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RAJ: Paul, it is important for you to do everything you can to stay in that Place where it is clear to you that you are absolutely and completely employed now. I know that this will take a great deal of faith, especially at times when you are tempted to be drawn into the apparent demands coming from the limited three-dimensional viewpoints which those around you feel are absolute law.

When you perceive that your employment is, to use the term that is coming to you “full,” you are perceiving correctly. What gives that “full” feeling is the fact that it is truly the activity of Divine Love. As you move forward in this atmosphere, this fullness will take on more definition to you. You will find more words coming to you than “full” to describe it.

Your perception that your workroom is already active and that you are already employed, although totally by yourself is absolutely correct. That activity can only function when you are strictly operating from the point of Conscious Being.

You will find that the apparent finite, three-dimensional demands that have been made on you in the past will decrease proportionately to your willingness to work from the standpoint of your Being, as Conscious Being or Fourth dimensional Man.

You used to get up at six o’clock in the morning and work until ten o’clock at night, diligently working to put out a transcript.1 Your job now is to just as diligently give your attention to that edge of Infinity which you have learned to recognize as the Source of infinite Wisdom, Truth, and all Knowledge.

As you and Susan recognized this afternoon, Jesus said, “I am the Door.“2 As I told Susan this morning, the Wisdom she attributes to me is not mine. I am also the Door. You and Susan are learning to be Doors—Doorways to the Infinity that is God, your Real Being. Doing this, you will each know what to do and when to do it—and I mean you will Truly Know.

Acting out from Mind will make you appear to be quite successful from the three-dimensional frame of reference, but the reason you will appear to be successful is because nothing is happening from that frame of reference.

All action is occurring at the point of Consciousness, Mind, and seen three-dimensionally as whatever appears. This is why it is so essential for both of you to be willing to ignore the cries and claims arising out of a limited, isolated, three-dimensional point of view. Be willing to stand like lead weights at the edge of all conscious thought, attentive to that Place where ego is entirely absent. Watch Mind unfold Itself as Your Conscious Experience of Being. Fulfillment can be experienced in no other way.

If you feel that you do not know what steps to take, and are feeling reluctant to take any steps until the answers have been given, you will find it practical to do what you do when we are having our conversations. You state your questions and then you say, “Answer” as though you fully expect it. In other words, you do not wait to begin transcribing until after the conversation has started. You know you wish to converse with me, and so you take the first step. You take that step only after getting into that Place where you are being as Conscious Being. This should be your approach regarding everything. Get in that Place, and then take an actual step. Make a phone call. Drive to someone’s office, or whatever. Do it even if you do not know what you are going to do after you get there. Do it all as Conscious Being and you will find the flow of the resolution of this problem proceeding.

Do and Be everything out from Mind.

PAUL: Raj, you are aware of what I am thinking in terms of a monthly newsletter of some sort. Is this something that you see as a possibility that you and I could proceed with?

RAJ: It is a possibility. Ask me again in a few days.

PAUL: I have no other questions at the moment, and want to consider what we have talked about already. It is very likely that I will want to speak with you again later this evening. In fact, I would like to spend as much time as possible conversing with you, as long as I have no other employment activity to occupy my time.

RAJ: That will be fine, Paul. I will look forward to talking with you later on.

  1. The business I had involved transcribing for court reporters. 

  2. John 10.9. 

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