personal sense cannot stand, or withstand, the normal dynamics of Life.

Having been so finely misaligned by having been put through the sieve of egotism and self-righteousness, the downfall of such personal relationships does not occur comfortably. They come apart only with great distress being experienced on the part of the one indulging in that personal sense.

The only solution which can actually resolve a relationship problem is for the one experiencing discomfort to drop the personal sense of involvement, thus resolving it actually back into the normal Universal Harmonies that constitute the existence of the individualities involved. This is a phrase which you have heard many times before, but it has been unclear to you how to do it. Trying to lay down a personal sense is like trying to lay down a piece of flypaper. The more you attempt to put it down, the more firmly it sticks!

The only way to lay down a personal sense of things is to go within to that Place of quietness and attentiveness, and listen for the influx of your Being as It sees Itself from Its infinite standpoint. This can be achieved through meditation, if one is a beginner. Here, you not only see things as they are, but you experience them as they are. In that experience you cannot find a trace of that personal sense of things from which you had been suffering.

In this specific instance, when it comes to you, your wife, and your mother, you are all cooperating together in one harmonious activity. Actually! Each of you is experiencing your relationship with the other according to either your enlightenment or your belief. Nevertheless, you are experiencing it for the purpose of your Divine Fulfillment. it is moving each of you to the point of consciously discovering your Freedom from the personal sense.

Paul, you are finding—as you have more and more experience being out from Mind—that you are beginning to be able to see the three-dimensional mental structure your mother has created for herself in order to supply herself with the feeling of security. You are also seeing that by simply being out from Mind, you may play some part in the collapse of that structure. In the removal of it, your mother will thus be free to discern the already orderly landscape and functioning of her Being, whether she is consciously being orderly or not from a three-dimensional standpoint.

You are correct not to push it, but to Be It intuitively.

Susan is entirely responsible for how she experiences this whole thing in her life. Having had this opportunity to let go of the personal control of her environment, she has the capacity to understand that much compassion is appropriate at this point toward the one she calls her mother-in-law. She also needs to love herself, and be compassionate toward herself, as she seemingly awkwardly loses her hold on her three-dimensional environment.

There is strong personal sense on both sides of the fence between Susan and the one she calls mother-in-law. Certainly, no one need be in a position of pointing a finger. In fact, it must be recognized that the pointing of fingers is part of the whole hideous, ugly personal sense of Life.

Paul, as you are aware, there has been a personal relationship between you and your mother, not on antagonistic grounds, but on the grounds of love. You truly are beginning to see that that personal sense has blinded you to perceiving Reality. You are learning that, as you are able to abide as Conscious Being, both the dynamics of the illusion, as well as the actual Reality, are becoming clear. You are being able to move around and through the belief as experienced by this one called your mother. You will be able to help topple this belief structure that is entertained by your mother as you become more familiar with operating out from Mind. This will occur without the process destroying her.

As I said before, the resolution of this problem will be achieved by going within to that Place, as Conscious Being, and abiding there as consistently as possible. This is the only way in which the perspective can be gained to resolve this situation, and do it in harmony with the Reality of Being. Nothing else will actually solve it.

PAUL: Raj, I have no other questions at the moment, so I will sign off for now, and I anticipate that I will get back with you a little bit later. Thank you very much.

RAJ: You are welcome, Paul. Good afternoon.

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