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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj, thank you for the time you have spent with me today. I know I really sound dumb, but we are faced with a need for income—supply—which you have already talked to me about before. It seems to me you have covered all the points necessary in order for me to see fulfillment in practical terms in my life—income, good schooling situations for the children—I could go down the list.

Over the last eleven days I have experienced, with you, a tremendous supply of understanding, available to me the moment I ask for it. However, I am somehow not getting the message—we still have no income coming in, and I am currently not doing anything that generates income.

I am not understanding the method or means by which to see my supply manifest. As a result of being totally open and not attempting to control the situation, I have been expecting to see some evidence of supply from somewhere. If all of myself is always present, then that includes my supply. You know what I’m talking about, and I need some honest-to-goodness help.

[Nothing heard]

RAJ: Yes, Paul, I am here—to answer your silent question.

PAUL: I am not hearing you.

RAJ: I know you aren’t, Paul.

PAUL: I’m going to take a moment to. . . Raj, I was more concerned and upset this morning than I think I am right now, and I heard you perfectly clearly.

RAJ: Paul, take your attention off how you are feeling and place it consciously where it already is. In spite of the feelings that you are having, your conscious awareness is placed correctly at the point of Conscious Being as Mind. Now, if you want to go ahead and think your own thoughts of doubt and fear, and argue with the obvious, you go right ahead and do it.

Yet, as you can see, the fact that you are hearing me talk to you right now means that you are not doing the other very actively.

Paul, it is not as hard as you think. I have said that all of you is always present. I have pointed out to you that the first two dimensions are included in the third; the first three dimensions are included in the Fourth; and I have told you that the Fourth Dimension is the governing dimension.

Now I ask you, Paul, whether you think that Being, God, can possibly be active without fulfilling Itself completely? And, if It can’t exist without fulfilling Itself completely, then every aspect of your being must be fulfilled completely. If you cannot see it visibly and tangibly, then you need to go within and abide as the open Door.

PAUL: Raj, it seems to me that it is one thing to go within and listen for you, because you are alive and capable of communicating in language. I certainly do not think that Supply is alive in the sense of being an individual that can communicate Itself to me. I don’t know of anyone to talk to.

RAJ: Paul, there may not be anyone to speak to. However, you can go to the very same Place where you are right now, and let your desire be known. Express it, just as you do when you contact me. I want you to listen for an answer, but I do not want you to conceptualize it as though it is coming from a person. Do not be surprised if it comes to you in words, but do not conceptualize it as a person.

I mentioned during an earlier conversation that an energy pattern has, or is, a design, and that it is a design in the sense of intent or purpose. Supply does not exist as a purposeless lump of energy pattern with no intent.

I have also told you that you skate, as it were, on all of Supply always, and that all of It is always present. It is not just sitting there being a static bunch of stuff. I told you that it flowed. In other words, It has intent. Its intent is to be experienced in practical terms as whatever means supply wherever you are.

PAUL: But does this mean that it is going to drop out of heaven or fall off a tree or appear magically in my hand?

RAJ: I don’t know. You are going to have to find that out by going within, as I said, and having a conversation with Supply. Since Its intent is to fulfill Itself as the infinitude of your Being, then you can count on the fact that It has the means of expressing Its intent to you as your fulfillment.

Now, I realize that this seems far out to you. Yet, it is worth a try, don’t you think? You might be very surprised at the result.

You came to me and asked the question. That is the answer I’m giving you. Since you are already in that Place, I am going to say good night for now and, in so many words, “hang up.” I want you to stay “on the line” and open yourself up to your Supply and speak to It as though you were speaking to me.

Be aware that your response will not come from an individuality, but it will come from the Universal Substance which has the intent of fulfilling Itself in your experience as that which meets your tangible, financial need.

So, with that I will say good night for now. After you finish talking with your Supply, if you wish to speak to me again, I will be more than happy to do so. Good night for now, Paul, and have an interesting time.

PAUL: [Feeling very foolish, I proceeded to open up a dialogue with my Supply.]

[Addressing Supply.] Supply, are you there?

SUPPLY: Of course, I’m here. I’m omnipresent and ever present.

PAUL: Can you tell me why it is that I don’t seem to be able to see you?

SUPPLY: I am aware of your desire for my presence.

PAUL: If you are, indeed, omnipresent, how come I cannot seem to find you in my conscious experience?

[No response perceived]

Let me rephrase the question. What can I do to allow you to be manifest in my experience?

SUPPLY: You can first of all acknowledge that I truly am omnipresent and am the omnipresence which you see as those tangible things which meet your need at every moment. You have no trouble seeing me as a continuous abundance of air to breathe. You have no trouble seeing me as the continuous abundance of sunlight that you see.

Yes, as you have just thought, in the case of the sun there is a source. But in the case of the air, the source of it is not so readily discernible.

PAUL: Supply, I will get back with you shortly.

[Addressing Raj.] Raj, this is… I am feeling like a total fool right now.

RAJ: Paul, since you are seeming to have great difficulty in hearing me right now regarding this subject, I want you to sit down and do a meditation, I will be with you. And I have been with you today, even though it seems as though I haven’t been present.

PAUL: All right, I will do that.

[I tried to meditate, became frustrated, and quit.]

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