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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Thank you very much for the conversation this morning. It hit every nail right on the head and snapped me out of the doldrums.

Because that was the issue at that point, we did not get into some other questions that I have. This whole idea of the Second Coming of the Christ, or the Reappearing of the Christ, is certainly acceptable to me—or shall I say it’s not offending my preconceptions. The details of it, however, are really stretching their boundaries.

I will have to say that if there were a way to have some objective, visible verification that these things are occurring, it seems to me that it would help clarify for me the feeling that I am fabricating or imagining these parts of your conversation. And, it would put to rest some underlying doubts that I feel are getting in the way of simply moving forward with my own experience as Conscious Being.

It would be nice if the wheels were not spinning, and I could go about my activities knowing in what way I fit into this whole thing.

I guess you could say I’m applying for a job.

From what little I am aware of, Maitreya and some of the Masters are, indeed, already here and active. If there is anything I can do with the talents that I have to further that work, or participate in it, I’m ready, willing, and able. I guess with that I will turn the floor over to you.

RAJ: Paul, I am aware that you are concerned that, once again you will not translate my meanings correctly because the subject matter is jangling your mind or stretching your concepts. Once again, you do not have to be concerned that you will be misunderstanding me, since we have established a good solid “connection,” you might say. And, in fact, I think that if you relaxed a little bit more you would find that you wouldn’t have to push the button on the microphone quite so often, and you would find that the words would flow very smoothly.

Nevertheless, the fact remains that you are reading me loud and clear. Otherwise, I would have told you. Not everything can be revealed to you at once, because it would cause you in some things, to neglect necessary growth that has to come out of the very depths of your Being. As you have also become aware, although we are the Door, the Door is not nothing. And the Door must be prepared to be the passageway for the Limitless Wisdom, Truth, Knowledge, and Understanding constituting the Universal Being that constitute each One of Us.

Maitreya has grown, or developed, the Doorway that He is to such a high degree, or to such advanced dimensions, that the Christ-consciousness is identified almost as being identical to it. But there is a fine distinction there, and we must keep clear that it does not mean that New Jerusalem is to be the City belonging to the Doorway called Maitreya.

Paul, you will have objective proof of what we are speaking. I cannot tell you exactly when, but you will not be held dangling on a string like a puppet so that it deprives you of your awareness of Your Self as being a point through which Being is Expressing Itself completely and fully.

As I said before, although you are the transparency for the Christ, the vehicle is your Love. I realize that you have had to do everything you are doing on great faith that has welled up from the very depths of your own Being. And, you see it is the depth of your own Being that constitutes the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven. You have to be the Key that unlocks the door. That is why none of this can be done for you.

I know I appear to be being evasive, but believe me, I am not. Nor am I leading you on. Everything has a time and place. You will understand, once you have hindsight, exactly why it is that things did not happen and ideas were not perceived until the time they actually happened and were perceived.

Also, it is not up to me as to when objective verification will be given you. I can only say that what you have done so far is a source of great joy, and is an integral part of the awakening of Planet Earth to its true potential as Conscious Being. By that I mean all mankind.

I understand that you have some difficulty totally believing what I am telling you right now. It is going to be up to you at the present time to decide whether you are going to continue to give it your faith or not. Part of all of this depends upon the strength of the intuitive recognition of what is occurring in the world in spite of what the media is proclaiming about the destruction and disarray of organizations, countries, monetary systems, and so on, around the globe.

You will not have any objective proof until there is sufficient strength in the recognition of the signs of the times. Your intuition and your faith in it constitute an energy which is building in many individualities around the globe, and which is strengthening the general atmosphere of consciousness.

If the objective proof were given to you before what is occurring in your own being—before this faith in your intuition—had fulfilled its worldwide strengthening purpose, you would no longer need to express faith, nor would you lean upon your intuition in that direction any longer, and right now that energy is needed. This is why you have no objective evidence at the present time.

Again, I reassure you that the moment your energy is not needed for the fulfillment of that purpose you will have objective proof.

PAUL: Raj, I have never asked you about where you are. I am curious to know whether you are here on this planet or somewhere else.

RAJ: I have recently been there but am not now.

PAUL: Will I have an opportunity at some point to meet you “physically?”

RAJ: It is not likely—at least not for the time being—since there needs to be a greater strengthening of our ability to communicate fluently. Although you may not realize it, if you were to meet me physically, it would throw a bind into the process which you are learning right now.

Paul, I know that you are wondering about where your source of income will come from now. This is something I want you to go within about, and lean on your Self for the answer. You can trust that whatever answer unfolds out of your Being will harmonize and coincide with these other events that I have been speaking about. But, you must remember to do all of it from the standpoint of Being as Conscious Being or Fourth-dimensional Man.

In answer to a thought that you had earlier, the fact that you seem to feel quite normal right now while you are speaking with me does not mean that you are not coming out from Mind. It does mean that you are becoming far more adept and familiar at moving around as Mind. You see, Paul, it is not as different as you thought it was. it is not shocking or jarring to your Being. This is a valuable lesson for you.

Be careful that you do not invalidate its actuality by thinking that because the process seems so normal at this moment, that you must not be coming from the Place of Fourth-dimensional Being.

You must remember that in the process of becoming Fourth-dimensional Man, you have not left the other three dimensions behind. They are all there, and you will not function in all four dimensions. This is where I would like you to give your attention in order to discover in what ways things are now different for you as you are being out from Mind in a four-dimensional world.

For example, you have noticed that when you do not want to get a telephone call because it will interrupt our conversation, you don’t get any telephone calls. You will find that when you say the word, and the word comes from that point where you are being as Conscious Being, then that word will be done. It will be with no personal sense of power, because the only way the word can come from there is if it is in total harmony with Being Itself. Nevertheless, you will find that things will happen differently for you now than they did when you were seeing from a three-dimensional point of view and placing your sense of self within that frame of reference. You have graduated into the Fourth Dimension rather smoothly, Paul. I am pleased, just as I know you are amazed that it has happened at all, considering that it was not more dynamic than it has been.

Paul, I keep saying that Being, Enlightenment, Growth, the rising of the Phoenix from its own ashes, is perfectly natural and normal, that it is always something that we are capable of doing. It will probably be some time before you realize the full impact of that fact and relax at the living of Life. But be aware of it now, to whatever degree you are able.

I know that Susan wants to speak with me, and I am more than happy to speak to her through you. This will give you more practice at developing the fluency that even during this conversation you have found is increasing. I am also aware that you will probably want to speak with me later, and I will look forward to that.

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