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Hang on a sec…

PAUL: I’m going to take a moment to quiet down.

[Brief pause.]

I have just finished a short healing treatment on Susan and I am going to attempt to begin our conversation with my eyes open from the beginning. I have recognized your presence today and I appreciate it. I am sure you know everything that has gone through my mind since last night. There has been a lot of settling down, but I have been a lot busier than I would like to have been. I haven’t really been able to contemplate the prior lessons or conversations, together with what you shared with me last night. I will have to say that I am feeling much more relaxed.

I don’t have the faintest idea what to ask you, so I will be quiet and let you talk.

RAJ: Good evening Paul. Yes, I have been with you all day, and have observed the processes you have gone through as the day has gone by. After the upheaval caused by our conversation last night, together with the information that you had been reading in Mr. Crème’s book, you are once again beginning to realize that Life is flowing in natural channels. The more you realize this the less you will look for complex explanations.

You are truly beginning to realize the value of your privacy at this time. You are understanding that there are not only negative responses, but positive responses which can through you a curve.

As I said last night, you are free to share our conversations with Susan, and she is free to read the transcripts. However, I leave the final decision in your hands, as you have realized it is very difficult for you to let go completely. This is not a criticism, but a statement of fact, for the time being at least. You have realized that our conversations together are probably the closest look you have taken at yourself in your whole life—at least the closest honest look. It isn’t until you know who you are, and what makes you tick, that you can discern who others are, and how it is that they tick.

You are also correct that the reappearance of the Christ, even to those who have longed for His reappearance and who would give their right arm to be in His Presence, will not necessarily find themselves able to let go and acknowledge that it is truly Him.

I am going to suggest to you that since the hour is late, and since you have not had the opportunity to fully digest our conversations of the last two nights that we not have a long conversation tonight. You need to have last evening’s conversation transcribed so that you may refer to it and expose yourself further to the ideas we considered.

Our last two conversations are key conversations for you at this point, and you need more time to assimilate their practical aspects. You need more time for them to have their nourishing and restructuring effect within your Being.

It is not necessary for us to plow through this at high speed. In fact, it would be impossible to do that. You must realize that you are an Eternal Being. The reappearance of the Christ is simply one of the events in the ongoing evolution of Life. You are experiencing a correlative point of growth to that which the earth and mankind are about to go through—that is a shift of dimension. That shift is normal. It is natural. However, because it involves a shift, it seems to be more dynamic at the time of the shift than it did before the shift, or than it will seem to be after the shift. Once again, keep in mind that the shift is as natural as the periods in between the shifts, and you will not be swept away by the way things appear.

Imagine, if you will, a large rotating circular platform perhaps two miles in radius. Imagine further that this platform is divided into four concentric sections one-half mile across.

Now further imagine that each successive circle or section of the platform, as you move toward the center, is moving faster than the previous section. When one steps from the unmoving earth onto the first section of this rotating platform there is a definite lurch, let’s say, as the body takes on the momentum of the first section.

Now, you are going to walk toward the center of this total platform. You will have a half-mile to walk before you arrive at the next section. Your body will have time to become adjusted to the rate of speed, and you will walk some distance feeling totally comfortable and at ease.

Let us imagine that on the second section there are already a number of people moving toward the center. As you get closer to them, it will become apparent to you that that section is moving faster than the section you are on. There will be an awareness of “difference”—difference in the rate of speed, and difference in the sense that whereas you have walked for a half-mile without having to consider “change” you are now beginning to become very aware of the inevitability of change. Your thought will become imbued with and involved in a less relaxed preparatory attitude, so that as you traverse the last five feet of the first section and actually angle your body in the direction of the motion of the second section of the platform, you will be able to shift without falling.

Once having stepped onto the section, you have in front of you all of the people you had been watching except that now you are all moving at the same rate of speed, with no sense of “difference.” Once again you have a half-mile to cross before you get to the next changeover, and you will be able to relax and not be particularly aware of your motion.

I think you have the idea.

The point is that at all times—as you are moving from the outside to the center of the platform—you will be in constant motion in two directions. You are moving toward the center and, at the same time, you are moving around the center. The only thing is, as you cross the space between the change lines, your motions are relatively unnoticeable although ever present.

Growth, itself, is like this, in that there are times of changing speed, and there are times of not changing speed, and yet speed is everpresent. The change lines are as natural to life as the spaces in between. And you can see this.

So, let us keep our perspective now as you experience your individual changeover, and as you watch the changeover of an even larger pattern. Whether we are passing over a change line or not, we are functioning within normal, natural Life process which does not require us to react unnecessarily.

It is obvious that the dynamics at the change lines are greater than the half mile in between. But the increase in speed, being graduated, is always a transition that we are capable of dealing with. It does not require of us something which we are not capable of doing.

Consider this in conjunction with our last two conversations. Transcribe last night’s conversation, together with this evening’s. Get a good night’s sleep and do your work tomorrow, letting these conversations mature you. We will talk tomorrow evening at greater length.

As I told you earlier today, I am staying with you all day, every day, for the time being.

Good night.

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