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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Good morning Raj. I am absolutely amazed that our communication last night was totally clear. As you are aware, I did not grasp at all what you were saying. It has come to me that when I feel like things have blown my mind, it isn’t actually my mind—it’s the concepts that are being blown away, or out of my experience. I need to recognize that when I’m feeling blown away, it indicates the very presence of enlightenment taking place, rather than negativity.

I am wondering whether or not it is possible to have a three-way conversation between myself, you, and my Supply?

RAJ: It most certainly is, Paul. It’s all You anyway.

PAUL: Okay. First of all, do you have any comments you want to make?

RAJ: No, I really don’t at this time. Why don’t you go ahead now and have your conversation with your Supply. Continue where you left off last night.

PAUL: All right, I will.

[Addressing Supply.] I know you are omnipresent and ever present, Supply. Let me ask you whether it is more accurate to refer to you as my Supply or my Substance?

SUPPLY: It is more accurate to refer to me as Substance, but if you wish to refer to me as Supply, you may. It’s just that in your present thought processes, the word “supply” refers primarily to money. In Actuality, Substance refers to all the energies which constitute the activity of your Being, which is Universal. You are free to call me whatever you wish.

PAUL: I understand more clearly this morning that you are desirous of responding to needs that I am conscious of wanting fulfilled. Is that correct?

SUPPLY: That is exactly correct. There is no emotion involved in desiring to fulfill your needs. It is simply my Nature to do that.

PAUL: Does this mean that if there is a need for $5000 or $6000 in order to bring all of my financial situation current, that I simply come to this point where I can converse with you, and state, “I need $5000″?

SUPPLY: It’s almost as simple as that. You see, I am You in your infinite aspect. I constitute the underlying Activity or energy field, which is ever present and attentive by Nature to forming the perfect concept, as well as the more Universal directives of Your Being. This is a fact, whether or not you are consciously aware of this activity at any given time. You see, all of You is always functioning, even though you are apparently aware of only a small part of that Totality, and I respond to all of You.

When you have a desire, I must respond, as long as that desire approximates the fulfillment of your Being. When your desire is based on external stimuli and misconception, then I cannot respond, because that is your belief and not your Being.

As you begin to become more familiar with being out from Mind, my response will seem to be more visible than it has been in the past, because there will be no belief in it, just Being.

PAUL: At this time from the point of being as Conscious Being, I recognize that it is principled and orderly for proper debts to be able to be fulfilled. I would love to be able to pay off every debt. But I will start small.

Do I need to state a specific amount of money, or do I simply need to say that I would like as much money as is needed in order to bring all of my bills current?

SUPPLY: You need to be specific. I am not a mind reader, I do not think, although I am Intelligence in action.

PAUL: Very well. I need $5,000. This is not an extravagant desire. It will bring everything current and will leave almost nothing left over. That is my need.

SUPPLY: Thank you, Paul, for stating it clearly. I will form it in a manner or package that you can recognize and utilize, just as I form the air so that you are able to recognize and utilize it.

It is not necessary for you to know how I do it with money, any more than it is necessary for you to know how I do it with air. But the fact is that a clear desire, based on a perfect concept, made from the standpoint of Conscious Being, puts into action the Nature of Law of my being, and I respond. You can count on it.

PAUL: Is it helpful or necessary if I specify a time by which I need it?

SUPPLY: As I said, I do not think. Time has nothing to do with the process. It is already done.

PAUL: Thank you.

[Addressing Raj.] Raj, you must be familiar with how this process works.

RAJ: Of course, I am, Paul.

PAUL: What is the next step for me? Because it’s already done, do I now simply wait patiently to see it unfold in my experience? Does it mean I now need to take some action? What do I do now?

RAJ: Paul, do not handle your thought right now as though you cannot hear me. I know that you are not consciously aware of resisting, but we need to break through this ingrained block.

The simple fact is, Paul—that’s it, relax, and don’t think while you are communicating with me right now—you need to understand that your Being functions in accordance with Universal Harmonies. The exact manner and form in which your supply will appear will be in accordance with the Universal principles of Harmony—the Harmony of your Being.

You are wondering whether you need to remain in meditation, or whether all you need to do is trust and go about the things at hand to do.

Paul, the simple answer is that you must stay in this intuitive place and be responsive to the Universal Harmonies of Your Being. You must learn to flow with the movement of your Substance as well as with the movement of your entire Being, just as you are learning to flow very nicely with the communications you and I have each day.

Do not think of it as a special place, or a special state of mind. It will, indeed, feel different. Do not judge it. From your point of view, you are going to have to risk the chance that everything is all right while you are in the seeming foreignness or strangeness of being out from Mind.

I told you yesterday that you had graduated into Fourth-dimensional Conscious Being. You are Fourth-dimensional Man now. There is no way to go back. Any attempt to do so will be met with such discomfort that it will not be possible for you to succeed—any more than your trying to put on a pair of shoes that you wore when you were a teenager would be comfortable. You wouldn’t stay in those shoes for a moment, because you don’t really have the choice. You have grown!

When I stated that yesterday, it was not meant as a positive reinforcement in order to encourage you to continue. It was a statement of fact.

I am going to discontinue our conversation right now. I want you to notice where you are as we are speaking. I want you to pay attention to how you feel. I’m glad you opened your eyes. I want you to attempt to stay in this Place as consciously as you can as you proceed through your day.

I do want you to take a short nap this afternoon at some point, and I would like to talk with you later this evening.

Do not panic at this point. As you realize, you have the weekend coming up, and you will not be faced with strong apparent demands from outside of you. We will continue to work together over these three days. By the time Monday comes around, you will be surprisingly capable of handling the demands of what still seems to be a world external to you.

You have perceived correctly that you have not quite assimilated and internalized the things which we have been discussing. Yet, you are aware of the fact that it is not just so much book learning, as your learning has been in the past.

You are doing very well. Do not let these apparent external demands frighten you right now.

I know exactly what I am doing. I told you earlier that there is time to learn the things we are dealing with before it will be essential for you to put them into operation in a practical, demonstrable way.

I will talk with you later today. I will be with you all day today, and I will be with you all day every day for an indefinite period. Do not feel as though you are alone, because you truly are not. You are the All One.

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