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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: Raj…

RAJ: Paul, I’m going to interrupt you and tell you: Do not conceptualize. Do not become comfortable and assured that, because being out from Mind is not as difficult as you thought it was, and because you are becoming more familiar with it, that you can now peg things and feel secure, as though you “know” what is going to happen. Be cautious, and stand at that Place where you know that you know nothing.

You are going to need to learn to be very cautious because, when you are being as Conscious Being, it is going to become more and more familiar to you. It will seem more and more natural, and it will apparently seem to be “natural” for you to do two things at once: one, be out from Mind as Mind; and two, be as a three-dimensional material man. They will both begin to feel “normal,” and it will become relatively easy to jump the track.

As you are already aware, there is a very subtle difference between your experience of my speaking with you and your experience of you thinking your own thoughts. The difference between Fourth-dimensional “normal” and three-dimensional “normal” will become more and more subtle as you become more familiar with being out from Mind. It will require that conscientious attention be given to the subtle difference, so that you may perceive which “normal” is the Fourth-dimensional “normal.“

Unfortunately, if this alertness is not developed you can suddenly find yourself on a different track going in a different direction—running into problems. As your experience broadens and deepens as Fourth-dimensional Being, the subtle difference between Fourth-dimensional and three-dimensional “normal” will begin to become more gross. The three-dimensional difference will begin to become as foreign to you as being out from Mind seemed foreign, yet wonderful to you when it first occurred.

When I say that the three-dimensional frame of reference will become foreign to you, I simply mean that it will not feel like Home. Finally, it will simply become forgotten as a frame of reference. This is because the point of Conscious Awareness that you experience as “you” will be posited solidly in and as Fourth-dimensional Being. However, be alert during this transition, and do not become cocksure. Do not let your gratitude or enthusiasm, no matter how valid, overwhelm you to the point where you cannot discern the subtle difference.

PAUL: [I put down the microphone to take a short break, getting a cup of coffee, and smoke a cigarette. Something was bothering me, and I picked up the mike again.]

RAJ: Paul, thank you for picking the microphone up again. Let’s take a look at why it is you want to take this break; why it is that you feel the need for a cigarette; and what it is you are trying to avoid here.

I know you feel more casual in your relationship with me and this is excellent. But you are fooling yourself into thinking that interrupting our conversation for the purpose of getting a cigarette and a cup of coffee is just being casual. It is not.

You are feeling unsettled in the pit of your stomach. You can feel a subtle high-pitched or high-vibrational energy activity throughout your body. It is almost unnoticeable. The message you are receiving is, “Get out of what you are.” “Do something else,” “Do anything, but stop what you are doing, at least for a short break where you can relax again.” Ask yourself why it is that you are not relaxed right now.

Very good, Paul. You have realized that to ask the question is to deny yourself the answer. In order to get the answer you must refrain from asking the question, and get back into that Place where you experience your being as Conscious Being.

What happened is that you just jumped the track. When you are able to be out from Mind as Mind right where the three-dimensional frame of reference is going on—when you can walk through the dream awake and the dream is still fresh enough in your mind—it is as though the experience of “normalcy” becomes a bridge between the two dimensions. Actually, it is more like a slide. It seems as though you can involuntarily slip back and forth, not even realizing that the slip has occurred.

Once the slip took place you thought you were still in that Place, experiencing yourself as Conscious Being. But, the high vibration energy scurrying through your body and the feeling of anxiety in the pit of your stomach were both signals to you that you had, indeed slipped. You were beginning to feel the feelings that three-dimensional man feels of isolation and incompleteness. You were beginning to feel the need to “get,” the need to “get out into a different place,” and to “get away from where you are.“

Think about this, Paul, because it illustrates that, from a three-dimensional frame of reference, nothing seems to work together or harmonize for the well-being of the individual. It tells him to get away from where he is. It makes him move around physically, attempting to do things, and get things, and satisfy this feeling of incompleteness. Yet it is exactly the opposite thing that is the answer to getting out of all of that—the opposite being that one needs to stay right where he is. He needs to give up his attempt to get, become, achieve.

PAUL: Did you arrange that?

RAJ: No. It was not necessary, nor would I have done it. I will not manipulate your life. It is not necessary in order for you to learn, since your life presents you with all the materials you need to do a sufficient and effective job.

Paul, as I told you the other day, when it comes to a visit with this one called your mother, you must stay at that point which you are now quite familiar with, of being out from Mind. You have perceived correctly that today is a day of healing and illustration. It is a day of realization of the intent of the pattern of circles within circles, which you experience as Being in what we call the present time. I cautioned you not to be fooled into believing that a drama is being played out in terms of the way it might appear from a three-dimensional-only standpoint.

Paul, there most certainly is an intent or purpose, a Divine Purpose, being fulfilled today. However, it is far from what it appears to be from a three-dimensional standpoint. I know that you have really no more idea what is going to happen as the day finishes out than you do when you begin a healing session, than you do when we begin a conversation, or than you do when you lay out the Tarot cards. Do not let that concern you. Just stay where you are and observe the Divine Purpose fulfill Itself. You have trusted me before when you weren’t even sure I was real. I am saying now, again, “Trust me.” And I can see that you do trust even more.

Now I am going to let you go get your cup of coffee and your cigarette, because you are wanting to do it from the right place, and we will continue when you come back.

PAUL: [Cigarette and coffee break]

RAJ: You have noticed that when I said that you could go ahead and take the coffee break because you were coming from the right place, you were not free of that feeling in the pit of your stomach. You are wondering why I said you were in the right place.

At the edge of your consciousness, you have a slight perception that although you were feeling the physical sensation of what you call anxiety, your awareness was, nevertheless, in the right place. In other words, putting the physical feeling aside and taking a look at the Place where your consciousness was aware of being, the subtle difference indicated “being out from Mind” was present.

The reason it seemed to you as though I might have made a mistake and that you had, indeed, still slipped the track, was because you forgot that when you do the healing work and are in that proper place, you still have physical sensations. This includes the sensation of anxiety in the solar plexus. You are realizing that when that sensation occurs to you in a healing session, it indicates not a three-dimensional point of view on your part, but an awareness of a pervading feeling (distress) in the area of the person you are working with.

You are not doing specific healing work on an individual right now. Yet you are, nevertheless, experiencing this feeling of distress while being out from Mind. It means there is a disturbance in the immediate area of your home. You are correctly sensing that it is being experienced because there is a conscious realization, however slight, that, in Biblical terms, the Spirit of God is present to move upon the troubled waters of the three-dimensional experience, and heal it.

When we are finished with our conversation, I want you to form an image of your home and visualize it as being between your hands. Proceed to deal with this physical sensation of anxiety in exactly the same way you would if an individual were sitting between your hands.

You will find, as a result of doing this, that it would have been a shame if you had simply interrupted our conversation and gotten a cup of coffee and a cigarette without having detected the subtle but important differences that were present to be seen in your conscious awareness.

Be always alert. it is as though you walk through a diamond mine where brilliant jewels of light, embedded and encrusted in dirt, await your intuitive discovery. They could be anywhere, so infinite is the Actuality of your Being.

I realize you have things you need to do in preparation for this evening, and if you feel like talking with me later this evening, I would enjoy it.


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