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PAUL: Good morning Raj. As you can tell, I am feeling very confused, in a way. Yet part of me is not confused. I do not understand, or do not feel comfortable with, the things you have told me in the last two days.

I say that with reservations because another part of me feels absolutely, totally, completely at one with it and there is no question in my mind at all.

This morning when Susan and I woke up, we both became aware of a very uneasy feeling. I ran the Tarot cards. They indicated that yes, indeed, there was something present which appeared to be sadness or grief, and doubt. Since the devil card appeared in the bottom row, the conclusion I came to was that what we were experiencing were not feelings arising from within us. Rather we were picking up the fear which is being experienced by everything which the presence of the Christ is going to clear out of human experience. One can call it the devil, mortal mind, the dark forces, or whatever.

I guess I’m feeling uneasy because I suddenly feel like I have been catapulted into the middle of an arena of some sort in which a contest is going on. I haven’t the faintest idea of what the dynamics of the situation are, or whether I can protect myself while being in this place. I don’t know whether I even need protection.

As you know, I have felt very uneasy during the last two days. I’ve gone through phases of indignation, anger, and fear. All of this is so new to me. I don’t feel one hundred percent comfortable with it. I don’t know exactly what it all means. I guess I feel like I’m finding myself in an unfair position and this brings up mixed reactions.

I think the need right now is for Susan and me not to be frightened, or concerned, or upset. I know for myself that I really would like to be able to be free of this uneasiness, so that my attention can be given, with some sense of peace to the open fount you mentioned yesterday.

The fact is, I would like to understand what is going on, so that I don’t unnecessarily frighten myself. I guess that’s it. I’m really interested in what you are going to have to say.

I will tell you this also: I am feeling that the question I am asking is a very important question. I’m aware that when I have that feeling, I become apprehensive about the answer because I don’t want to have myself in the way. I want to know without a doubt that the answer is not one of my own fabrication.

I do have trust that in spite of fears I’ve had in the past week or two, that I have transcribed accurately the things you’ve had to say. I feel confident this morning that even if I am afraid, I will accurately hear what you say. But, if there’s any way for you to help me this morning, I would appreciate it very much.

RAJ: Thank you, Paul, for your desire to know the Truth about what is going on. You don’t need to be concerned, because you will accurately translate my meanings.

Paul, you do not need to be afraid of the answer. It is so easy to become fooled into believing that unfoldment—evolution, the rising of the Phoenix out of the ashes—is scary. But it is not, Paul, because it is always the clearer view of our Self which is rising out of the ashes.

Symbolically speaking, the fire is a consuming fire. It consumes what is no longer illustrative of Life, itself, as Life moves on.

I know you have heard this before. It doesn’t change the fact that it’s True. To whatever degree we identify ourselves with that which Life, Itself, is moving beyond—to that degree (as the fire consumes it) we feel as though something destructive is happening to us. We forget that this fire is constituted of the energy of Spirit. We focus our attention on that small portion of our experience which is being outmoded, closing ourselves off to our Universality. We thereby feel ourselves into believing that the Totality of us is being destroyed.

Paul, all that is happening here is the emergence of a new point of view of the same old Reality. That means that the Universe remains what it has always Really been, but a refinement of our awareness of It, a higher view, is evolving itself and making it all look new.

You can understand this, because as you’ve worked with the Tarot cards, you have found that a card which you have looked at many times will be seen differently. It is as if somebody had slipped a brand new card into the deck. There are meanings there that you never saw in it before.

This is exactly what is going on now, both in your individual experience and in the experience of the World. it will be the same World it has always been. But, you will have an enlightened view of it.

As I mentioned to Susan yesterday morning, whenever she feels anxiety, tension, or fear she can know that Enlightenment is occurring. She can thus avoid going down endless alleys and byways in an attempt to find out the three-dimensional cause for these “negative” emotions.

The enlightenment which both of you are experiencing is pushing against some limited concepts which you have not been consciously aware of. And these conceptualizations are reaching their breaking point. It is as if a balloon is being blown up too big. When the surface tension of the rubber becomes greater and greater, it cannot stand the strain, and the balloon lets go and bursts. The air inside the balloon immediately is freed to commingle and join the air outside.

In exactly the same way, this morning both of you are at the point of experiencing enlightenment. It is pressuring limited concepts to give up the ghost and burst, releasing the enlightenment out into the atmosphere of your experience and world, thus giving it new shades of meaning and understanding.

You must be willing to stand radically with this Fact, and not consume yourself with fear and doubt based on old theological concepts and childish prattlings of the mind. Do not waste your energy on such idleness.

Paul, you and Susan have to understand that Life does not unfold Itself according to your beliefs about how things ought to be, no matter how well-intentioned those thought systems were developed by either one of you. Life is not here to please you. In fact, it is not outside of you at all for you to either accept or reject, or to feel good or bad about.

I am speaking to both of you right now. You must realize that the Life which is God is Your Being. What is happening is not external to You. It constitutes Your Being, as well as the Being of every other being. It is not happening to you. It is You. You are growing your Self Infinitely. But, because it is Being with a capital “B” which is unfolding Itself, it is not going to bandy around with some personally developed concepts of what is true and what is right. These are the limiting concepts which are being exploded at the moment. You are experiencing this as tension, fear, and sadness.

I will say this as many times as I have to, but try and make it as easy on yourself as you can by grasping it the first time. You will save yourself a lot of grief. THERE IS NO “OUT THERE” WHERE ANYTHING IS HAPPENING. There are no dark forces. There is no mortal mind. There is no devil. There is no evil power.

There is a three-dimensional frame of reference, but it is not evil. It is just that when one’s consciousness is placed within that frame of reference and sees that frame of reference as the center and circumference of his experience, he is in error. The experience is not evil. It is just that a mistake has been made.

Now, even though one has believed that the three-dimensional frame of reference constitutes his boundaries, such a belief cannot change the fact that the one who is seeing himself that way is Infinite Being. He is not limited or bound by the way he sees himself. The infinitude of One’s Being, which has become disowned by virtue of the three-dimensional frame of reference, must somehow be accounted for within the three-dimensional range of consciousness.

So, that portion of one’s Self, which he has disowned by claiming he is finite, becomes an intuitive perception of potential of unattained good, or unattained life, but nevertheless attainable through some path or other.

So, while that one identifies himself three-dimensionally, he is constantly reminded, goaded, pushed by his Actual Oneness and Universality to give up his finite view as fact. This whole process has nothing to do with evil, error (as power) the dark forces, evil powers, or the devil. You could say it is purely mechanical, with no values associated with it.

Again, do not let your experience of being as Conscious Being become divided into many beings, externalized, “out there,” separate and apart from You. That is the illusion. The fact is that everything you see is going on as You, and you must understand that the You that you experience as “being alive,” “being conscious,” is the I that is Mind, God. The realization of this fact is what is called the Christ, the True Perception of Your Being. It is this True Perception of your Being which is dawning in your thoughts more forcibly than ever before.

On a worldwide scale it is appearing more forcible. It will be manifest as an actual Avatar, or leader, who will appear in such a way that every individual will be thrown back upon himself. Unlike the time when Jesus appeared, no one will be allowed to indulge in disowning his Christhood by placing it “out there” in the person of Maitreya. He will not be the only teacher appearing, but He will be the head of the Body of teachers and of all mankind. He will be the teacher who is the Door, teaching all to become Doors, thus finding themselves in total harmony with the Universal Purpose of Being.

There will not only be the Avatar and the Masters, but there will be a large body of helpers or teachers—an army, as it were—spreading the understanding in a way that is comprehensible to all mankind to enable them to learn exactly what you and Susan are learning right now.

I indicated yesterday that you will be tempted to indulge in a three-dimensional demand to participate in the frame of reference which it calls law. I only said you would be tempted. You and Susan both know well enough where it’s at, so that you will not be sucked in. And, if it does not seem so to you, you might try just taking my word for it and relaxing about it. If you have to find it out for yourselves, go ahead. You will find out that you will not be able to be sucked in as you used to be.

As the song said (and not without underlying purpose): “This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” This simply means that this is the dawning of the Age of Man as Divine Being Consciously Perceived and Consciously Experienced as All.

Now, I am not going to continue any further right now. I want you and Susan to consider this. I want you to settle yourselves down and let go of all this folderol.

I will talk with you later. I know you are going to want to talk with me. And I will be waiting.

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